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Gutfeld: Miss USA says something brave

Someone get the media a fainting couch


So how do you know the Miss USA pageant took place last night? Because the next day, every media hack is foaming over "the question." Yes, Kara McCullough has already drawn fire because she answered a political question like a normal human being not a progressive robot.


JULIANNE HOUGH, HOST: Do you think affordable health care for all U.S. citizens is a right or a privilege and why?

KARA MCCULLOUGH, MISS USA BEAUTY PAGEANT WINNER: I'm definitely going to say it's a privilege. As a government employee, I am granted health care and I see firsthand that for one to have health care, you need to have jobs. So therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we are given opportunity to have health care as well as jobs to all the American citizens worldwide.


Oh, my precious ears. If that weren't enough, she then said this:


MCCULLOUGH: As a woman scientist in the government, I would like to transpose the word feminism to "equalism." I don't really want to consider myself -- I try not to consider myself like this die hard -- you know, like, oh, I don't really care about men -- but one thing I am going to say is though, women are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace.


Someone fetch the media a fainting couch. That you just heard was an opinion not slathered and left-wing dogma. It is a micro-aggression against the micro-tolerant. So today's beauty queens aren't simply being judged by judges but by the media, celebrities and jobless scrubs on Twitter. And the only way to escape mockery is to spout left-wing tripe.

These questions are no longer a way to gauge the brain but a trap to spawn media coverage. Once you violate group think, that's a bigger news than the fact that the winner, Kara, is a radiochemist and way smarter than the smarmy, low-achieving snot-buckets who are judging her. But maybe that's what's really angering all of these drool tools.

What does Kara remind people of really? Reality. In a world where all men and women are equal under the law, the law cannot lock in equal outcomes. Sorry, some people work harder and whine less. And some hit both the gym and the books. Kara seems like that type of person: One who wasn't just winning a beauty pageant, but life as well. That just has got to drive social justice warriors nuts. Maybe they can have their own pageant. You can judge them on their misery.

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