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Gutfeld: Chuck Schumer hits the panic button

Democrats know fear works when you're out of ideas


Chuck Schumer -- AKA Faucet-Face -- said the Dems will block all funding for more immigration agents and for the wall too. That's about as surprising as Dana posting a dog picture. It's the same old schtick: Take a good idea like improving the border and then recast it widespread intolerance. Here's a game for everyone: When Schumer speaks, can you count the lies?


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: The president's immigration policies are destroying local economies, causing chaos and panic in families and communities who have done nothing, nothing, nothing wrong. By using racial profiling and fearmongering to target law-abiding immigrants, the Trump administration is putting people with a traffic ticket or a status violation in the same category as serious violent criminals.


All right, Chuckles, that was quite a lie-fecta. Trump's policies are destroying economies? He's employing racial profiling? He's targeting legal immigrants? There were more there, but I couldn't keep up. He should change his name to up-Chuck given all the lies he throws up. The economy is fine, unemployment is down, as for profiling and harassing legal immigrants, by conflating illegal with legal immigration, it's Schroomer who is the real guilty party here. But he's not done:


SCHUMER: Immigrants are an integral part of this country. Democrats will be vigilant and strong in our commitment to upholding the promise of America and shielding immigrants from President Trump's policies. Senate Democrats are prepared to fight this all the way. My message to all of you: keep organizing, keep calling, keep marching.


Once again, lumping illegal with legal blurring the path to citizenship. Why would he confuse such things? To gin up fear and hysteria perhaps? When do Democrats ever do that? Oh, yes, all the time. If Democrats got panic to rely on they'd have nothing but folksongs and kale to keep them warm. But they know fear works when you're out of ideas. But guess what, Juan, you could be pro-immigration while wanting a process that guarantees that it's safe and legal. Safe and legal -- isn't that what the Democrats always say they want?

Anyway, what's great about being a conservative, you can hold two ideas in your head at once. With Chuck, in the limited overhead compartment that is his brain, there's barely room for one.

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