Trump pushes for border wall, travel ban after Egypt attack

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Good Evening, Everybody. I Am Jesse Watters in for Laura Ingraham. Welcome to "The Ingraham Angle."

We begin tonight with our top story. More talk and little action from the Democrats on sexual harassment. Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day, Democratic Senator Al Franken issued yet another apology in the face of more accusations of sexual misconduct.

The Huffington Post two anonymous women said Al Franken grabbed their back sides during photos with the senator. After initially saying he didn't remember the incidents, Franken released a bizarre statement saying in part, quote, "I'm a warm person, I hug people.

Some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate, and I respect their feelings about that. I feel terribly that I have made some women feel badly and for that I am so sorry."

And there is more news about Democratic Congressman John Conyers. There was already reeling after Buzzfeed reported on Monday that four women complained that he made unwanted sexual advances to members of his female staff.

According to a Detroit Free Press report yesterday, prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer, Melanie Sloan, claims Conyers was verbally abusive and once showed up to a meeting in his underwear where she worked as a Democratic counsel on the House Judiciary Committee in the 1990s.

Neither Franken or Conyers is showing signs of resigning. Some analysts saying Franken and Conyers are quickly becoming liabilities for the entire Democratic Party.


DAVID DRUCKER, SENIOR POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT, WASHINGTON EXAMINER: I think for Democrats, when you look at the accusations against Al Franken and John Conyers, they are in a very difficult significant political spot. For years they have gone after Republicans, accusing them of engaging in a war on women and have been politically speaking the champions of women's rights, equality, and all of these sorts of things.

If they go soft on Franken and Conyers or anybody else on the Democratic side that have found to have credible allegations against them by women on the record, it's going to undermine their political credibility greatly.


WATTERS: Joining us now for reaction from Hedberg, California is Republican strategist, John Jordan, and here in New York, Cathy Areu, who is the publisher of Catalina Magazine. So, ladies first, Cathy, "I am a warm person and I hug people," is that legit alibi?

CATHY AREU, LIBERAL ANALYST: Not a legit alibi. No, but I have met Al Franken. I've interviewed him for The Washington Post and --

WATTERS: How did that meeting go?

AREU: It went fine. He didn't hug me. It was fine.

WATTERS: So maybe he is not a hugger.

AREU: He was not a hugger with me, but I think that the punishment -- I mean, he's been punished. He's apologized.

WATTERS: How was he been punished?

AREU: Well, Pelosi is asking for an investigation for Conyers and Warren said that Franken might have a hearing. So, I think that they will face their punishment. He's apologetic unlike Moore in Alabama --

WATTERS: He's not been punished yet. Let's be clear about that it's just saying I am sorry, is that good enough?

AREU: Well, does it fit the crime? He's facing what he's facing right now so we don't know right now, but it looks like he is going to have a punishment.

WATTERS: OK. We'll see about that. The Senate's Ethics Committee is not really known for issuing very strong punishments. John, there is a new poll out from Politico. It's not looking good for Senator Al Franken. I believe only 22 percent believe he should stay in the U.S. Senate. How bad is this for Franken, but also for the entire Democratic Party? Because there is a lot of senators that really haven't spoken of much about their colleague.

JOHN JORDAN, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, first of all, it can't be too bad for Senator Franken for two reasons. As your previous guest pointed out, the Ethics Committee is not known for stiff punishments. Second of all, he was just reelected from Minnesota. So, he won't see the voters for quite some time.

This is, however, is a disaster for the Democrats whose central playbook has always been the war on women and dividing the Americans by gender, race, and everything else, and holding themselves out as the champions of women rights and beyond reproach.

While Republicans on the other hand are nothing short of ogres and the media -- this is an unreported story. The media has been complicit in building this narrative and now it's exposed. It's not principle. It's politics.

WATTERS: Interesting. You know the Democrats rely on women voters. I believe, 54 percent went to Hillary and President Obama so they cannot afford to alienate their base, and kind of not cast aside these serial gropers, can they not?

AREU: No, they cannot. I mean, these guys are showing remorse unlike Moore in Alabama and Trump had no remorse whatsoever for what Moore is doing in Alabama. So, Trump almost apologized for Moore. So, the Democrats are not apologizing for Franken and Conyers behavior. There's a slight difference.

WATTERS: Well, I believe Nancy Pelosi said on the record that they have a zero-tolerance policy for harassments. Now if you have a zero-tolerance policy then a resignation, John, I believe should be the next step?

JORDAN: They don't have a zero-tolerance policy. They have a sometimes tolerance policy. The Democrat's position on this type of behavior is impose one standard on Republicans while sweeping it under the cover for the own members.

The rules are for thee but not for me mentality because that is necessary for them to have electoral success. So, the hypocrisy has been laid bare and I think it's going to really undermine a big part of their case going into 2018.

WATTERS: Cathy, if you're showing up to meetings in your underwear and you're shoving your tongue down people's throat --

AREU: Allegedly.

WATTERS: OK. I thought we were supposed to give the women the benefit of the doubt. I believed --

AREU: Right, but also innocent until proven guilty --

WATTERS: OK. Sure, but there are also photographs of evidence of Al Franken --

AREU: That's true.

WATTERS: -- settlements, too. So, let me ask you this, do they have any credibility when they come back to Congress and Senate speaking with any authority on certain issues?

AREU: Well, they seem remorseful. They seem apologetic and we are going to see them --

WATTERS: You are very hung up on them being remorseful.


AREU: It's such a contrast of Moore. It's such a contrast. As a feminist, I am happy this is coming out and women are able to finally get these problems out in the open. But these guys will have their day, they will have to explain what is going on.

WATTERS: They may not have their day because --

AREU: But the Democratic leaders are asking for that. Warren and Pelosi are asking for that day.

WATTERS: We all know of shipping it over to the Ethics Committee is nothing, isn't right, John? And what would you like to see? Do you think he should resign?

JORDAN: It will be buried and page ten news and nobody sees or hears anything about it. The hearings will drag on. So, no, it's not going -- when is the Ethics Committee really punished anybody for this sort of thing?

WATTERS: Let me ask you about Conyers. Let's kind of focus on him now. Where is the CBC, the Congressional Black Caucus? Have they said anything? I haven't heard anything about that.

JORDAN: I haven't heard anything except one word from a congressional Democrat. Kathleen Rice, I believe, said he should step down, John Conyers. The silence is deafening because if this was a Republican and he's settled lots of sexual harassment cases, walking around in his underwear in front of females. I mean, come on, I think every Democrat in the House would go on the record right now and say he needed to step down.

AREU: Well, Pelosi has said that she is not going to tolerate this. Pelosi did say that they were going to have an investigation, so they are speaking out. The Democrats are not hiding from this. They are definitely speaking out.

WATTERS: All right. Well, one of the reasons the Democrats --

JORDAN: They are burying it?

AREU: They are not. Pelosi is speaking up. They are not hiding, but Warren and Pelosi, both women are speaking up.

WATTERS: I think what happens is when there is a Republican involved in any scandal, the members of the media run with microphones in hand to their doors and make them say on the record what they believe. Now there is no press asking any Democratic members of Congress in the House or the Senate to go on the record. It seems like no one has really on the record.

AREU: Well, when you have Trump defending Moore the way he defended him, it was unpresidential.

WATTERS: Well, Donald Trump has been known to doing unpresidential things, but Donald Trump by defending Moore --

AREU: Right.

WATTERS: -- is probably doing what every Democrat did in the 1990s. It's pure power politics. Keep the guy in office so he can help the agenda, and let everything else slide.

JORDAN: Every major Republican has cut off the Moore campaign. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign walked away from this race. Numerous Republicans -- elected officials have condemned Roy Moore.

And by the way, these are 38-year-old allegations without pictures and without pay offs unlike Conyers and Franken. But still everyone has walked away and disavowed it in the strongest possible language and the Democrats refuse to do that in this case.

AREU: Not true. Warren and Pelosi have been very strong. I feel they've been very strong women in this case.

WATTERS: No, I think Warren ran away when she asked if Franken should resign. And also, you said that, you know, innocent until proven guilty, but then you've convicted Moore so let's get your story straight.

AREU: But I'm just asking is he innocent?

WATTERS: Directly ahead, a massive terror attack today in Egypt. President Trump said it's another why America needs the wall and the travel ban. Is he right? Two experts will tell us when we come right back.


WATTERS: Islamic militants massacred at least 235 people today in Egypt when they detonated a bomb inside a crowded mosque and brazenly shot at panicked worshippers as they fled the scene. ISIS is the suspect for the carnage.

President Trump reacted strongly on Twitter, writing in part, quote, "We have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. Need the wall, need the ban. God bless the people of Egypt." As you might imagine that did not sit well with Democrats.


REPRESENTATIVE SHEILA JACKSON LEE, D-TEXAS: I am disappointed that the president of the United States could not behave like a commander-in-chief and a president that would offer the president of Egypt and the people of Egypt, which I want to do right now, my deepest sympathy and prayers for them.

It is absurd and really embarrassing. As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, we know all this all the time. We are in classified meetings about this, but it is it embarrassing not to acknowledge the pain of a particular nation.


WATTERS: The president acknowledged exactly that in his tweet when he said, quote, "God bless the people of Egypt."

Joining us now for analysis from Washington is Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, a former intelligence operative and a vice president at the London Center for Policy Research. And with me here in New York, Buck Sexton, a radio talk show host and a former CIA analyst.

So, let's just start off the top. Tony, Sheila Jackson Lee, I mean, come on. This is -- you know, she always makings fun of Republicans when Republicans say our thoughts and prayers with victims of gun violence. Now there is a terror violence and she is offering thoughts and prayers, I don't get it?

LT. COL. TONY SHAFFER (RETIRED), VICE PRESIDENT, LONDON CENTER FOR POLICY RESEARCH: Where was she when two years ago when they cut off the weapons when Egyptians needed to go kill these folks. I mean, that was a complete lack of sympathy.

Look, the things we are seeing right now, Jesse, are a result of the complete failure of leadership by the Obama White House and by the Obama Congress. You know, they were screaming for assistance.

President Obama himself cut off what we used this excise we just started again this year called "Bright Star," where we exercise and help train the Egyptians. Where were the Democrats when Obama cut all of that off?

They were nowhere to be found. So, I think it is not only lunacy that she is saying this, it's disrespectful to the president who was actually trying to do everything he can to fix the situation. And every time they do this, they are grandstanding and will accomplish absolutely nothing except get in the way of progress.

WATTERS: That's true. So, let's just talk about the attack itself, Buck. These are we assume ISIS militants, at this point, and they are going after Muslims praying in a mosque in Egypt. What's going on? That seems to be a complete civil war situation within Islam?

BUCK SEXTON, FORMER CIA ANALYST: So, the very active affiliate of the Islamic State in the Sinai, there a bunch of affiliates around the world that are also going to become I think more active with terrorist attacks, engaged in more mass casualty events like this because of the losses that the Islamic State has suffered in Iraq and Syria.

There's a sense that what was so powerful about the Islamic State before, it was winning, and the propaganda was winning in Iraq, Syria, that was what they were telling people. Now they've lost Raqqa.

Now they are on the defensive, and so you have these other entities, other groups like this affiliate in Sinai that is trying to pick up the terrorist slack, if you will, and have a prominent role in the world stage.

Now why would they target Sufis. Sufis are a mystical sect of Islam. They are considered by hardliners and this is actually a debate that's happened inside jihadist circles between Al Qaeda and ISIS, Islamic State, which is can you target Muslims, who are not the kind of Muslims you want.

Are they (inaudible) that's the word that they used for them, and Sufis are mystic. They are considered to be actually polytheist by some of these jihadist hardliners. So, they attacked them to show their purity and show that the Egyptian government can't actually protect its own people.

WATTERS: The Egyptian government notorious for treating their enemies the way they treat their enemies. I can't imagine, Tony, what the Egyptian military will do to anybody they think is responsible for this. What do you project will be the repercussions after something this heinous?

SHAFFER: Well, look, I've met with their chief intelligence officer, and look, they are at a war. This is a war. You do things, which are militarily necessary to win that war, and I think they are going to go into this with clear eyes --

WATTERS: I think it would be a little tougher than waterboarding.

SHAFFER: Rightfully so. As Buck just pointed out, these people are killing anybody to include their fellow members of the Muslim faith simply because they don't have this very severe belief that they need to kill people to make their point. So -- and the Egyptians have to kill them back. We have to understand, Jesse, that you need to fight to win, and the Egyptians will have to do that, and it will be bloody.

WATTERS: So, the president comes out and tweets we need the wall and travel ban, and I thought it was savvy to link the wall on the southern border with Mexico to national security because he is saying it is not just about preventing illegal aliens from crossing over the border. It's about preventing the possibility of Muslim radicals crossing the border and I think that's a pretty effective argument.

SEXTON: Well, as you look at what phase the Islamic State is in now, there are two major concerns. I just spoke to you about the affiliates, that's obviously a huge problem. We just saw them (inaudible).

And there's also the problem of returnees, of the former foreign fighters who have joined the Islamic State, who are going to try to infiltrate. They've already done this in Europe. We've seen mass casualty attacks in Europe because of this.

We know they also want to do this in the United States and if they didn't want to do it, we have to ask the question why it would be so effective for them? They get trained operatives into the U.S. for a mass casualty attack.

And so, when the president is tweeting this out, he's saying, look, ISIS is still very active. We still are in a world where jihadists are trying to kill as many people as possible. We need to do everything that we can.

He's not drawing a straight line between a wall and what happened to Sinai. He's drawing a line between the threat of the Islamic State and doing everything he can as commander-in-chief to make sure that we safe here at home.

WATTERS: Yet people are making fun of the president. They say want to build a wall around Egypt. So, what is that supposed to be. I just don't think they can even follow him on Twitter. By the way, he tweeted this about the Egypt attack while he was golfing with Tiger Woods. So, he literally has the world at his fingertips. Tony, I'll give you the last word.

SHAFFER: He can literally do multiple tasks at the same time, imagine that. The last guy apparently couldn't. To that point, look, as Buck was saying, we have to be aware that it's not just Mexican drug cartels who can figure out the way to get illicit goods and people across the border. The bad guys will too.

The ISIS folks had aspirations of doing things here. We do know they plant people in both the refugee pipeline as well as any sort of illegal or illicit activity that they can get a hold of.

Look, that's why some of the folks have come across out of the Libya into Europe because they got into the refugee stream there. So, this is not a Muslim ban. The Muslims I've spoken here, Jesse, don't want the violent Muslims coming here to kill them as well.

So, the idea here is the president has to do things so that mechanisms and gateway so that the good folks get through. We maintain commerce and shut down any potential of the bad guys coming here. It's very simple.

WATTERS: If the travel ban prevents just one bad guy from coming into the United States, it is it a success. Guys, thank you very much.

Coming up, why an uproar over the Obama holdovers that ISIS is getting so intense. President Trump has had to call the ICE union chief.

Plus, jurors will soon decide the fate of Kate Steinle killer, but one San Francisco judge still has no problem with San Francisco's sanctuary city policy and says President Trump can't do anything about it, really. We'll have a debate after this quick break.


WATTERS: Jurors in San Francisco on Monday are set to resume deliberations on the alleged killer of Kate Steinle. A five-time supported illegal immigrant from Mexico, who prosecutors say gunned down 32-year-old Kate on a San Francisco pier in July of 2015.

The shooting sparked a national debate about San Francisco and other liberal big city sanctuary policies of refusing to cooperate with the federal government on immigration matters.

One person who doesn't seem to have a problem with sanctuary cities is far- left San Francisco Federal Judge William Orrick. Earlier this week, he issued a permanent block on President Trump's executive order that seeks to withdraw some federal funding to sanctuary cities.

Former Republican congressman and Fox News contributor, Jason Chaffetz had some wise words on how to respond to the judge's ruling.


JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: There is a way to actually solve this problem, because if he is saying that Congress has not given the president proper authorization, guess what, the reauthorization for all the funding of the federal government moving forward has to happen by December 8th. One or two sentences placed into that funding bill, which will pass will solve this problem and give the president the authority.


WATTERS: Joining us now for reaction in Fort Worth, Texas, is Immigration Attorney Francisco Hernandez, and in Chicago, Fox News contributor, Steve Cortes. I am good, Francisco.

So, let me start with you. In Alabama, Judge Moore, when he was not cooperating with the federal government with regards to enforcing gay marriage law, he got shut down immediately. So, why is it OK for San Francisco officials to not cooperate with federal immigration law?

FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: It is a completely different subject. In San Francisco, you are dealing with a money issue. Who is going to pay for people that are going to be incarcerated to honor the federal ICE holes.

WATTERS: It is in financial issue as well in terms of marriage too. You get paid for marriage licensing and that was what the whole beef was.

HERNANDEZ: No, that had to do with the equal protection clause in the United States Constitution.

WATTERS: Right. But there is still a financial component.

HERNANDEZ: Tell me what the financial component of that is.

WATTERS: When you go to the court house, you have to pay marriage licensing fees and when you form a union, you know, you are taxed as a couple and will file jointly that kind of thing.

HERNANDEZ: No, it's a $25 filing fee for a marriage certificate. That is a completely different issue --

WATTERS: All right. Francisco, let me give you another analogy, hold on. So, what about a gun shop in Texas and someone comes in to buy a gun and they don't feel like deliberating the guy's name to the federal background database. They don't believe it in and they are going to resist and not cooperate with the feds on background checks and just sell the guy a gun. How is that different than San Francisco?

HERNANDEZ: There is two issues. One, it is a private company and it is a criminal offense not to submit the name. In the case of San Francisco, there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. They don't exist.

It's a political bantam. Everybody is afraid of it, but nobody can see it. What you're talking about is if the Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency wants the jail to hold someone, for whatever reason, send a piece of paper and the cities want to know who will pay for the incarceration costs for all these folks that supposedly they can pick up anytime they want.

WATTERS: All right. Let's get Steve in here? What do you think about argument?

STEVE CORTES, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You are lying and that is not the truth. What happened in San Francisco in this case specifically with Kate Steinle. Her killer -- this was not just bad luck or an unfortunate circumstance. Her killer was detained weeks before, five times deported previously in L.A. and detained by the San Francisco Police Department.

ICE issued a detainer, which is the legal request to have custody of him and deport him for the sixth time which is absurd in of itself -- let me talk, and the San Francisco Police Department because of the awful liberal policy of that city to protect illegal immigrants over the rights of legal U.S. citizens, decided to ignore the ICE detainer. He was released in San Francisco. Weeks later he killed a beautiful young American in cold blood who died in her father's arms.

WATTERS: San Francisco city officials have blood on their hands, Francisco.

CORTES: And this is the tragedy of liberal politics over common sense and common decency, quite frankly.

HERNANDEZ: Immigration could be picked up to L.A. County before they took him to San Francisco. Immigration, ICE could have taken him the first day he took step in San Francisco. The federal government does not need the cooperation of a city --

WATTERS: No, no, no, wait a second. Yes you do. How does the federal government know when a five-time --


WATTERS: Steve, hold on.

HERNANDEZ: The get the fingerprints from the federal government. They already know they are there. Go pick them up. Why do you need an immigration hold?

WATTERS: Francisco, if someone is roaming around the city of San Francisco, the feds have no idea he is there until he is picked up.

HERNANDEZ: They run his fingerprints.

WATTERS: Right, so he gets picked up, they run the fingerprints, and then the city of San Francisco's responsibility is to then report that to ICE. And if ICE said yes, hold him, and they don't hold him, they have blood on their hands.

HERNANDEZ: No, it's not. They have to hold him 48 hours. If ICE does not pick him up after the 48 hours from the immigration hold, they don't have a legal reason to hold somebody. But then again, let's remember --

WATTERS: Yes, they have a legal reason to hold somebody, because the feds say hold them.

WATTERS: Let's let Steve get inn. Go ahead, Steve.

CORTES: Before we get mired too much in the exact details of this case, and I think, by the way, they completely argue against sanctuary cities. But before we get mired too much in the details here in the minutia of this specific case, the principle is more important. And I think cities like Chicago where I am, like San Francisco, these cities have willfully, and I'm glad you mentioned Alabama, Jesse, because they remind me a lot of George Wallace in the 1960s. What these local mayors and some of the governors are doing is saying to the federal government we don't want to obey your laws for our own narrow political interests, for our own politically correct agenda. And so we're going to just choose to ignore your law just as the southern governors chose to ignore civil right laws.

Well, guess what, federal law is paramount particularly when it comes to immigration, and the safety and of citizens of the United States, of Chicago, of San Francisco, of cities all over this country, their safety is being jeopardized because of a narrow politically correct, liberal political agenda. And by the way, talk to the cops on the beat as I do in Chicago. They want to cooperate with ICE. Of course they do. They want to help federal law enforcement.

WATTERS: Francisco, 30 seconds. We'll give you the last word. Go ahead.

HERNANDEZ: Guys, there is no way that any city, state, county can oppose the federal government. OK, guys, if we want to fix this, let's get on with fixing immigration. Let's get on with the important thing about this country. But if we have got to talk about these hold says, these holds are good for 48 hours. They do not have authority to hold them after 48 hours. That's all they're saying is we are following the hold 48 hour rule that immigration put in place. Now guys, let's move on to immigration reform and stop talking about this.

WATTERS: Let's move on and build the wall, then he wouldn't have come back across the border five times. Guys, got to run.

Coming up, has Roger Goodell lost control of the NFL? President Trump rips the commissioner amid new National Anthem demonstrations.

Plus Colin Kaepernick gets an absurd hero's welcome, an un-Thanksgiving protest, when we come right back.


WATTERS: Welcome back, apparently not even Thanksgiving is too sacred for a National Anthem protest by an NFL player. Yesterday the New York Giants' Olivier Vernon took a knee during the anthem which, incidentally, was sung by a U.S. Army Master Sergeant. Evidently it did not go unnoticed by President Trump who lashed out at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today, writing on Twitter, quote, "Can you believe that the disrespect for our country, our flag, our anthem continues without penalty to the players. The commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss."

Meanwhile, the man who started it all, Colin Kaepernick, planted a new flag in his social justice crusade, making a surprise appearance at an un- Thanksgiving protest on San Francisco's Alcatraz Island yesterday.


COLIN KAEPERNICK: I'm very humbled to share this space with all of you. I realize that our fight is the same fight. We're all fighting for our justice, for our freedom, and realizing that we're in this fight together make us all the more powerful.


WATTERS: Joining us now with reaction from Los Angeles is Gianno Caldwell, a Fox News political analyst, and from Washington Garland Nixon, a radio talk show host. Let's start with Kaepernick, guys. He says that his fight is the same fight as the Native American, and they are both fighting for freedom. Gianno, explain to me how that works again?

GIANNO CALDWELL, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: So, let me tell you why I have a real big issue with what Colin Kaepernick is doing. So protests are really good to get media attention. But that's not where they should end. If you really want to do something, because I think Condoleezza Rice said something that was very important, which was slavery was a defect in our nation's history, racial injustice obviously still exists and of course pervasive in the criminal justice system. But if you want to really change things, you can go do that on the hill. Right now there is a bipartisan bill on criminal justice reform which are being pushed by the leaders in the Senate, and if he really wants to help, he can go and use his influence and his mega-platform that he now has in favor of that.

WATTERS: Yes, maybe he could run for Nancy Pelosi's seat out there in San Francisco and get something done in the halls was Congress.

Garland, let me ask you a question here. I feel like he can't stick to the right protest. First it's against police brutality, then it's against racism, then it's against America, and now he's fighting for Native American rights. What is next? Go to the women's march next? Pick one, right?

GARLAND NIXON, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST AND POLITICAL ANALYST: What is interesting about that is that if you are fighting for universal rights as opposed to hierarchical rights, there isn't really one to pick. So I think what he's demonstrating is that he is seeing himself as a leader for the current civil rights movement. If you now look on the issue of civil rights in America, there are not a lot of young leaders if any that are recognized. And I think he is being recognized as a young leader. I think that we see that the Native Americans here recognize bringing him there will bring that attention and bring a lot of respect to their --

WATTERS: I don't know how much of a leader he actually is though because he hasn't done any interviews with any mainstream media publications. If he really wanted to get his message out specifically about injustice, come on FOX, come on any number of the networks. But he's been hiding, and then shows up at random Native American protests. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Let me, Gianno, get to you on the guy that kneeled, this guy Vernon from the Giants. His father is a police officer in Miami. I don't understand why he would do that on Thanksgiving while a marine sergeant is singing the national anthem. I just don't get. Do you get it now?

CALDWELL: No, honestly I didn't know who the player was. Similar to Kaepernick I didn't know who he was until the kneel. So I'm not sure exactly what his purpose and intent was. We saw that some of the players weren't kneeling at first until President Trump got involved into the fight, and then they began to all kneel as an f-you to President Trump, and that's what it essentially was at that point.

The kneeling has really lost its meaning entirely. And again, I don't think this is the right venue for it. I think we do need to respect our flag every single day. Many people have died on behalf of our flag. And again, racial injustice absolutely exists, institutional racism does exist, and I think there is a method to providing a real resolution, and it comes to actually being involved in a fight legislatively. In Chicago there was a protest today about police reform. If you recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel withheld the tape of Laquan McDonald. If he wants to go, Kaepernick or anybody else, they should go and fight so Rahm Emanuel loses his seat. I think that's a good way of getting justice.

WATTERS: Any kind of way to get Rahm out of there is probably good with me, too. Garland, let me ask you, do you have a problem with President Trump tweeting about this and taking shots at the commissioner?

NIXON: I personally think President Trump brings up issues that are from my perspective below the presidency. But he wants to talk about them, he certainly has the right to do it. But I think what we do is we also often in the media is we reinterpret what these people are doing. They take a knee and they take a knee to protest injustice and then we reinterpret it and say it is it against America or it's against something else when it has nothing to do with their issue is. It's forced patriotism. You can get that in North Korea.

WATTERS: No, I would not compare the United States to North Korea. I think that's pretty offensive. But I would also say that the reason people are confused about the symbolic nature of the protest is because they are doing it during the National Anthem. So people obviously feel it is disrespecting the country and he flag. If they did it at another venue at a different time I think the message would be much more clear. Gianno, real quick, 20 second, go ahead.

CALDWELL: I agree that the message would be much more clear. If we had players who some players I think are doing it. It is it a popular thing at this point. I think if they really wanted to unite they can come stand with me and the leaders of America and we can go storm Capitol Hill and get something done legislatively. I think that's really impact where we would really see a system of justice in this country and change.

WATTERS: I think maybe if a bunch of football player stormed Capitol Hill they might actually get something done in Congress. Guys, thanks very much.

Straight ahead, there's black Friday insanity, and then there's the utterly absurd. How the chaos may have reached a new low this year. Stay with us.


WATTERS: Unless you are still passed in an induced coma from Thanksgiving, you know it's black Friday. It's of course the annual tradition where many of us seem to lose touch with any sense of social order and the rule of law. And today anarchy took hold in all too many stores and malls across America.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stop. Let go. Let go. Let go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're breaking it.



WATTERS: Wow. And that is just a sample of what's happened over the last 24 hours. Laura Ingraham warned of this very problem around the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday.


LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: But the reality is that in recent years it's become something far different. A holiday that's been tarnished by never ending sales on flat screen TVs, appliances, all manner of jewelry, forcing folks to spend time waiting in line, sometimes for days, instead of cherishing the time they have with their families.

How many times have you stood in line for $200 iPad on black Friday only to learn that the sale only applied to the first five sold, and it turns out you're the 38th person in line? Read the fine print before you give up the stuff that really matters, the stuff that you're never going to get back and that won't ever go on sale. That's time with friends and family.


WATTERS: Joining us now to try to make some sense of the insanity is conservative comic and the head writer of Kennedy on Fox Business, Jimmy Failla. So I just want to let the audience, if the camera can see this I have a slight wound on the forehead here. That was fighting over a TV on black Friday.

JIMMY FAILLA, "KENNEDY" HEAD WRITER: Yes, but more importantly, did you get a good deal?

WATTERS: Yes, great deal, 20 percent off.

FAILLA: It is it interesting how this has become our own like running of the bulls. Like Spain has that and we have the running of the flat screens now. But I have to tell there's also a part of me that found this refreshing. When I watched one video of the woman getting dragged away, there's got to be a part of all us that likes to see a woman get grabbed by someone besides Al Franken. When she was yelling "Let go" that was my natural, and then I saw they were in Wal-Mart, and I was like, OK.

But it is. It has become a little bit ridiculous. But at the same time, I do think this year's surge is attributable to the soaring economy.

WATTERS: So you are saying Trump is responsible for the black Friday violence?

FAILLA: I am not blaming him in the way other people would, like, oh his rhetoric has inspired a lot of loose ball in the Wal-Mart aisle. I'm not saying that. But I am saying with unemployment being at a 17 year low, consumer confidence being a high, I don't know what the exact number is because I write for Kennedy. But I do know that it is extremely high, and I think there is a lot more enthusiasm to be out here this year, because in year's past, if you remember last year, we were demonizing employers and celebrating those that gave their employees off. We're like it's Thanksgiving, they should be with their family. That was last year. This year in a much better economy, black Fridays actually ate Thanksgiving. Stores were open yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon.

WATTERS: So I was driving around the other day and I saw a Best Buy, and there was a line of hundreds of people wrapped around at about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon waiting for the midnight sale to start. They are not even eating Thanksgiving, they're not spending it with their families. They're waiting in line in the freezing cold for a deal. And you think that is it a good thing?

FAILLA: Listen, I think it is sad we do prioritize material possessions in this way. But I don't think it's solely --

WATTERS: You don't prize material possessions at all.

FAILLA: The thing for me, again, I am married 11 years. At the beginning of the marriage, yes, you might have to go there and buy some jewelry and save money. I've been married 11 years. I'm getting my wife a Tinder account for Christmas.


FAILLA: She wants it. It's her idea. But I do think she has one.

WATTERS: Yes. I think she already has one.

FAILLA: Boom, there it is. But I do think on some level it is also attributable to the NFL. What was your option last night? It was shop or watch the Giants.


WATTERS: That was a terrible game.

FAILLA: You can watch a team that can't tackle or you are going to go tackle people. And you don't have a lot of changes left to do that.

WATTERS: Now it you were witnessing this, if you just happened to be there, you would be one of those guys with your phones out there shooting it and then selling it to Fox News and ABC.

FAILLA: How do you think I got hired here? It's how I got in the door.

WATTERS: We just want to tip our hats to all these people that are videotaping the chaos so we can show the rest of the country the chaos. There is it something enjoyable about watching it and then judging these people. But everybody likes a deal, except no one wants to actually go and wait in line. There is cyber Monday right around the corner.

FAILLA: Which is amazing too, because you stay home. It is basically this without the violence. But the chance you are taking there, is that there's cyber Monday but then there's Siberian Tuesday when the hacker buys a jet ski with your credit card because you got a little carried away.

WATTERS: I actually just got a little alert from my bank saying that there has been some fraud on my card. Now I'm getting a little nervous, shouldn't have done the online shopping.

FAILLA: My one perk is I'm at that place in life where they steal my identity and then send me back notes. You have to do a little better over here, couple of late payments.


WATTERS: Did you get that blazer at a discount today?

FAILLA: Are you assuming that I could have?


WATTERS: A deep discount. I'm only taking shots because you work for Kennedy.

FAILLA: You know we can take it. This is actually from the It Fits collection, basically you want to do "The Ingraham Angle," and I'm like I'm down to one blazer that fits after yesterday, so that's all this is.

WATTERS: It looks good. Thank you very much.

Up next, what you wouldn't dare want to miss tomorrow night. Back in a moment.


WATTERS: Before we go, if you're hanging out eating Thanksgiving leftovers tomorrow night, don't miss my show, "Watters' World" airing at 8:00 p.m. eastern. We have a great lineup including a special Thanksgiving themed quiz. Needless to say, it does not end well.


WATTERS: What year did the pilgrims get there?





WATTERS: You're on fire.

Where did they land?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have no idea.


WATTERS: Yes. And where is Plymouth Rock?


WATTERS: You are incredible.


WATTERS: How did the pilgrims get here?


WATTERS: What was the name of the boat?

WATTERS: What was the name of the boat?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Nina, the Pinta?


WATTERS: That was Columbus.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, well, I was wrong.

WATTERS: The May --




WATTERS: I love it when they get one right. We have that and more including a fiery interview with Michelle Malkin. So be sure to tune in at 8:00 eastern tomorrow night.

And that's all the time we have for tonight. Laura Ingraham will be back here on Monday. And I just wanted to thank all the doctors over at NYU Langone Emergency Center Hospital for stitching up, or not stitching up, but healing my black Friday wound. So guys, thank you very much. Goodnight from New York.


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