Common Sense

Cavuto: How does it feel to be dismissed, CNN?


How's all that going down, CNN?

How does it feel to be dismissed?

Or worse, ignored?

How does it feel when your feelings are hurt?

When your reporters are singled out?

And you're treated unfairly?

And unkindly?

Even rudely?

What's it like not to be liked?

It's not fun, is it?

It's not fun when you think you're doing your job, but the guy you're covering thinks you're the piece of work.

It's insulting, isn't it?

Being called on the carpet by the next leader of the free world, after years of giving the present one a free pass?

You can't figure out suddenly not being in.

It bugs you when someone questions whether you're fair, doesn't it?

Or cuts you to your journalist core, doesn't it?

It maters now when it's about you, doesn't it?

Not so much when it's about someone else.

Presidential pile ons matter when you're the subject, not so much, actually scratch that, not at all.

When let's say Fox is the subject.

And everyone chuckled.

Take it from me talking truth to power can be powerfully unsettling if that power sets its sights on you

And attacks you.

And humiliates you.

And dismisses you.

And ignores you.

It didn't matter so much when it wasn't about you before, CNN.

Very different when it's you being singled out now, CNN.

The shabby treatment of your reporters not very nice now, is it?

That's life, I guess.

Not fair. Often, not balanced.

And now you're experiencing what we've been living.

Now you're the ones getting royally foxed.

And the irony is I feel your pain.

You never came to our defense, so allow me to come to yours.

You're better than BuzzFeed.

But the buzz is you're getting fed to the wolves.

Isn't it obnoxious and unfair how some celebrate your plight?

Kind of feels like the way you celebrated ours, doesn't it?

They say payback's a bitch.

If only you would take a moment to rewind the tape.

And see the show is on the other foot.

Or am I confusing it with the one now kicking you in the ass.

You see it's hard to tell from where I sit.

Back then your silence was deafening.

Very different now, isn't it? And I suspect not much fun, is it?

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