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Gutfeld: Never Trumpers vs. Always Trumpers

Never say never and stop saying always


Hooray, George Will wrote a new column! It's called "Conservatism is soiled by scowling primitives." He writes, "Today, conservativoism is soiled by scowling primitives whose irritable gestures lack mental ingredients. America needs a reminder of conservatism before vulgarians hijacked it."

Fair enough, but should one engage hijacked conservatives by calling the people that they might support "scowling primitives"? Something tells me isn't about George giving advice, but flexing his intellectual muscles. Anyway, I'm seeing a lot of this. Conservatives go after Trump and his supporters often using a tone of knowing mockery. It's not that you're wrong but you're also stupid. You know who else does this? Trump apostles. Yesterday Corey Lewandowski said this:


CORESY LEWANDOWSKY, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: It's very simple, you know, President Trump was elected to change the country and you can get on board that train or you can lose your next election.


Get on that train. And who could forget this doozy?


OMAROSA MANIGAULT, TRUMP POLITICAL AIDE: Every critic, every dertractor will have to bow down to President Trump.


Anyway, so here you have two sides within the same party battling over who's going to be right when this is all over. But we know the truth as always is in between. A Never Trumper is right on many of Trump's flaws. A Trump apostle is right that the president needs support. A Never Trumper is wrong to think Trump isn't trying to do right by Americans. A Trump apostle is wrong to deny serious obvious mistakes.

Fact is, sticking to one perception creates a forced purity of thought that blinds you to realities which then keeps you from offering constructive criticism that might help a leader who actually could use it.

So never say never and stop saying always. History shows that lockstep is always a march to disaster.

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