Gutfeld on CNN's socialist tweet

So as the stock market reaches new heights yet again, we hear exasperated voices asking why isn't the media focusing on all of this good news? Well, maybe because to them it's not good news. It's actually evil.

Yesterday, CNN posted a tweet that said Martin Luther King was a "socialist before it was cool." Now think about that: As capitalism roars on, one of our major news outlets dubbed the Soviet Union's economic plan cool. What a perfect distillation of the adolescent mind-set in today's media and in Hollywood. And what a perfect snapshot of the left. The most discredited economic system ever -- just look at Venezuela -- and yet, to CNN's children that doesn't matter. It's all about being cool. As the Dow soars and 401(K)s grow, they laud a system that ruined millions of lives.

So, why are we mincing words anymore? It's not just CNN. Check out the Democratic Party which has all but purged its moderates, now leaving the party to Bernie-loving progressives. It is now the American socialist party -- that's what we should be calling them routinely. Take them at their word.

As long as the economy is doing great, the media is not going to listen because to them capitalism is just an illusion and an uncool one at that. It's just not like socialism, a dreamy, fluffy ideology that's decimating Venezuela and Cuba as we speak. So how is applauding a system that kills so many Latin-Americans not racist? Because it hurts everyone equally. It's misery is color-blind. Only the media can't see it.

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