Sen. Perdue troubled by pattern of Clinton corruption

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi already sending out a message to Republicans to stop using the I-word when it comes to Hillary Clinton, that if she were to be elected president, that they would be chasing her with impeachment hearings.

"The American people want Republicans to accept the will of the people and take impeachment off the table. Responsible Republicans must do so immediately."

Of course, she is making the assumption that Hillary Clinton wins right there.

Anyway, Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue is a member of the Judiciary Committee.

Sir, what did you think about what Nancy Pelosi was saying there, don't even think about it?

SEN. DAVID PERDUE, R-GA.: Well, I think it's just ridiculous.

And what I'm really troubled by here, Neil, is that the pattern of corruption is not just that Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi and lied about her emails to Congress and to the FBI, but now we see this pay-to- pay corruption.

And it's not just one or two events. It's a litany of things. But beyond all that is this pattern of failure as secretary of state. From the Russia reset to the premature removal of troops in Iraq to the red line in Syria, I mean, this is a pattern of failure with this person. It's a stark contrast we have coming Tuesday.

CAVUTO: What do you see happening now?

Of course, the former speaker, now minority leader, is hinting that this is what Republicans are going to do if Hillary Clinton is elected, that you will just be chasing her with investigations and hearings, all the way up to impeachment, and that will bedevil her presidency, I guess. What do you say?

PERDUE: Well, I think that's a distraction.

Let's first get this election done. And, right now, we have a stark contrast to change the direction of our country. We can choose a third term of Barack Obama or we can choose a new direction with Donald Trump.

And what I see happening right now is Trump is actually surging in the states where I have been the last two or three weeks. There's a movement out there. It's bigger than Donald Trump. I saw it in my race here in Georgia in 2014. And it's not going to go away.

I believe that we're going to see surprising results come Tuesday because of this growing movement in America today about having real change effected in amongst the gridlock in Washington, Neil.

CAVUTO: All right.

By the way, would you -- let's say Hillary Clinton loses, Congressman.  Would you be among those saying that she should still be investigated?

PERDUE: Well, absolutely.

If it happened to me or you, you would be investigated, of course. This was a clear abuse of power as secretary of state. And this needs to by totally aired out. Look, our democracy depends on total transparency among government leaders. And so that is what is called for. This not a vendetta. This is just new revelations of an ongoing investigation by the FBI.

So I don't see anything untoward about the timing of this or anything else.  But I do think it should be pursued to its fullest extent.

CAVUTO: We will watch closely, sir. Thank you, David Perdue, Georgia senator. He's on the Senate Judiciary Committee, key player in all of this.

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