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Cavuto: American voters have had their fill of pundits

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So now the very folks who didn't think Donald Trump would ever become president, are dishing out advice for what he should do "as" president?

Don't mess with the healthcare law, it can't be un-done.

Don't retreat on climate change, or the whole planet is done.

Don't cut taxes. The government needs the cash.

Nickel-and-dime pundits offering nickel-and-dime advice for a guy who's always ignored it.

And is now president-elect of the United States because he got it.

Not them. Everybody else.

The everybody else the pundits didn't see.

And worse, didn't really "want" to see.

The everybody else who wasn't them.

The everybody else between the coasts.

The everybody else stuck in the middle wondering what happened to their middle class.

The experts did not see them.

But Donald trump did.

The experts called him a joke. And his supporters even worse.

And now they're offering "him" advice?

To quote President Obama, ¦"c'mon, man!!"

C'mon and think about that, as you ponder the hypocrisy of all this.

Let me remind. You decide.

These are the same pundits who said trump would fizzle, and he didn't.

That he couldn't even get his own party in line, that he couldn't, and he did.

These are the same pundits who said trump was wasting his time going to traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania turns out, he wasn't.

The same pundits who said he had little appeal beyond angry white male voters. Apparently they missed lots of other angry voters.

The same pundits who said he would lose the Catholic vote, and he didn't.

Never win over union voters, and he did.

Do worse among minorities than any Republican nominee.

Turns out, the best since Ronald Reagan was their nominee.

These are the same pundits who said his campaign had no money, so it had no chance. Apparently it did.

The same pundits who said he needed more ads. Apparently he did not.

The same pundits who said he had no ground game. No, he just had voters who were game.

The same pundits who said he was too crass. Forgetting maybe voters thought his opponent was too crooked?

It's one thing to keep missing it; it's quite another to learn nothing from the experience and just keep stepping in it.

Predictions that were never right.

Political obituaries that were always wrong.

A media that dared to lecture a businessman on his scruples.

But said nothing about their own questionable morals.

Elitists currying favor with another candidate's campaign through emails that would make you vomit.

Now pounding their wounded chests for relevance that would make you scream, "for god's sake, stop it!!"

Stop pretending to be the experts you are not.

And stop by a mirror to see what you really are.


Who'd sooner offer self-serving advice to a candidate who doesn't need it.

Than ever fathom American voters have had their fill of it.

And you.

The disgusting.

The depressing.

The dismissing.

The despicable.

The, what's the word-

The deplorables.

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