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Gutfeld: Fox News to blame for Clinton's defeat?

President Obama figured out why the Dems lost the election: It was Fox News. Sure, initially, he blamed his own party, but then he added -- quote -- "part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country."

Yeah, that's it: Fox News is in every bar and restaurant. Yet, you will find us right next to the live pandas riding giant flaming unicorns made of leather and creamy nougat.

But he is kind of right. "Chunks" of America do watch Fox. But the idea that businesses blares the network tells you how detached Captain Sulk really is. Most Americans don't shout their politics, much less blast it from their TVs while serving you fried pickles -- that's the left.

True, the country is divided, but it's not right and left. It's left and not left. It is because for liberals, politics is personal and therefore extremely loud. For the rest of us, we prefer community over calamity.
Case in point: Who did Mr. Obama give this interview to? An interview where he blamed the media for lying and dividing? Rolling Stone. That lefty snot rag that pedaled the UVA rape hoax and sanctified the Boston bomber with a cover. If that is not divisive, what is? But he went there for comfort. Rolling Stone soothes Obama's synapses. It is always on in the bar of his mind.

So as his job winds down, Mr. Obama will go down as one of our most persuasive leaders. Yet he couldn't persuade himself to get beyond his own safe space. As he watches President-elect Trump cheerfully road trip from one city to the next talking to thousands of Americans, Mr. Obama has got to wonder, why the hell didn't I think of that?

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