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Gutfeld: Bill de Blasio isn't just dumb, he's dangerous

While the New York City mayor is busy faking compassion, his incoherent policies are turning innocents into sitting ducks


In a press conference on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his deputies will block ICE agents from entering public schools, even though no one said they were going there in the first place.

So how will he block these nonexistent invaders? It's a good question. He brags about denying entry unless there's a warrant, which is how things work, you dumbass.

Yes, it's an official medical diagnosis: De Blasio is a dumbass, dumber than six pounds of dead flounder. No offense to dead fish.

Oh, the mayor, he acts the hero, protecting the city from make-believe threats as he fails to protect us from real threats like criminally stupid mayors. De Blasio isn't just dumb: he's dangerous and he tries to hide it with cheap, grandstanding press conferences.

See, just last week, an insane ex-con ran down a medic in her own ambulance. She left behind five children. The deranged killer had 31 arrests: assault, robbery, weapons charges. But worse: a judge just appointed by the mayor had the chance to hold this maniac but let him go. Free, then, to murder a mom.

So while Mayor McFreak fakes compassion by creating a comic book threat of ICE invaders, his bumbling, incoherent policies turn innocents into sitting ducks for mad men.

Sorry, Lurch. The threat isn't from immigration agents. It's progressive punks who put politics before safety. And so in New York, mad men can roam free and even become mayor.

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