Gutfeld on Biden's criticism of Trump

Last night on CNN -- otherwise known as the "Cannabis News Network" -- Joe Biden nailed Trump for poor judgment when communicating.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: I think it is -- shows really poor judgment for the president to perform the way he does, particularly with tweets, but not just with his tweets. Words matter.

This is not a game. This is not about, you know, can I puff my chest out bigger than your chest?

It's not presidential.


So Biden told Trump how words matter. This from a guy who could supply "America's Funniest Home Videos" with a decade full of flubs, not counting the words lifted from other people's speeches. Remember that?

But I kid, Joe. We know what he's up to. He's sticking his toe in the pool of the next election. Let's just hope he's wearing swim trunks this time. He does tend to forget them (swims naked).

Fact is, labeling Trump's rhetoric as not presidential isn't just old news, it misses the point entirely. That rhetoric may be providing the progress missing when Biden was too busy hugging anything that moved.

And America already gets it -- Biden seems stuck in the past. He's Fred Flintstone in a Jetson world. And yet, he is the Democratic Party's new blood.

Fact: since Trump unleashed his tongue-in-cheek tweets, North and South Korea are now talking. It's amazing that a twice-divorced dude like Trump is such a good marriage counselor.

Other countries are finally coming around to our way of dealing with North Korea. Sometimes you've got to speak crazy to beat crazy, and it's way more persuasive than the analysis and paralysis that characterized Obama's chin-stroking navel-gazing.

Biden claims that North Korea is not a game. But come on, everything is. And the evidence here suggests that we're winning. Focusing on words not deeds reveals Biden's ignorance of success. Let's hope that's all he reveals.

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