'The Five' pick highlights from second presidential debate

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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone, I'm Eric Bolling along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City; this is "The Five." Two debates down, one to go and 29 days left before voters decide this race once and for all. The second showdown wasn't pretty, didn't start out with a handshake but somehow it ended up with one. Everything was on the table and on the line for Donald Trump after a tape released 48 hours prior to the debate nearly derailed his candidacy. Trump needed to turn things around quickly. Did he accomplish that? He faced questioned about his hot-mic moment right out of the gate. He apologized and then pivoted to Hillary Clinton's husband's sordid pass.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I'm very embarrassed by it. I hate it. But it's locker room talk and it's one of those things. I will knock the hell out of ISIS; we're going to defeat ISIS. ISIS happen a number of years ago in a vacuum that was left .


TRUMP: . because of bad judgment. And I will tell you, I will take care of ISIS.

HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: What we all saw and heard on Friday was Donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women. And he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. But I think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is.

TRUMP: If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse, mine are words and his was action.

CLINTON: When I hear something like that, I am reminded of what my friend, Michelle Obama, advised us all, "When they go low, you go high."


BOLLING: All right Juan, do you think good response by Donald Trump, good apology and then good response by Hillary? Your thoughts?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I mean, to me, the big news out of yesterday is Donald Trump lives to fight another day. I mean Donald Trump, I thought going in, and you know I hold him to a very low bar, but it seems to me he got over the low bar, right? OK. Did he though, move the bar in terms of the election? No. I don't think he had much success in responding to the issue of the video. What he did have success in doing was putting on what looked to me like World Wrestling Association spectacular show. Megyn Kelly said at the start of the post-game last night, she said it was one of the low points, she thought, just dispiriting, depressing for Americans to see such a spectacle. That's what I experienced. I just thought it was like, wow. This is what we have come to.


GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Can I, can I point out two fun things that happened?


GUTFELD: Because boy, Juan just brought us all down.


GUTFELD: All right. When he called her the devil -- OK, that's the first time somebody literally demonized somebody. Like we always talk about on shows -- they're always demonizing people. Stop demonizing people. He actually demonized -- literally demonized her. That's the first time I've ever seen it on TV.

BOLLING: Can I guess the secondly?


BOLLING: Was it when the fly landed on Hillary?

GUTFELD: Well, that's my one more thing.

BOLLING: Oh, it is?



GUTFELD: I love the, I love the looming.



GUTFELD: When she's talking and Donald was behind her, it was like they were in line at the bank and he is in a rush. Like he is --

GUILFOYLE: Get your card out before you get there.

GUTFELD: Yeah, get your card out and she's, she's talking --

GUILFOYLE: Fill out the deposit slip, lady.

GUTFELD: Exactly. She's like asking for a complimentary pen and he is like, oh, I got to go. It was just, it was just very funny. I enjoyed it.

WILLIAMS: Do you think it was bullying?

GUTFELD: No. I don't think, I don't think he -- I think he was just -- he, he is like a teenage boy. He doesn't know what to do when he is not doing anything.

WILLIAMS: No, I thought it was like he was -- how would you say that? Like a, like prowling the set and making it very clear, he was the dominant male.

GUILFOYLE: I think he was making himself feel comfortable. What he needs to do something because everyone was like, you know, saying this is disaster. He should drop out. All of that. To tell you the truth, I mean I thoroughly enjoyed the debate. But I like this. I like politics. I like watching debates. I think that he had a huge hurdle to overcome and I think he exceeded and outperformed the expectations, and he was very measured in the first debate. He got after it in this debate. It was not easy to do when you had that kind of tape and that kind of private moment out with the things that he said. I'm sure his wife, everybody else was not happy with him. He was losing some support. And you know, he came up and he smashed it. I -- you got to give credit where credit is due. I don't think you ever going to say anything positive.

WILLIAMS: No, I didn't --

BOLLING: You heard it? He almost --

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: He didn't say any positive.

BOLLING: He almost.

GUILFOYLE: That he over, he .

BOLLING: In Juan's world that was positive.

GUILFOYLE: . he moved .

WILLIAMS: Oh, like that is --

GUILFOYLE: . the bar.

BOLLING: I have a very low bar and somehow Trump maybe over the low bar.

GUILFOYLE: Like a snail.

BOLLING: I think that was --

WILLIAMS: That's what I --

GUILFOYLE: Like a snail.

BOLLING: Overall view?

PERINO: Well --

BOLLING: This workout?

PERINO: I think that she won the first half hour. He won the second half hour. And the third half hour was a draw. I also feel like both of them, once again, were trying to win their primary, again, so like they solidified their bases and he needed to, right? So in terms of what Juan is saying that, did that give some republicans hope? I do think he threw away any pretense of civility because he said, like, "I'm just going to throw it all out there." What I said last night, I didn't know if it was right. I wish you guys would have been with me. I was here alone in the studio last night. Like, it was weird. There was nobody else here and it was about 11 o'clock and I wanted to use something of, a poker reference, I think or a gambling one, but you put it all on red .

BOLLING: All in.

PERINO: . and let it ride?


PERINO: You say let it ride.


GUTFELD: That's roulette.

PERINO: It's -- I said that, I wasn't sure if it was correct, but that was one of the things he wanted to do. So he really needed to change the subject, change the headline. And he had succeeded in doing that for about four hours. And then this morning, we actually have Republican National Committee officials, we have a United States senator who is actually -- now they are trying to explain what sexual assault is or is not. And this has been dominating their headlines all day. Plus, there's a lot more to come in this show. So I think that -- sure, he had a much better debate than the first one, but does it change anything for the trajectory of the race? Probably not.

BOLLING: All right. Let's move on to this next heated exchange. It was Hillary Clinton's turn to have her feet held to the fire. Here's how she tried to explain her now infamous deplorables insult.


CLINTON: Within hours, I, I said that I was sorry about the way I, I talked about that because my argument is not with his supporters. It's with him. And with the hateful and divisive campaign that he has run.

TRUMP: We have a divided nation because people like her. And believe me, she has a tremendous hate in her heart. And when she said deplorables, she meant it. And when she said irredeemable -- they are irredeemable -- you didn't mention that. But when she said they're irredeemable, to me that might have been even worse.


BOLLING: All right, little boxing reference Dana. Gloves came off last night.

PERINO: Oh, I know that one.



PERINO: I think that his supporters really wanted to see him stick it to her, right? In the primary, he would say, during those debates, "I am the one who can take it to Hillary Clinton. I will be the one that stands up to her. I'm going to be the one to call her the devil and say she has hate in her heart." Again, winning that primary over and over again, I just don't know if that gets you to the next step. In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

GUILFOYLE: Primary taxes.

GUTFELD: Well, you know, it's interesting when this is occurring, how she just smiles. And I think it was like -- here is another sports metaphor. She was like so far ahead, she just held on to the ball and just was hoping to run out the clock. And if she didn't win, it didn't matter because she knew at the end of the day it was going to be -- oh, I said the end of the day. Sorry.

GUILFOYLE: End of phrase.

GUTFELD: That, that -- she would be so far ahead, it didn't matter. And so, she just kind of let him, let him go and just waited it out. But I have -- when I look at this, this is team sport politics at its worst. If you were dem -- if Trump were a dem, we would be going at him like crazy.


GUTFELD: If she were a republican, the dems would be going after her. They both have serious flaws that both sides would condemn, but they happen to be on your side.


GUTFELD: So it's -- this is the most -- this is the perfect example right there of team sports. He is calling her names. She is calling him names.

WILLIAMS: But Greg, I'm not the one to say, but what I see is republicans - - the republican so-called establishment in turmoil over Donald Trump.

GUTFELD: I see that.

WILLIAMS: That's the same team.


WILLIAMS: And then you see the party just divided. And yesterday, when he had the pre-debate meeting with the four women who charged sexual misbehavior on the part of Bill Clinton -- men, I'm telling you, I mean -- and then Frank Fahrenkopf, who was chair of the party, had to stop Trump from putting those four women in the family seating section. That's republican --


BOLLING: Let's be accurate.

WILLIAMS: It was -- I thought it was family seating.

BOLLING: No, let's be accurate.

WILLIAMS: But it's the family -- but what is --

BOLLING: Because Hillary had Senator McCaskill in there and she couldn't then go into that either.

WILLIAMS: It's pretty big difference, in my opinion, but my .

BOLLING: Oh, I'm just saying that --

WILLIAMS: . my point of view is .


WILLIAMS: . that you have republicans here in an intramural, kind of fratricidal moment. And then today, what we heard from Paul Ryan, what we see going on in terms of some of the people that Dana is talking about saying, "You know, I can't, I can't back this guy."

BOLLING: Well, you know, Bill, Bill O'Reilly said it this morning. He said this is a lot of republicans who stick their -- you know, wet their finger, and stick, and figure out which would wind -- which direction the wind is blowing and they will be behind him if it's blowing in his direction and get -- fall out when --


GUILFOYLE: Oh, come on.

GUTFELD: Don't think that's the case Eric. That's, that's really -- I think that's wrong. There are a lot of people that are sticking to principles, that were ideological conservatives who sat there and said this guy was not for us, and, and because they're -- that they're not fair weather friends. Kasich, he never went there. There are a lot of people that didn't go there.

BOLLING: It's because, those are people who never got in line.

GUTFELD: Right. Yeah.

BOLLING: We're talking about the people who were in line and then --

GUTFELD: But you, you were one of the people that were telling him, get behind. You better get in line now.

BOLLING: Well, I -- listen.

GUTFELD: You better get in line. Now they're leaving.

BOLLING: I honestly think that they -- that if you want a GOP in the White House, you have -- I mean you are going to have to get behind him. You are going to have to. You know, abortions going to come to the Supreme Court level in the next four, eight years. Guns -- laws are going to come up at the Supreme Court level in the next four years.

GUILFOYLE: That's the most persuasive argument in the Supreme Court.

BOLLING: Immigration will gonna come to the Supreme Court in the next four or eight years. If you have Hillary Clinton, we already know. The list of Donald Trump Supreme Court nominees is conservative.

GUTFELD: Then we should have nominated an electable candidate.

BOLLING: Oh, it's too late Greg. It's too late.

GUTFELD: It is too late.

BOLLING: You have two choices right now.

GUTFELD: No, you're right. It's too late. Hillary is president in a month.

BOLLING: Clinton or Trump. All right, you have -- KG, you want to weigh in on this one before we move on?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. I mean I think people like Paul Ryan and other individuals, you know beside -- before he got super involved in making comments about this race, like Mitt Romney. It is not their style. They're not the kind of candidate that, you know, Donald Trump is. So I don't think that Paul Ryan was ever super comfortable with this. And his message is strong and clear like I'm going to go do all the events and the fund- raising and the, you know, go out to my constituents and the message to the rest of it is, do what you need to do for your district to retain your seat or win your seat. So that's a very specific focus message. So, and then Trump, who is happy, I think many times to kind of be on his own and beat to his own drum is going to do what he does best. So to me last night was no surprise, like they were hitting him hard. Obviously, those are Clinton supporters leaking the stuff on, made more to come, et cetera, et cetera. So this is not shocking to anybody. I never expected he wasn't going to go out there last night and try to like crush it and punch back hard, because he was criticized widely for not doing so. What Dana makes a point, I think it's important that, is this what his supporters want? The people out there. And there's also been people waiting for someone to come and hit hard on the Clintons and talk about this stuff that are in his group. They were like, aha, that's what we were waiting for. So that group is always going to be all in on him, no matter what other tapes or anything else comes out. I think that is like -- they are glued in to him, not even just baked in.

GUTFELD: You know what the problem is -- for me? Is that the criticism of Hillary is so valid. The fact that a feminist smeared victims of sexual assault is unbelievable, that her side doesn't hold her feet to the fire about what she did to those women. The problem also is Trump isn't the right messenger for that because he called Bill's accusers terrible. He called them unattractive. He called them -- he called Paula Jones a loser. And so now we're supposed to say, good job, now that you are running for president.

BOLLING: No. No one says good to say, good job or a lot of people. No one at this table has said good job .


BOLLING: . about some of the things that he said. What I'm saying, and maybe other people -- what I'm saying is .


BOLLING: . not good job. Not as conservative as you would want it. But the alternative right now is definitely what we don't want or what I would not want for the country -- my son and my family.

GUTFELD: I would argue that if Hillary is -- the key is to hold on to the House and the Senate at this point because I don't, I don't see Trump winning. A compromise damaged Hillary Clinton, which she is, you can control.

BOLLING: All right. Fair enough. One more, this topic was blowing up my Twitter feed. The debate moderators were working -- were they working against the republican nominee, question mark. Donald Trump thought so.


TRUMP: She campaigned where the primary party campaign --

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS CHIEF GLOBAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, I want to get to audience questions and online questions.

TRUMP: So she's allowed to do that, but I'm not allowed to respond.

RADDATZ: You are going to have -- you are going to get respond right now.

TRUMP: Sounds fair. What was sounds fair. Hillary Clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands -- excuse me.

RADDATZ: And why did it morph into that?

TRUMP: Excuse me.

RADDATZ: No, did you -- no, answer the question.

TRUMP: Why don't you interrupt her?

RADDATZ: Do you still believe --

TRUMP: You interrupt me all time.


TRUMP: Why don't you interrupt her?

RADDATZ: Would you please --

TRUMP: I'd like to know Anderson, why aren't you bringing up the e-mails? I'd like to know. Why aren't you bringing up the --

COOPER: We brought up the emails.

TRUMP: No, it hasn't. It hasn't. And it hasn't been finished at all.

COOPER: Ken Karpowitz has a question.

TRUMP: It's nice, one on three.


BOLLING: At some point it was literally for me like they were -- the moderators were debating Trump and Hillary Clinton was, Greg points out, she's kind of sitting back with a smile.


BOLLING: But thankfully, that's not going to happen at the next debate on the 19th because that moderator is fair and balanced, "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace. We're bringing it around --

GUILFOYLE: Oh, we should have him join us as a guest. Where is he?

BOLLING: KG, what are the things that you pointed out this morning was .


BOLLING: . this red line comments that Hillary says she wasn't, she wasn't secretary of state when the red line was drawn. But she was, wasn't she?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, as a little bit of confusion there. I don't know, a fog of war situation like, was I? Wasn't I? So people see that, but there were so many moving parts last night, so much going on. But it's like after you go through and you can analyze it and then figure out what exactly was said, what mistakes were made, what fact checkpoints because it was kind of super packed in, Chock Full O' Nuts.

BOLLING: Where was the fact-check on that one? There was plenty of fact checking Trump on some of things he said by Cooper and Raddatz --

WILLIAMS: Oh, there's lot of fact checking that happened.

BOLLING: But where --

WILLIAMS: I mean the question was when exactly did the president make this commitment or when did the Congress -- well, OK.

BOLLING: 2012?

WILLIAMS: But you know what it doesn't -- I mean, fine.

BOLLING: We drew the line in 2012 .

WILLIAMS: How about --

BOLLING: . a few secretaries of state.

WILLIAMS: No, but what's -- I mean I think the fact checkers last night were all about Pence, because Trump threw Pence under the bus on the Syria question.


BOLLING: That's right. That's a hard -- harsh term.

WILLIAMS: No, but I'm just saying it's the same issue. But I think it's very different when you can see something in explicit terms. I mean, you know, he even said -- I think Trump even said that he thought Putin and Iran were about defeating ISIS. And I'm like, what?

BOLLING: Can I bring --

WILLIAMS: Is that real?

BOLLING: Can I bring Dana in here? Mitt Romney didn't push back on Candy Crowley when she made the comment about Benghazi. Donald Trump didn't push back on her when she said, "I wasn't there at the time of the red line issue."

PERINO: Well, I think that -- I actually think that the timing just -- in a debate like that in a live form it might just have been confusing at time. We know that she was there at the time because she writes about it in her book and about how she had actually said that her position was to go ahead and bomb Assad's base and, you know, the airplane so that he could not do the things he ended up doing, and she was willing to look at arming the rebels. So she writes actually -- she actually writes that in her book. She is not successful in or and persuasive. Neither was Panetta or Gates or the rest of national security team because Obama and Biden decided to go their own way. And that's when Kerry took over. So I don't think -- I think trump was right not to try to touch that in terms of a timing perspective because it was right on the line.

GUTFELD: The -- you know what the other, the other thing, not the moderators, but the idea of the undecided. Did you -- I really didn't see a lot of undecided people there. I mean, do you believe a person is undecided when they bring up Islamophobia to Donald Trump? Do you really think that person is on the fence for Donald? I don't think so. I think there was a little bit of handpicking going on there.

BOLLING: All right. We are going to leave it there because we went a little long in the A-block, a ton to get to at this hour, next. I think it's a first in the history of presidential debates as one nominee threatens to lock the other one up. Stick around for that.


GUTFELD: It was the line to make up for lost time.


CLINTON: You know, it is -- it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.

TRUMP: Because you would be in jail.

RADDATZ: Secretary Clinton --



GUTFELD: Now I would normally say, drop the mic, but I banned that phrase.


GUTFELD: I'm so tired of that phrase. But that was pretty awesome.

So after going soft on the emails in the first debate, Trump dropped the hammer, knowing that the folks who chant lock her up, they need a pick me up. Will it appeal to anyone else? Is it too late? Who knows. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Trump down 52 to 38 percent to Clinton in a two-way race.

Still that moment is destined to be played every four years, along with "You're no JFK" and "Here you go again." It's a political equivalent of a pie in the face. He also said that if he was elected, he'd do this.


TRUMP: If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it.

We're going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it, because you know what? People have been -- their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you have done and it's a disgrace. And honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

RADDATZ: Secretary --


GUTFELD: Oh. The media freaked out about this that Trump is really a wannabe tyrant bent on settling scores. He could be right. He might have that in him. But what he said is actually what a lot of people think about Hillary. Why is she getting away with this? How is this possible? It was a good moment for him.

But then she just grinned as the polls widened knowing there are more shoes to drop, and each will overshadow her own retched failures as she smirks her way back to the Oval office. My hat is off to you Bill Clinton for telling Donald to run. All right --

GUILFOYLE: I'm sure he is not that psyched about it.


GUILFOYLE: That wasn't like an awesome moment for Bill Clinton last night. Let me tell you.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Well --

GUILFOYLE: With his daughter sitting there .


GUILFOYLE: . and the women and people he paid settlements, that's -- that's rough.

WILLIAMS: There was, and there were a lot of pictures. That picture of him with his eyeballs flipping out.

GUTFELD: Yeah, that was going places.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, yeah.

GUTFELD: Is this going to -- Juan, is this going to appeal to anybody or just the base?

WILLIAMS: That's why you should ask Eric.

GUTFELD: Eric, let me take -- he is deferring to you.

BOLLING: Yup. It will appeal to the base.



GUILFOYLE: Did you hear it bounced out music, all about that base, about the base --


GUTFELD: But you got to expand that base.

WILLIAMS: That's the problem?

GUTFELD: You got to add more bases.

BOLLING: You know, look, Trump had one mission last night. It was to divert attention from .


BOLLING: . from the video, there are the leaks -- the hot mic moment, and with that kind of stuff, that's what he did.



BOLLING: So that was the mission. I think he accomplished that mission, I would say. Live to fight another day, I would agree with that. Now you have another nine days to work on debate three, which will be -- will be the deciding debate.

GUTFELD: Yeah. It will be. Dana, would have been great in the first debate? I like, I mean --

PERINO: I don't think so. I mean --

GUTFELD: You don't like -- you didn't like it? I liked it.

PERINO: Well, I remember -- at the convention, in the hall when they started first chanting "lock her up," and it freaked me out. And I have said there are lots of other good chants like, "follow the money" was a good one, like I would have run with that. They like lock her up, though. Last night, I thought I was doing a favor to the Trump campaign by trying to defend him from the media who was saying, "Oh, he just wants to be like something from the Congo" you know?


PERINO: And take over and prosecute his opponent when she doesn't win. And so I tried to defend him like no, no, actually what he said -- go back and look at the first debate where he said he would respect the election results. And -- then I got attacked because they didn't want to hear that. They want him to lock her up. They want him to appoint a special prosecutor because she has acted like she above the law and -- so they wanted it. They loved it.

GUILFOYLE: Well, she has.

PERINO: I don't think it will work.


PERINO: You know what I'm saying.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, she has.

PERINO: She has.

GUILFOYLE: She has acted in every way like she is above the law and there are others that are similarly situated or have committed less egregious crimes that actually did get locked up.


GUILFOYLE: As a prosecutor, I would go after her. What are you going to do, just give her a pass? It's like, no. But the bottom line is it's like she knows. She knows what she did. She knows it's a deliberate, intentional act. And you know the deck was stacked in her favor.

WILLIAMS: Let me say, you know, I'm not a prosecutor so you have --I will defer to you on that. But I got to say, Jim Comey, Jim Comey is he's a law enforcement official, the head of the FBI and he said, there was never any effort that he found by Hillary Clinton to delete or intentionally delete e-mails in an effort to conceal them. Never.

GUILFOYLE: And intent --


GUILFOYLE: And intent is not an aspect of his requisite --

WILLIAMS: Well, that's what he said.


WILLIAMS: I'm saying -- and then he said Kimberly, "You know what? There is no prosecutor. None. Who would go after this woman?" But --

GUILFOYLE: But guess what, that's also not true.


WILLIAMS: Well that was, I'm just telling you --

GUILFOYLE: Why did he talk to Trey Gowdy and why he's talking to Giuliani.

WILLIAMS: And Giuliani, in fact --

GUILFOYLE: . and why he talked to Chris Christie?

WILLIAMS: Do you remember that he went .

GUILFOYLE: And he didn't talk to Kimberly Guilfoyle.

WILLIAMS: . he went before Congress.


WILLIAMS: And he said to Trey Gowdy, "You know, you should be proud of this FBI. Once you get off of this political stink and you look at it, you will come to the same conclusion. I'm just telling you.

BOLLING: Juan, there are --

GUILFOYLE: I don't think Trey Gowdy is in (inaudible).

BOLLING: There are 33,000 e-mails that aren't available. We're finding out as recently as today that some of the Podesta emails may implicate the campaign as coordinating with the SuperPAC, which is, as you know .


BOLLING: . to see you again, would be illegal.

GUILFOYLE: Well, there you go.

WILLIAMS: That's different.

BOLLING: So as time goes .

GUILFOYLE: We're the poisonous tree.

BOLLING: . we are finding out more and more --

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait.

BOLLING: Maybe, maybe --

WILLIAMS: We're talking about the e-mails and lock her up.


WILLIAMS: You just shifted the topic. OK. But I'm saying, the overall --

BOLLING: But I'm saying, we're finding out more things, and if we go --

GUILFOYLE: Look at his side face.

BOLLING: Two thousand e-mails today.

WILLIAMS: You know what? I got --

GUTFELD: I got to go, you guys.


GUILFOYLE: His crew wants (inaudible).

WILLIAMS: Before you go .

GUILFOYLE: . drawn and quartered.

GUTFELD: Yes, I have to decide.

GUILFOYLE: It's not.

WILLIAMS: But before you go, tell me about the sniffling, because I know that there are more people talking about the sniffling.

GUTFELD: I don't know. It's interesting.


GUTFELD: They didn't have the same mic from before. I don't know. I'm not a, I'm not a sniffing scientist.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think it was the mic. I think it's --


GUTFELD: The mic --


GUTFELD: The mic smells great. All right, at one point last night -- I didn't know it smells so good. You just go --

GUILFOYLE: Aromatherapy.

GUTFELD: Memories.

GUILFOYLE: Maybe Vicks was on it.

GUTFELD: Yeah. There you go.

GUILFOYLE: Vapor rubs.

GUTFELD: All right. Hillary tried to blame one of her lies on her most honest former president.


GUTFELD: That didn't go well for her. Next.

GUILFOYLE: One mistake.


GUILFOYLE: Another unpleasant day for the Clinton campaign. WikiLeaks released 2,000 more e-mails from the hacked account of campaign chair John Podesta. The last one included excerpts from Hillary's speeches to wall Street. The secretary once said you need both a public and a private position on issues. She was questioned about it last night, and this was how she explained that embarrassment.


CLINTON: That was something I said about Abraham Lincoln after having seen the wonderful Steven Spielberg movie called "Lincoln."

President Lincoln was trying to convince some people; he used some arguments. Convincing other people, he used other arguments. That was a great -- I thought a great display of presidential leadership.

TRUMP: She lied. Now she's blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe never lied. That's the good thing. That's the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.


GUILFOYLE: OK. So she tried her best to get out that one. I mean, Abe Lincoln, good guy. Honest Abe, common phrase. Dana, everybody loved it.

PERINO: I thought his response was hilarious. It was a good -- I thought it sort of took the tension out of the room and of the debate. A little moment.

But then I see somebody that actually takes the Spielberg film and explains, and it was like, "Oh, she actually probably wasn't lying." It just sounded like she was when she was there on the stage. And I thought he was funny in that regard.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So whoever helped with that and, you know, came up with this Abe Lincoln thing seemed like a good idea. Right? A nice way to explain it except.

GUTFELD: Well, no, I would have liked it if he said, "I knew Abe Lincoln, and you are no -- you are no Abe Lincoln."

Her -- the problem with her is each story -- like, she can't tell an impromptu story. It has to be choreographed. It's like it has to -- when it comes out of her mouth it's like a military parade. You know, everything has to be like this. When she's off on her own, she just -- she doesn't have the practice of it. It was a Lincoln logjam.

GUILFOYLE: But I think she's trying to remember how they told her to say it. That's what it came off, like I've got to remember the exact point and deliver it. Because she was expecting that to come up, so they had an answer ready. She tried to deliver it. Instead of it coming off kind of folksy and charming, she was getting stuck in the story. And then really super "Siskel and Ebert," you know, evaluating Spielberg, which was nice if you're Spielberg.

GUTFELD: It was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

GUILFOYLE: Poor thing.


WILLIAMS: But it was true.


WILLIAMS: What she said was true. She was speaking to the National Housing Council, and she said she'd seen the Spielberg movie.

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: And the president did this, and in fact, it's true. Don't just rely on me because I always...

GUILFOYLE: How did it come out?

WILLIAMS: The A.P. did a fact check. And they said it's true!

But it's funny because of the way Trump handled it.

PERINO: Right, right.

WILLIAMS: But it's just like us sitting around here talking about this today. You would think it's overwhelming, Trump just ran away with this debate. That's not the fact. That's not the reality.

I mean, you go look at the polling afterwards. I think Frank Luntz had Trump winning. But you go and look at CNN. You look at YouGov (ph). You look at Washington Post, they all say Hillary Clinton, as she sat back and let Trump dominate and be the big guy, the alpha male and showoff and use all of his finger pointing and prowling and anger and looming and threatening, that he didn't win the debate. And he certainly didn't impress American women that he needs to expand his base beyond the 40 percent so he can win an election.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Bolling. Bolling's falling out of his chair.

BOLLING: So that wasn't even the most impressive part of the e-mail dump that we learned. For me, the fun one was when Doug Band (ph) told Podesta Chelsea Clinton was acting like a spoiled brat. That was kind of funny.

The e-mails, "Don't bring up Bill's sex; it could be danger." That's Podesta. "Don't bring up medical records."

But this one that no one's really reported. And this one kind of sticks out for me, because I've been tough on George Stephanopoulos. Right? I've called him out for some of his -- you know, his history, whether he should be even interviewing these candidates.

This one is an e-mail from Clinton staffers regarding George Stephanopoulos, who had just interviewed Peter Schweitzer, the "Clinton Cash" author.


BOLLING: And this is the e-mail, says, "Great work, everyone. This interview is perfect. He lands" -- Stephanopoulos -- "He lands nothing, and everything is refuted." And this part, "Mostly based on our work."  Which means that Jesse Ferguson is a Democratic operative, which means they were coordinating these Democratic operatives and the Clinton campaign was coordinating with George Stephanopoulos, sending them opposition research and talking points to refute Peter Schweitzer's "Clinton Cash" book in an interview, and Stephanopoulos took the bait and did it. And it's on...

WILLIAMS: You don't think reporters talk to campaigns as they get ready for that interview?

BOLLING: I don't -- listen, that sounds really unethical.

GUTFELD: Can I -- can I reiterate, though...

WILLIAMS: That's what reporters do.

GUILFOYLE: But it suggests collusion. Go ahead.

GUTFELD: Is knowing that Chelsea is a brat worth violating privacy? I mean, life is messy. You know, humans are flawed. You pick -- life is a rock. You pull it back, you see a bunch of bugs. All of us have a bunch of bugs. To me, I don't want to know that Chelsea is a brat. I don't want to know anything from anybody's e-mails, because it just seems immoral to me.

WILLIAMS: You better delete that e-mail where I called you cute.

GUTFELD: I know. No, I printed that out.


GUTFELD: It's on my ceiling, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Don't do it.

GUILFOYLE: All right. We've got to go. But that was fun, wasn't it?  Especially the bug analogy.

All right. Has House Speaker Paul Ryan given up on Donald Trump? He made a big announcement today. Stay tuned for that and much, much, much more when "The Five" returns.


PERINO: All right. Friday's videotape was the straw that broke the camel's back for many Republicans who were already straining under the weight of Trump's candidacy. It came as polling across the country showed the Democrats gaining on the GOP, so much so that even the House is looking vulnerable to Democratic wins in what were safe districts. The Senate is now very much in question for the Republicans.

Today the speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, whose job it is to try to keep the majority, told his members to do what they needed to do to save themselves from defeat, even if that means distancing from their presidential nominee. He himself said he's not withdrawing his endorsement of Trump but will not campaign with him before election day.

Rumors swirled over what VP candidate Mike Pence would do, whether he would withdraw from the race. But after last night's debate, he put that idea out to pasture.



The real story this morning is that Donald Trump stepped up and won a debate last night that seemed to be against all odds. He stepped up. He showed humility. He showed strength. He expressed genuine contrition for the words that he had used on the video that became public. And then he moved directly into the choice of the American people are facing.

I'm just proud of the job he did, proud of my running mate.


PERINO: All right. So he put that to bed. No more questions. Mike Pence is in, and it's 28 days. He's going to go the distance.



PERINO: ... one of the things as a congressional ballot now has Democrats at 49 percent, Republicans at 42 percent. Republicans in the Senate have been doing pretty well, actually running ahead of Donald Trump in a couple of the states. And that actually looked pretty good until recently.

Ryan's job is to keep the majority, he basically said today, "I personally can't do it. You guys have to do what you can." And that caused a lot of problems, because there were people within the Republican ranks who said, "You've got to stick with Donald Trump."

And he said, "You do what you need to do, and I'll do what I need to do."  What do you think?

GUILFOYLE: It's complicated. Yes.

PERINO: They're all friends.

GUILFOYLE: They're all friends. So you know, look, he's in a tough position. But nevertheless, my God, there is a possibility Donald Trump could be president of the United States, and he's going to have to work with Paul Ryan. So think about that relationship and the congressional counselor that's going to have to come in.

I understand that he also has a little bit of a different agenda. Right?  And now he's worried that this is a House and a Senate that has issues and needs to be shored up, because if Hillary Clinton is president, like Greg said, you need to make sure that you retain seats to be able to manage her and do what they need to do, which is probably, you know, try to go against, you know, executive orders, try and go against her votes, exercise veto. There's a lot that you want to be able to do. Because they're going to have a very tough time if she starts picking, then, U.S. Supreme Court justices. There's a lot going on.

But at the same time, you can understand that Trump would be upset to say, "Wow, this is a little fickle. OK, you've never been enthusiastic, but this is not party unity when it's coming from the speaker." I don't know.

PERINO: And the RNC over the weekend, it halted some victory projects.  But apparently, Reince Priebus had said publically and maybe to you also earlier today, that they're all in; they're going to be spending the money and trying to do what they can.

BOLLING: Yes. So the reporting over the weekend was that Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager, was reluctant to continue. She refuted that this morning on "Fox & Friends." Mike Pence refuted the fact that someone said that he was having reluctance, as well.

And then Reince Priebus, there was the rumors that the RNC was going to divert some money, RNC money from the presidential campaign to the down- ballot stuff. I called. I spoke to Priebus. He said, "No, we're all in.  Nothing's changed." He said, "Today, there's a very upbeat attitude after the debate."

GUILFOYLE: The debate performance. Yes.

BOLLING: The debate performance. So they're staying on board. And they're right there. Which is good news.

I just wish all of -- everyone would say, "You know what? I have a problem with Donald Trump. I don't like the guy for whatever reasons, name your five or six reasons, but we still would rather have him than Hillary Clinton," and maybe get some of that party unity back, where we don't risk the House -- I don't think we're risking the House, just for the record.  And we don't risk the Senate. And maybe even win the White House, as well.

PERINO: Donald Trump has said he doesn't care about the down ballot. He's not worried about it.

GUTFELD: I mean, I kind of find this unity plea a little bit, you know, precious after this last year where we tore apart the Republican Party, ripped it -- went after experienced candidates because they were, quote, "establishment."

I think the conference call wasn't about last week. It's about -- or last weekend. It's about what's going to happen next. What happens? When is the other shoe going to drop?

The campaign right now is like a car driving on the freeway, and they're running on empty and they're not sure what exit to get off of, but they know they're going to be getting off.

Loyalty is overrated. It excuses behavior at work, in politics, in love.  It excuses bad behavior. Sometimes you've got to take your principles.  This is a shotgun marriage, and they're running out of bullets.

GUTFELD: But the other girl. The other girl, you know, a shotgun marriage. If you don't marry this girl, the other girl that you're left with, you may not like even worse than this one.

GUTFELD: That's a weird metaphor.

PERINO: Can I get Juan in here?

GUTFELD: That isn't where I was going, America.

GUILFOYLE: Shotgun marriage is when you're pregnant.

BOLLING: Oh, I understand that.

PERINO: Can I get Juan here for just one quick...

BOLLING: ... lawyer (ph).

WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh. All right.

PERINO: I just want to get Juan in for one point, if that's possible.  Today, Hillary Clinton's spokesperson, Jennifer Palmieri, said they do plan to tie Donald Trump to all of the Republicans. Basically, if you want to burn down the Republican Party, if you are in from whatever side of the Republican Party you were, you want to burn it down, it's actually Hillary Clinton that said she's holding the match, and she's ready to strike it.

WILLIAMS: And the Democrats are -- Democratic candidates are running ads that tie them to Donald Trump. Look at New Hampshire.


WILLIAMS: Kelly Ayotte having said, "Yes, I'd like someone my children could look up to." Boy, that ad is all over New Hampshire now.

But you know what struck me was in the poll this morning from The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal has Hillary Clinton up by 11, I believe. And I think that might be a little high.

But the key here was, lower and lower rates of Republicans were willing now to stand with Donald Trump after the video on Friday. I think that's a real troubling sign for the Trump campaign.

GUILFOYLE: Let's see now after this debate the numbers and then after the Vegas debate.

PERINO: Vegas, baby.


GUTFELD: I've never heard that before.

GUILFOYLE: We're going to be there. Let me tell you.

PERINO: All right. There were many awkward moments at last night's debate, from the beginning right until the very end.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?


PERINO: All right. One nice thing and then "One More Thing" coming up.

GUILFOYLE: Ha, ha, ha.


WILLIAMS: After all, the mudslinging, the personal attacks, the name calling, the nominees were forced to answer this question at the end of the debate. Perhaps the hardest one of the night.

Say something you respect about one another.


CLINTON: I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald. I don't agree with nearly anything else he says or does. But I do respect that.

TRUMP: I will say this about Hillary. She doesn't quit. She doesn't give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She's a fighter.


WILLIAMS: So Greg, I was -- I thought it was a fabulous question. I think it came from Carl Becker. And I think everybody just was like, "Whoa." So how would you have answered?

GUTFELD: I thought it was -- I thought it was great. I enjoyed it. It made me smile. And I don't smile very often.


GUTFELD: No, I don't. I smile in my heart.


PERINO: I found it a little disingenuous. He had -- Donald Trump had just said that she was the devil with hate in her heart.

GUILFOYLE: Even the devil...

GUTFELD: Hard working devil.

GUILFOYLE: The devil never gives up.

PERINO: Never stops.

WILLIAMS: And then, of course, the critics all said, but Donald Trump is a guy who once said to a woman that, you know, it's disgusting pumping breast milk for children, and pregnancy is an inconvenience for the workplace.

BOLLING: Is there a question in there?


BOLLING: So I thought it was a great question. It was a nice way to end a long debate.

GUILFOYLE: I was -- I thought so, too. Come on, Juan. Come on.

WILLIAMS: Go on. What do you think?

GUILFOYLE: Be positive.

WILLIAMS: Be positive. You know how many cynics there are in politics?

GUILFOYLE: I know. But you know what? I thought it was a nice moment.  Show some civility. I think she was telling the truth when she said that his children are really nice, because they are.

PERINO: And they're all friends. She would know.


GUILFOYLE: Lovely people. Yes, Ivanka and Chelsea are friends, so there you go.

GUTFELD: Insiders.

GUILFOYLE: And I think what he said about her, he believes. Which is that she doesn't give up. I mean, she is tenacious. So she is a fighter.

GUTFELD: Robots are like that.

WILLIAMS: "One More Thing" up next.



BOLLING: Time for "One More Thing" -- Greg.

GUTFELD: All right. My second favorite moment of the debate you might have noticed this little visitor came over to Hillary. It appears to look like it might be a fly. But I had a discussion with Alex Jones earlier, and he has told me that this is actually a drone that was sent in by the DNC to whisper her talking points in order to beat Donald Trump.

GUILFOYLE: Like on a tape (ph)?

GUTFELD: Yes, and I agree completely.

BOLLING: You know what I tweeted?


BOLLING: That fly is being more fair and balanced than the moderators.

PERINO: Oh, my God.

BOLLING: Because he landed on Trump for the record, too.

OK. So let's do this first. Take a listen to what Hillary Clinton said about oil independence first.


CLINTON: We are now, for the first time ever, energy independent. We are not dependent upon the Middle East. But the Middle East still controls a lot of the prices. So the price of oil has been way down. And that has had a damaging effect on a lot of the oil companies. Right? We are, however, producing a lot of natural gas.



BOLLING: Very quickly, we are not energy independent. We'd love to be.  We are not. We use 19.4 million barrels per day equivalence. We import 9.4 million barrels. We send out 4.7. That leaves a net import of 4.7 million barrels per day or -- where's my number -- 1.7 billion barrels per year. That's $85.8 billion that we still send buying, send overseas, everywhere else, buying oil. We're not independent yet. So that fact check could have happened but didn't.

OK. Who's next? Dana.

PERINO: I'm next. OK, so I didn't get to see "60 Minutes" last night, but I caught up on it this morning, because I thought this was interesting.  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg weighed in on the national anthem protest by the likes of 49ers Kaepernick. This is what she said.


SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG: I think it's really dumb of them. Would I arrest them for doing it? No. It's dumb and disrespectful.

If they want to be stupid, there's no law that should be -- prevent if they want to be arrogant, there's no law that prevents them from that.


PERINO: That's an admonishment. Justice Ginsburg told them, "Stop it."

BOLLING: OK, K.G. You're up.

GUILFOYLE: All right. In other highly relevant news, do we have the next video for this? Kimberly's Food Court. No.

Get out of the budget. What do you have in there?

GUTFELD: Kimberly's Food Court.

There you go.

GUILFOYLE: Wow. So weird. Love it.

So this was in the Wall Street Journal; highly recommend that paper. And this is a memo that was obtained from McDonald's. You're not going to be too surprised at this. A lot of people aren't drinking sodas any more.  The millennials are not taking a bite out of the Big Mac and fast food.


GUILFOYLE: They prefer instead gourmet meals. I mean, who doesn't? Like Shake Shack. You probably love that. I think that's the way the picture is (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Yes, that's what they're doing. They're tending to lean in that way. What was the number? It was one in five millennials have only experienced this. I'm going to tell them what it's like.

BOLLING: Juan, while she does that, your "One More Thing."

WILLIAMS: I just want to take a minute and...

GUILFOYLE: The cheese is good.

WILLIAMS: ... after all the politics of the week and the last week that we here at "The Five" are thinking of and praying for people who have been affected by Hurricane Matthew. There have been more than 21 confirmed deaths due to the storm and subsequent damage and flooding. Thousands still without power.

So a big thank you from "The Five" to all the responders that have been volunteering around the clock. Thank you to those stranded -- helping those who have been stranded or trapped. And God blessing to people. Hope you get home safe and soon back to your loved ones and to your property.

BOLLING: Yes. We all agree. We concur.

All right. That's it for us. Set your DVRs so you never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for us, as I said earlier. "Special Report" is right now.

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