New FBI probe calls Clinton's judgment into question

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: This is a Fox News alert and some tremendous breaking news today coming out of the FBI e-mail investigation into Hillary Clinton's server. So we are waiting now -- Trump is going to come out in Maine. And here he is right now, looks like he is coming up to the stage. We're going to take his comments and see if he makes any remarks regarding this bombshell news that was released in a statement by Comey today. He did mention it earlier in the day at a prior rally, and here is Trump now.





TRUMP: (inaudible) the Trump.


TRUMP: Thank you.


TRUMP: Thank you. Thank you very much. That is some enthusiastic crowd. Thank you.


TRUMP: One of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you very much. As you might have heard earlier today, the FBI .


TRUMP: . after discovering new e-mails, is reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton.


TRUMP: I have great respect for the FBI for righting this wrong. The American people fully understand her corruption and we hope all -- all -- justice will finally be served.


TRUMP: This is the biggest political scandal since Watergate and I'm sure that it will be properly handled from this point forward. Thank you.


TRUMP: Now getting back to things that don't sound quite as exciting, but they're so important, right?


TRUMP: In 11 days, we're going to win the state of Maine.


TRUMP: And we are going to win back the White House.


TRUMP: We're going to have --


GUILFOYLE: All right. That is Donald Trump addressing his supporters, an enthusiastic and boisterous group there, and to mention that the FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her e-mails. A lot to discuss today on a very busy Friday, so Dana this information came out and really sent shockwaves across the country.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: It was a 10 on a Richter scale and if it was -- if you have a political earthquake. And October surprise that certainly caught the Hillary Clinton campaign by surprise. They were in the air for two hours on their plane and did not have any Wi-Fi service. So you can imagine the people that are down here on earth are -- were sitting there waiting, they can't get to the secretary. They can't tell her what's going on. She gets off -- they land and all of the sudden -- can you imagine being told that the FBI is, just has released this information. The information is vague. It's 11 days before the election and Donald Trump, rightly, is taking this political gift as it is and running with it. The crowds are very excited. The one thing we're going have to talk about through this entire show is trying to fair out certain details that we can about this. So we got a good line up for it, coming up.

GUILFOYLE: We certainly do, and a lot of information coming out because right away when this news broke the question was, where did they uncover this information, the devices? What was the source of the secondary investigation that was separate from it? Or all of a sudden, these agents that were investigating came across this information, brought it to the attention of the director, who obviously had to review it, determine it was of significance and then was prompted to have to make a public statement about it. Greg, your face, the grin, yes.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I just -- so happy.


GUTFELD: I'm just so happy because once again, Anthony Weiner has made my life great, because if it wasn't for him, we would be talking about polls for the next 11 days instead of -- anyway.


GUTFELD: For Hillary, this is like a week before your wedding and you catch the groom with your sister. But you can't do anything, because you already paid for the catering and the travel accommodations and you are screwed. The only person that's happy right now is Bill Clinton because it's glad -- he is glad it's that Weiner that got Hillary in trouble. But the -- the most important issue here is her judgment. Why -- she's sharing classified information with Huma, who is married to a compromised pervert, one who could be extorted into the service of stealing more information. Hillary is surrounded by deviants. And that's a problem. And that leaves our security exposed. So that's actually the serious piece of this story is that she is compromised by not getting away from these people.

GUILFOYLE: And you know, Trump -- Bolling mentioned this before, was tying, you know, the nexus together with Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner .


GUILFOYLE: . national security and making that case to say this is someone that cannot be trusted because she is surrounded herself by people who can compromise (inaudible).

BOLLING: Yeah. Trump did that when Huma Abedin left Anthony Weiner after the third occasion where she found out that he was sexting, and this time it was young -- allegedly sexting young women. And Trump said, "Good choice."

PERINO: I know.

BOLLING: It could -- "good choice Huma, because look what you are doing, you're putting, you're putting Hillary Clinton at risk, if, if she were to become president and you are putting the country at risk." So the FBI is panned (ph) -- is forced because they must have found substantial evidence tying the leaks of -- tying the information that could have been classified -- it must have somehow ended up in Anthony Weiner's Blackberry hand. No, I'm being serious.



PERINO: I know.

BOLLING: They're not reopening --

PERINO: Every time we say Anthony Weiner, it's like --

BOLLING: No, no. They are not going to reopen the case unless they have substantial and probable cause to do it. I mean, they're just not going to -- even if they found some things or, you know, we found some e-mails and there are some classified stuff on there and that would look bad. This has to be quite a bit of information that they found. I don't think they would be doing this. I will say this is more proof this is the, in fact, craziest, wackiest election in the history of elections. Where do you go? So it has to be unprecedented that you find classified -- alleged classified material or compromising material on a guy who is sexting an underage woman. It's just incredible. And that may be the October surprise and turning point for an election.

GUILFOYLE: And also information can be kept and maintained in the cloud and sometimes couples, families share the same cloud storing for pictures, other things. You have access on multiple devices .

PERINO: Music.

GUILFOYLE: . for cloud whether it's an iPhone or an iPad or home desktop or a laptop, there's multiple sources and streams of forensic that can be pulled to be able to obtain information. The first thing that I'm thinking about Juan is, you know, Huma Abedin could be in trouble, too because of many statements that she's made, whether or not any -- she perjured herself or did Hillary Clinton perjure herself. That's all you're going to tie together, because now you have the interview that she did with the FBI. And if they have uncovered and could, you know, pursuant to this now reopened investigation, information that shows that she made inconsistent statements contrary to perhaps, even e-mails that she sent Huma Abedin back and forth, et cetera. This, you know, very complicated and very serious.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: So, it's a very serious. I mean, I agree. I think it's explosive. And I mean it's like all the Kingsmen. I mean this is a great political novel, crazier than ever. And you just -- the characters abound. I mean not only Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but now we have Anthony Weiner playing a central role. But what we know and we'll get more from the reporters in a moment, but what we know so far is this is so peculiar because it's not tied in to the previous investigation, per se. There's no allegation apparently that Hillary Clinton or Hillary Clinton's associates were withholding e-mail. There was no e-mail here from Hillary Clinton is what we have learned so far. It's not from her server. Apparently, the device is one that's owned by either Huma Abedin or Anthony Weiner. This is not relate --

GUILFOYLE: There are four devices.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. But, and it was not related to what we were discussing earlier in the week, which was that there was in the WikiLeaks information that was put out. Apparently, Cheryl Mills who was Clinton's lawyer, was saying, "Hey, we know about this and we think it's a problem and our people are dealing with this problem and it went back and forth." That -- this is none of that. So this is like a totally separate thing. I think it gets conflated quite quickly, because there's so much political energy around this. But for republicans, as we saw from the Donald Trump crowd, all of a sudden new hope, maybe this is going to change things. And from the democrats -- I think they're shocked, that's why John Podesta, did he said, "Put up or shut up."

GUILFOYLE: Juan is missing -- we are missing the headline here. The FBI reopened an investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail.

WILLIAMS: I don't think that's right.

GUILFOYLE: So this about --

WILLIAMS: No, no. I don't that's right.


GUILFOYLE: That's what he said.

BOLLING: They never closed it .

WILLIAMS: That's correct.

BOLLING: . but they are going to reinvestigate.

WILLIAMS: They reinvestigate.

BOLLING: Yes, for a reason though, Juan. And this is going to -- this -- we talked about this quite extensively while the FBI was originally investigating Hillary Clinton's e-mails. It's the intent issue. Intent -- and they came back and he said, "Well, you need to show intent." What the law clearly says, you don't need to show intent if you are negligent by accident, you are still held culpable. Although, now, it may not be Hillary's e-mails, but if she was completely negligent and in classified dangerous material goes from Hillary to Huma to Anthony Weiener, who knows where, there's no intent on Hillary's part, but she will be likely investigated, maybe prosecuted .

WILLIAMS: What Comey said .

BOLLING: . possibly indicted.

WILLIAMS: What Comey said before was there was no .


WILLIAMS: . intentional mishandling of --

BOLLING: But it can't really doesn't matter. It really doesn't.

GUILFOYLE: It isn't, but --

WILLIAMS: But Greg, that issue has been litigated and argued over.


BOLLING: Maybe not.

WILLIAMS: But settle.

BOLLING: Maybe we will (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: That's not a record --

GUTFELD: Hillary's --


GUILFOYLE: Hillary's crime was a cover up. Weiner's crime was he wouldn't cover up.


GUTFELD: But you know --


GUTFELD: You know what's amazing --

GUILFOYLE: Thanks for clearing that up.

GUTFELD: You know what's great about this story and why it's so important and so good? It's the FBI. It came from the FBI. It didn't come from WikiLeaks. It didn't come from "National Enquirer."


GUTFELD: This came from outsource --


GUTFELD: Yeah, it didn't come from an anarchist working with Putin.



GUTFELD: It came from the FBI. And that, that is why this is so important because it's part of the American process. It's, it's not rigged at all.

WILLIAMS: Not rigged.

GUILFOYLE: OK. And they've also confirmed (ph) as one of the devices to be Anthony Weiner's, one of the devices to be Huma Abedin's. So now we have to determine, in fact, what the other two devices are. But much more on this breaking news day, stay right there. More reaction from the Trump campaign and we're going to check in with our other reporters traveling with the Clinton campaign coming up. Stay with us.


PERINO: Welcome back to "The Five." We continue with the breaking campaign news. The FBI is renewing its investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail server. Our own Ed Henry has been sorting through all the details since the news broke. He joins us now. Can you clarify for us, what did the FBI actually say?

ED HENRY, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: First of all, they came out with a letter from James Comey that went up to senior lawmakers on the Hill. By the way, they were stunned and they're not even on Capitol Hill right now because they're on recess, as you know, for the election. That's the significant context here. And he said that in a separate investigation, didn't name which one, we picked up new e-mails that might, underscore might, have classified information. Investigative team came to the director and said, "We think we need to take a look at this." And he agreed they needed to do that, first of all. Second of all, I had an FBI source in the 3 o'clock eastern hour, tell me that that separate investigation was the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation that led the FBI to other e-mails on the devices of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin that led them to say, "We need to come back and look at this." Why is that significant? Well, everyone is obviously, rightly focused on Hillary Clinton. This could end up being something where they say, well, Hillary Clinton had nothing really to do with this. It was Huma Abedin who shared it improperly with her husband at the time. And maybe she, you know, lied to the FBI when she did that interview some months back. This is all speculative. This is all possible. We don't know where this is headed. But we also have to be clear that it might not end up, again, for the second time with any charges against Hillary Clinton or her staff or maybe this time there -- this, this will lead to something. But Jake Gibson, one of our outstanding producers just sent us information from a senior law enforcement official who said, look, they know about this pressure from the Clinton camp saying, "Why are you dropping this on us 11 days from the election?" But they say, once they found these new e-mails, they were damaged, they do damaged they didn't. If they come out now the democrats say you are trying to influence the election. If they hold this until November 9th and say, OK, let's not influence the election, let's wait. And then they find out there is classified information on November 9th or November 15th, and Hillary Clinton has been elected president. What do you think kind of criticism they'll face then? So the damn if you do, damn if you don't.

PERINO: Let's start with our former prosecutor here at the table .


PERINO: . Kimberly Guilfoyle.

GUILFOYLE: No, it's not you, Greg.

GUTFELD: Oh, that's right.

GUILFOYLE: Once again, I'm sorry. Hi, Ed. So yes, well, an incredible story today. And obviously, as a former prosecutor, I find it, you know, fascinating. The fact of the matter they would say they have to reopen an investigation or take a look at this is, that they wouldn't even say that they have to reopen an investigation or take a look at this. I mean --

HENRY: Yeah.

GUILFOYLE: . they couldn't wait. It's too significant, I think. I mean, and what I --

HENRY: Sure.

GUILFOYLE: What I want to ask you about, too, is in terms of the security briefings. You saw Speaker Ryan say that he wants her to know, get her security clearance, the briefings for that to stop based on the reopening of this investigation. What are you hearing about that?

HENRY: Yeah, because at rickshaw (ph), Pompeo was well, who was on the Select Committee on Benghazi is saying the same. Why is Hillary Clinton, as a candidate just as Donald Trump is, why is she still getting classified briefings about ISIS and other sensitive matters if there's still a cloud hanging over her? I sincerely doubt that the Intelligence community is going to yank, you know, the classified briefings or her security clearance right now in the heat of this campaign in the final days. However, that political point can be made by republicans simply because this is the FBI, which is supposed to be non-partisan. I do find it interesting that democrats are now slamming the FBI when back in July when James Comey, who had been hailed as a republican as an independent (inaudible), and our republicans are mad in recent months. But after he said no charges in July, the Clinton camp said, hey, James Comey, he is the FBI director, 10-year term. He is not political. He said there's no there, there. Now all of the sudden, they are all over James Comey.

PERINO: All right. Juan Williams?

WILLIAMS: So Ed, there was just -- a reaction quickly not from Hillary Clinton, but John Podesta, the campaign chairman.

HENRY: Yeah.

WILLIAMS: And Podesta said, "Put up or shut up."

HENRY: Yeah.

WILLIAMS: You know, let's see what you've got. And what we have been hearing from you and other reporters talking with FBI sources is that this is not from Hillary Clinton's device. This is from some other device in some other investigation. How many e-mails are involved? And is it possible that the FBI might reach a fast conclusion given the political pressures?

HENRY: The honest answer is we don't know how many e-mails at this stage of the investigation, but I think it's an educated guess that it's going to be extremely hard to wrap this up in 11 days. For a number of reasons, one of them is, I spoke to someone close to this investigation who said, look, if in fact there's a problem with any of these e-mails involving Huma Abedin, as I noted before, she was interviewed by the FBI in sort of stage one of this investigation. I'm not to compare notes. What did she tell the FBI under oath? There have been many people over the years who, maybe don't get caught on the classified, mishandling classified information charge, but get caught up on lying to the FBI. Look what happened to General James Cartwright, very recently. And so, I'm not saying she lied to the FBI. What I'm saying, the FBI is gonna have to go back and look very carefully at what she said before, maybe even re-interview Human Abedin, maybe even re- interview and Hillary Clinton. So the idea that there will be a speedy resolution to this seems like a stretch.

PERINO: Eric Bolling.

BOLLING: Yeah, and that would beg the question, in the event she does end up pulling off a victory anyway, and gets indicted or even worse, gets found guilty of a felony, you would have a felon as a president who would have to step down. I mean, the only -- all these things have to go into people's calculation on who you want to vote for -- let me ask the question. Hillary Clinton, the judgment has to be in question right now. She kept Huma Abedin very close to her. She travels next to her on the airplane, knowing for many, many years that Huma's husband, now ex-husband or separated husband .

HENRY: Yeah.

BOLLING: . has, had these issues with texting --

HENRY: Right.

BOLLING: Sexting young women going back years .

HENRY: Right.

BOLLING: . years.

HENRY: Sure.

BOLLING: And yet she never pushed --

HENRY: Yeah.

BOLLING: . maybe that a line, like I need to push you away.

HENRY: Right. And let me add another element to this, is you crafted a scenario at the beginning about, you know, what if Hillary Clinton is elected and there's an indictment or there's charges while she's president- elect. Well, think about President Obama. He, then, has the ability -- of course, to pardon Hillary Clinton -- or not. And what has he done during this investigation? One of the reasons why there's a cloud over the FBI investigation, you had former President Bill Clinton get on that airplane with the attorney general -- number one. And number two, President Obama to our own Chris Wallace, said the 60 minutes on a couple of vacation said, "I don't think there's any there, there. She didn't, she didn't jeopardize national security." That looked like he was judging this investigation before it was through. So what role will President Obama play? That's a whole another asset -- aspect.

PERINO: Possibly none. OK, Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: Ah, Ed, always a pleasure to see you.

HENRY: Yeah, always a pleasure to talk to you.

GUTFELD: Especially under these circumstances.

HENRY: Yeah.

GUTFELD: Am I right, huh?

HENRY: Exactly.


HENRY: Yeah, love (inaudible).

GUTFELD: What are you going as for Halloween?

HENRY: I usually don't dress up.

GUTFELD: oh, because you are Ed Henry, you don't have to.

BOLLING: Private server.

GUTFELD: My question --


GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.


GUTFELD: And later you get debriefed.


GUTFELD: Is the FBI in revolt in a sense that they knew there was enough there to get -- to go after Hillary, but they didn't and they knew that if something came out later, they would look bad? So was this --

HENRY: Yeah.

GUTFELD: . essentially, is Comey realizing this? That this other stuff came out because they were protecting themselves, rightly, so?


HENRY: Yeah. Let me, let me tell you what facts we know. And then let me tell you, you know, what we don't know. And what we do know is, yes, the FBI has been near revolt. There are current FBI officials who have been telling us privately that they can't believe that James Comey had that news conference in July, where he basically said that Hillary Clinton mishandled national security information, but said there wasn't enough here to bring charges, and that infuriated people inside the FBI. So, but what we don't know is whether -- did he latch on to this because agents came to him and said, hey, boss, we found some other stuff and he saw a mulligan here? Like, I got a second crack at this, because if that's what's going on here, that's a very risky thing to do so close to an election.

PERINO: All right. As we discussed, Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on these development -- latest developments. But what's the buzz from her campaign? Jennifer Griffin is on the ground with Hillary in Iowa. We're going to check in with her, next.


BOLLING: Welcome back to "The Five."It has been a trifecta of scandals this month for Hillary Clinton; WikiLeaks, Obamacare's implosion and now the biggest of all, they renewed investigation of her e-mail server. It's almost four months since FBI Director James Comey decided not to indict or recommended not to indict Hillary, a decision the democratic nominee cheered.


HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I greatly appreciate the work that the FBI, Department of Justice did and they handled it very professionally. And I have said many times and I repeat clearly today, it was a mistake for me to use personal e-mail. And i regret that. I am certainly relieved and glad that the investigation has concluded, but I also know how important it is to make sure everybody understands that I would certainly not do that again. That is something that at the time as even Director Comey said seemed like a convenience, but it was the wrong choice.


BOLLING: This all comes just 11 days before the election. And while we have yet to hear from Clinton, herself of the subject, the news is sure to hadn't sent shockwaves through her campaign. So what's the buzz behind the scenes? We're going to check in with Jennifer Griffin, who's on the ground with the Clinton campaign. Now Jennifer, let me just ask you this. There was a lot of confidence coming from Hillary Clinton over last couple of weeks. She started talking about down ballot races. She talked about save a date for her victory party in New York, and she also she started ramping up her transition team. Tonight, are we hearing a different speech coming out of the secretary?

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: Well, Eric, right now, we're hearing nothing out of the secretary. As you mentioned before, the Wi-Fi on her plane was down when this news broke. And so when she arrived in Iowa, in Cedar Rapids, her campaign didn't know about the news that Comey had sent this letter to Capitol Hill, to the republican heads of the committees. What I have since learned from a well-played source is that, is that the, the decision by the FBI director to send this letter to Capitol Hill came because his agents briefed him yesterday that they had new information. It came untold from four devices that were seized a result of the investigation and to Anthony Weiner sexting tape. One of those devices untold belongs to Huma Abedin, his ex-wife or his estranged wife. One belonged to Anthony Wiener, and the other two, it's not clear who they belonged to. They are going through those devices. I'm told by a well- placed source with law-enforcement sources that -- that they have not found any classified information as of yet.

But as of yet, other -- Jake Gibson (ph) and other producers from FOX News have spoken to the FBI, suggested this. This may not be wrapped up before the election.

We've heard reaction from John Podesta, her campaign chairman, who issued a very full-throated written statement, demanding that Comey release the information he has. And Brian Fallon was just on the air, her spokesman, saying that this was irresponsible, and that the FBI director owes the voter, owes the public an explanation. They're demanding a press conference.

What's highly unusual about all of this, Eric, is that the FBI never usually acknowledges investigations. And so this letter to Republicans on Capitol Hill, which has been leaked now to the press. It really is an aberration in many ways, and the campaign is crying foul.

BOLLING: All right. Jen, we have four quick questions. We'll try and keep the questions quick and the answers brief, if you don't mind -- Dana.

PERINO: I know you're going to be covering this speech that she's going to give. I guess I'm curious from a communications perspective on her end, how can she comment on something when she doesn't even know what the information is. And, if there's an investigation, you usually don't comment on it anyway.

GRIFFIN: Well, exactly, Dana, from what -- what we're hearing, these are not necessarily related to her e-mails. They are devices that were seized by -- from Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener. So it's really unclear what, if anything, Hillary Clinton can say, and as we saw in the last campaign stop, she didn't say anything.


GUILFOYLE: OK, yes. So obviously, this is explosive information coming so close to the election. But as a former prosecutor, I have to tell you, the fact of the matter is, he did come forward with it, and they are now reconsidering the investigation. When Podesta said, you know, "I demand to get the information," the information that he's demanding might not be favorable to his candidate.

GRIFFIN: Well, it might not. But they don't know how to respond to it. And so they're saying that it's very unusual for the director of the FBI to put out information about an ongoing investigation and leave voters with 11 days left until the election with such unknowns. So they are actually requesting that the FBI director hold a press conference, as he did after he decided to not bring charges against Secretary Clinton.


GRIFFIN: Kimberly.

WILLIAMS: So Jennifer, I just -- your sources are telling you there's no classified information involved. So what would be the basis of this case?

GRIFFIN: Well, again, this source is saying nothing has been found as of yet. But it is very hard to understand, because this is -- we're sort of in uncharted territory.

And what the campaign is saying is that they would like to know if -- if this has to do with Hillary Clinton's e-mails. And from what they are hearing, it is not about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. It's about information found on the devices seized from Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener.

Huma, of course, is traveling with Secretary Clinton today. She is never farther than within an arm's distance from Hillary Clinton. And so it's really a question of whether, maybe perhaps Huma Abedin lied to the FBI in the past. She was one of the early interviews in this investigation.

GUTFELD: I've got an odd question, Jennifer. Could this actually help Hillary in the sense that people who weren't going to vote might vote out of sheer terror that she could lose? Like, this might actually have a rebound affect? Dumb question.

GRIFFIN: It's anyone's -- Greg, it's anyone's guess at this point. This is the strangest election I've ever seen.

WILLIAMS: Me, too.

GRIFFIN: And all -- all I can say is that the campaign had been concerned about the suppression of the vote that people would be complacent, because some polls were showing her so far ahead. And so it is really anyone's guess at this point.

BOLLING: All right. We're going to leave it there. Jen, thank you very much. By the way, there's still three days left in October.

GUTFELD: Yes, amazing.

GUILFOYLE: What else?

BOLLING: We're going to go live to Cedar Rapids for the reaction from the Trump campaign. That's next.


GUTFELD: Welcome back. Today Trump supporters chanted "lock her up" after he told them about the news that Hillary's under investigation again. Let's go now to Campaign Carl -- that's Campaign Carl Cameron -- live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the GOP nominee will be holding a rally later.

So Carl, what is the mood there? I imagine people are really, really sad. Am I right?

CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, if sad means exultant. And Trump -- Trump would tweet "sad exclamation point" or "exultant exclamation point."


CAMEROTA: Now, of course, the Trump campaign thinks that this is a great opportunity. Yet, it dovetails with all of the criticism they've had all along. And you talk about the crowd chanting, "Lock her up." Trump fans will chant "lock her up" for just about anything. This one is just another reason to do so.

GUTFELD: Yes -- Dana.

PERINO: Carl, I imagine that this would breathe some new life into some of the close Senate races, like maybe Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, so that Republicans, now they can actually start talking about Hillary Clinton again and not Donald Trump. But it might actually help Republicans win some of those seats.

CAMERON: Instead of explaining, they could be criticizing. So that is a major relief for the likes of Kelly Ayotte and Kirk in Illinois and Blunt in Missouri. And whether this is the October surprise or not, it would be pretty ironic if it turned out that it was a Wiener probe that actually pulled that off.

GUTFELD: Can you please not use the word "probe" when you're talking about Wiener?

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.

GUTFELD: Keep those words far apart. We never want to hear that again from you, Carl.


BOLLING: Carl, look, look, if I'm Donald Trump, I stick to the script right now. I don't go off the beaten path on anything. It's going to be this. It's going to be Obamacare. It's going to be -- my question, why Iowa with only 11 days left? I mean, he needs Florida. He needs Ohio. And he needs North Carolina or it's game over. What is it about Iowa? No offense to the people who live in Iowa.

CAMERON: No, of course not. Well, first of all, it's a swing state. The race is close. And he's en route to go to Arizona as well as Nevada. Arizona, he has to play defense. Hillary Clinton has really caught up on him there.

In Nevada, that's -- that's another Clinton potential swing state where there's been a very, very close race. So he's going to keep on barnstorming right straight through. And there are about nine states or so that he continues to campaign on aggressively. There's really only four that he's advertising in aggressively. Notwithstanding the new infusion of $10 million from Trump of his own money to an ad buy that's already been placed for about 25 million to get him to the sprint.

So Trump wants to compete everywhere. And because of his sort of verbal throw weight, he can pretty much go anywhere in the country and know that the television coverage and the attention that his supporters will have around the country will hear it and echo it.

So Iowa makes sense in the sense that there are a heck of a lot of states that are close enough that either one of them could end up winning, particularly because of the volatility that the new FBI reinvestigation has caused.


GUILFOYLE: Hi, Carl. So it seems that he spoke more about it in the earlier rally than he did the one we took at 5 p.m. But so far, any discussion where they're going to be hitting hard to say that she should no longer be privy to those security briefings that she's been receiving, based on this new investigation being opened?

CAMERON: Sure. You're talking about the national security briefings that they get fairly regularly. And House Speaker Paul Ryan actually today put out a statement saying that they should stop immediately, because she's proven herself once again unreliable in handling national security classified information. That's not going to stop, however.

And again, it's unclear where this goes. There's been some soundings from some of the investigators that, look, this isn't necessarily going to be a game changer. We are -- this is maybe just out of an abundance of caution. Or that Director Comey has been under tremendous pressure. So it was politically and administratively a wise thing to do.

But in the end, what happens in the investigation or the renewed investigation as a legal matter has very little to do with what the political matter is. Both candidates stretch the truth. You know, all politicians lie and never trust the media and all that stuff.

So how they play or how they fight back and forth, that's what's consequential. What happens in terms of politics. In terms of the investigation, this is unlikely -- investigators have said this. It's going to take a while to sort through all of this. And it's not going to happen in the next 10 or 11 days. And if it did, then they'd probably be accused of rigging the election in October themselves.

On the other hand, when it goes after the election, depending on when it comes out, they may be -- they may be accused of having rigged it after the fact.

GUTFELD: All right. Last question.

CAMERON: Not having really.


WILLIAMS: Hey, Carl, let's get back to the money that you were talking about. I'm so interested in that. Because the stories prior to this bombshell that broke were about the fact that Trump had not put in the amount of money that he had promised into his own campaign.

And secondly, that the big donors on the Republican side had abandoned Trump and instead were investing money, as Dana was talking about, down ballot, trying to save the Senate. Do you think this could change that dynamic, Carl?

CAMERON: Well, Trump has been saying now pretty much since a couple of weeks after the Republican convention and Mike Pence joining the ticket, that he has put -- he said, "I put in $100 million of my own money." And that's inaccurate. We know from the latest FEC reports that the total at the -- ten days ago was $56 million.

Today, Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager, said he plans to add another $10 million to that. Now, there's a $25 million ad that's supposed to take him to the end of the year with these ads, basically in the battleground states Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. They may expand it into a couple of other states. That is where the $10 million is intended to go.

But that would bring the total to $66 million, not the $100 million that Trump almost every day says that he's already spent. So the money matters. Money always matters, because money translates to ground game. And ground game now is what it's all about.

For instance, how many new voters, Democrats and Republicans, have been registered? How many have applied for early voting in both parties? How many absentee ballots by both parties have been selected? We don't know how they voted, but we do know how many absentee ballots have gone out on both parties. We know how many early voters there have been.

And Trump is ahead in some states. Hillary is ahead in more states, particularly the battleground states. It's not quite even. If you pick any eight to ten states, it would be three for Trump and seven for Hillary, or four for Trump and six for Hillary. There is a bit of a disparity there. It doesn't determine the outcome of the race, but it suggests that Democrats are coming out a little bit more aggressively than the Republicans.

WILLIAMS: Thanks, Carl.

GUTFELD: All right, Carl. Well done, as always. See you soon.

Continued analysis of the FBI's renewed investigation of Hillary Clinton, up next.


WILLIAMS: Continued analysis of today's midday bombshell, the FBI's decision to renew its investigation of Hillary Clinton. Greg, you had some thoughts.

GUTFELD: You know, I keep thinking to myself, this really is the decade of Anthony Wiener. Because no man has had more impact on pop culture and politics. He's the pervert mascot of the last six years. He's like -- he's an emblem of a self-indulgent era. He's the online equivalent of herpes.


GUTFELD: He just keeps coming back. If my close friend, Andrew Breitbart, were alive today, he'd probably die.

PERINO: Happy.


WILLIAMS: I don't know what -- Dana, sometimes after Greg speaks, I just...

PERINO: I've got a couple things. I've got a couple things. I've got two things. You know who the happiest person in New York City was today?


PERINO: Doug Band. The writer of the memo on Clinton Inc. And today, Doug was going to face a lot of scrutiny this weekend in terms of alleged corruption and the Clinton Foundation. So he's probably happy.

The other thing is there will be an interesting discussion, I think, that we'll have to have over the next few years before the next presidential election. That has to do with early voting. It is estimated that about 40 percent of citizens will have voted before November 8.

So if you voted a month ago and now you have breaking news like this that might have swayed your vote...


PERINO: ... you have already cast your vote.

GUTFELD: You get a do over.

PERINO: I'm just not for early voting.

GUTFELD: A do over. A mulligan.

PERINO: I understand the whole idea of the convenience of it. I just -- I think for this reason alone that it's a good reason to...

GUILFOYLE: I think you're right.

WILLIAMS: Eric Bolling, you and I go back and forth about polls.

PERINO: Are we doing that again?

WILLIAMS: So Eric Bolling...

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.

WILLIAMS: ... if right now a poll was taken after the news, do you think it would be different than a poll that was taken before the news?

GUILFOYLE: And specify about the margin of error.

BOLLING: Let's also talk about what was going on right before this. The polls and the momentum was changing. It was drifting back towards Donald Trump's side. I mean, those wide margins were becoming smaller and smaller.

You have to think this is going to have some effect. Everything has had an effect in this election. Donald Trump says something, it has an effect. Hillary Clinton coughs, it has an effect. Now we have this.

GUILFOYLE: Stumbles.

PERINO: Or falls down.

BOLLING: Now we have an investigation by the FBI that could, you know -- who knows? Land her an indictment or worse. This is big stuff, Juan.

WILLIAMS: So Kimberly, the thought I'm having is that I think most of this is baked in. People who said, "You know what?" Hillary Clinton, not trustworthy, is already a high number. And that's both sides.

GUILFOYLE: Well, that number could grow. And it also could suppress voter turnout for maybe some of her supporters who are on the fence or independents, people that were still undecided. Like Dana said, it's a concern, because when you have so many people in the electorate voting early without really a full package of information and then now this comes out, you say, "Wait a second, would you reconsider? Would you have made a different choice?"

WILLIAMS: Do you think -- you think, Kimberly, it's the headline, the reopening, or that people will say, as Greg was saying, this is about Anthony Wiener, not Hillary Clinton?

BOLLING: You don't know if it's about Wiener.

GUILFOYLE: We don't know that. That's sort of wishful thinking on Podesta Inc.

PERINO: And possibly overreaching on the other side.

BOLLING: But the FBI is not going to reopen an investigation just because there's some -- some information on Anthony Wiener's device or Huma's device. There -- I would think that there has to be some tie to Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, this would just be -- we will continue to look into this.

WILLIAMS: We don't know. Let me emphasize to the audience, we don't know.

GUTFELD: I know.

WILLIAMS: But I will say to you -- You know?

GUTFELD: I know, but I'm not telling.

WILLIAMS: That's the problem. You know too much. But I will say that what we know so far and what Jennifer Griffin was saying is this is not about Hillary Clinton, per se.

BOLLING: We don't know. She doesn't know either. They have no idea. For Comey to come out and say we're going to reopen an investigation based on an investigation we've already got going with Anthony Wiener. It's independent. There has to be a tie. Otherwise, why in the world would they reopen an investigation.

GUILFOYLE: He said it was based on one source that told her that, in fact, they hadn't found anything yet that was classified. You've got four devices. It's going to take considerable time. I'm telling you, as someone who evaluates these investigations. You're not going to reopen, reconsider, consider new evidence unless there was something that he eyeballed and saw and knows he...

BOLLING: More than one I'm guessing.

PERINO: I need to double check this, but I believe I saw something from Mike Pence, saying the FBI should release everything. I don't know if that's a good strategy. And I don't know if that's what Donald Trump thinks. But I do think that there has to be some sort of connection, or Comey would not have said that he would do this. This is a big deal.

WILLIAMS: It sure is. All right. Final thoughts coming next.


GUILFOYLE: You're looking at Hillary Clinton live in Des Moines, Iowa. Still no comment yet from her on the renewed investigation into her e- mails.

Final thoughts from us now. But this just in from our urgent wire from Ed Henry. An FBI source now says that, while the separate investigation of Anthony Wiener is what opened the door on the new stage of the review, the focus is actually on thousands of e-mails that were sent and received by Huma Abedin, Clinton's top aide.

The source could not say whether those e-mails were sent back and forth with Hillary Clinton or not. And this is a big looming question that we don't know the answer to at this point.

More importantly, the question, of course, as outlined by James Comey's letter to Congress, is whether the e-mails were classified or not. So that's the latest development that we have, Greg.

GUTFELD: My final thought is Hillary Clinton -- the Clintons are like a pen that you leave in your jeans, and you throw in the wash. And then 45 minutes later, all of your frilly whites are hopelessly stained. The moral to the story is, keep the Clintons out of your pants.

GUILFOYLE: The headline there was that you have frilly whites. But actually, that's no surprise -- Dana.

PERINO: I mentioned in the previous block about Mike Pence's tweet, and I do have it here. It says, "We call on the FBI to immediately release all e-mails pertinent to their investigation. Americans have the right to know before election day." Which that is the same thing that John Podesta is saying from the Clinton campaign. So maybe they actually can reach an agreement and turn those all out.

I just -- my final thought is that this gets back to the exceedingly reckless decision by Hillary Clinton to set up a private e-mail server. In WikiLeaks, we found out her team believed that that story would go away in a within. And it is actually something that has dogged her from that -- from when we first heard about it during the Benghazi hearing that Trey Gowdy found in that investigation, and now the Democrats are going to have to defend their support for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for the next ten days.

GUILFOYLE: And Trey Gowdy will be on "The Kelly File" tonight. Megyn's going to interview him.

Bolling, the significance of this?

BOLLING: Here's the significance. We will find out throughout the night, Donald Trump will again speak during the 8 p.m. hour. I'm going to be hosting the 8 p.m., "The O'Reilly Factor." Kellyanne Conway is going to come on. We will talk to her about it. We've extended the invitation to anyone from the Hillary Clinton camp. Come on, let's defend it. Come on at 8 p.m. We'll be live. We'll be watching that. And Bill O'Reilly will weigh in on what's going on.

GUILFOYLE: OK, Juan? Based now also on this information that came in through the urgent wire, specifying involvement potentially with Hillary Clinton of what could be sent overseas.

WILLIAMS: I think it's what you heard was Huma Abedin. And so the question is -- you know, I mean, I think that right now a lot of Republicans are celebrating. And they have reason to think, there's new energy in the campaign. But again, I think you might look before you leap here. Because just what you heard from Pence, it's the same from Podesta.

GUILFOYLE: All right. And that's it for us. More to come on the FBI's continued investigation into Hillary Clinton, next on "Special Report."

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