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Gutfeld: A piece of advice for activists silencing speech

Every action has an opposite effect


Another day, another campus speaker shut down by jackasses.

So parents, this is what $50,000 a year gets you -- mindless intimidation by anti-free speech cowards. That was Thursday when an ugly mob of seething snowflakes surrounded a building at Claremont McKenna College screaming, banging on windows, all to block a woman from speaking. She had to flee in a van under protection of security.

Heather McDonald's sin? Writing a book called "The War On Cops," which pushes for better community policing and familiarity of neighborhoods. A book I'm sure none of these petulant protesters actually read.

The tome is saturated in facts which terrifies these campus cretins. I mean why shout her down if her words are baseless? The fear of her facts speaks volumes.

But the goal here isn't to challenge the speaker but to prevent any speaking at all. Debate is secondary to silence. Activists called her anti-black, capitalist, imperialist and fascist, all to camouflage their lack of depth and to shut her up. They also harassed students and segregated the white protesters. I'd say the lunatics have taken over the asylum, but why insult lunatics?

A piece of advice to this activists and parents and teachers who support them: Every action has an opposite one.

Can you imagine what kind of movement you would create by then silencing speech? Because without speech, the only solution obviously is violence.

Maybe that's what you want. Maybe that's what you'll get.

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