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Bill O'Reilly: What President Obama failed to do?

'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 11/16


One thing about Barack Obama, he's a confident guy. He makes me look shy. Yesterday in Greece he told the world that he did a heck of a job as president.


OBAMA: People seem to think I did a pretty good job. And so there is this mismatch between frustration and anger, perhaps the view of the American people was is that just need to shake things up. I think I can make a pretty strong argument with the politics we put forward were the right ones, that we've grown faster than just about any advanced economy, and the country is indisputably better off.


O'REILLY: Now Mr. Obama really believes what he says. In his mind he kicked serious butt as president and he has backup. The latest Gallup poll has President's job approval rating at 57 percent. Very strong number. However some of his support is surely based on personal likeability. But to be fair, he does deserve some policy credit for stabilizing the economy after the mortgage backed security fraud almost collapsed. Also for helping Americans with severe health problems so-called preexisting conditions.

And for conducting himself with class in the White House as a recent meeting with Donald Trump demonstrated. But there is some very important things President Obama did not do in eight years things I hope President- Elect Trump will consider. First, targeted tax cut for businesses. While at the same time phasing out deductions that drain tax receives to the government. Mr. Trump is an expert at that and he will understand that in order to rebuild the military and roads, bridges, et cetera, you need cash.

Also persuading corporations to bring the profits they are hoarding overseas back to invest in America would be a huge economic stimulator that would expand the economy and create well-paying jobs. If corporations would commit billions to expansion, the financial markets will go wild. And the USA would take on tremendous economic momentum. To be polite, President Obama does not understand macro-economics and generally sees a private business as an opponent of social justice.

Now, on the individual tax front surely a fair percentage can be worked out with the goal being to allow American consumers to have more net income, more money in their pockets, another major economic stimulator. Barack Obama's philosophy is to give folks stuff rather than setting up a robust private marketplace so they can earn their stuff. Overseas, the Obama doctrine of containment through diplomacy has not worked and the pain has been immense. Millions of refugees are flooded into Europe, some of them terrorists.

The suffering of poor people in Syria and Iraq is cruel, cruel, all because Barack Obama does not act aggressively against the Jihad. Talking Points has put forth a solution. NATO should formally declare war on Islamic terrorists, set up safe zones for refugees throughout the Middle East and punish ISIS in any way it can. Barack Obama would never ever think of doing that. Way too confrontational.

Finally, President-Elect Trump should accept the Paris treaty on climate to buy some good will overseas. It doesn't really amount to much anyway, let it go. Mr. Trump should also learn from Mr. Obama's mistakes. Most Americans want a robust economy and a vibrant national defense including border protection. Donald Trump can make those two things happen, he will succeed in the toughest job in the world.

And that's "The Memo".