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Ben Carson: Denying Trump nomination would 'shatter' the GOP

Trump supporter and former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson goes 'On the Record' on Cruz-Kasich alliance, saying their deal reminds voters of status quo, same old 'crap' people are tired of


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Donald Trump is on stage right now in Pennsylvania.

Trump is hoping that tomorrow is another big Trump primary day. As he rolls closer and closer, 1,237 delegates, but with the news breaking that Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich plotted a backroom deal to take down Trump.

Many voters are feeling that their votes won't count if there is a contested GOP convention and Donald Trump is tapping right into that frustration.


DONALD TRUMP, 2016 GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: How do you vote for a guy who has lost by four or five million votes, who is hundreds and hundreds of delegates down, who has lost let's say I'll have 40 states, 32 states, 35 and they will have like 13, 14. And now we're going to pick the guy?

So we're going to pick a guy that over a year got creamed, right? Got creamed. We're going to let him because -- so you explain how that's done. You would have a revolt.


VAN SUSTEREN: Former 2016 GOP presidential candidate and Donald Trump supporter, Dr. Ben Carson goes "On the Record."

Good evening, sir.


VAN SUSTEREN: And I take it by Donald Trump saying that you have a revolt. He wasn't mean that people would take to the streets and burn down all the cities in the country. I think he was saying that there would be -- I mean, I'm guessing that he meant something like, that the Republican Party and many people would be very unhappy, maybe some might not turn out the vote, some might raise hell, but .


VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, I don't know. You define revolt.

CARSON: I think it would shatter the Republican Party. And again, people need to stop for a moment and recognize that the reason that this is such an unusual year, election, the year of the outsider is because people are tired of all the crap that has been going on for all these years and all the manipulations of the people.

This country is supposed to be centered around the people. This is just another manifestation, this new alliance with Cruz and Kasich of the status quo. And this is not what people want.

And even Charles Koch today comes out and said, "Well, maybe Hillary would be better." Are you kidding me? You know, they're getting very desperate. But, this is a time when the people will have to stand firm and really make that will known because if they don't do at this time they may not have a chance.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, I sort of like that this time around is that what Donald Trump has done is that he has put a spotlight on how the sausage is made, that each state has a different set of rules and people are learning for the first time what, you know, different states do.

And I think some people just don't like the process. Those are the rules, but they just don't like what they're learning about how this is done. Do you agree or disagree with that?

CARSON: Well that is exactly correct, Greta. You know I was talking to someone at the RNC gathering last week in Hollywood, Florida, and talking about all these different manipulations in the different states. And it rapidly dawned on me that this person doesn't even realize that that's wrong and that it doesn't look right and doesn't feel right and it doesn't reflect the will of the people. They are so deep into it that they can't even objectively look at it.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what if -- I mean the problem is those are the rules. I mean, you know this is the way the Republican Party for whatever reason has set it up. State by, state by state. Each state party has had a chance to create the rules. These are the rules.

CARSON: Yeah. Well that's stupid. Just, you know, we can see now that it doesn't work and that it doesn't reflect the will of the people. This is a perfect time for the leadership in the Republican Party to say, you know what? We need to look at how we change this to reflect the will of the people. If -- somebody has to be fair. I don't think it is going to be the Democrats. So, you know the Republican Party has a tremendous opportunity here if they will seize upon it and stop acting like typical politicians.

VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Carson, nice to see you, thank you sir.

CARSON: OK. Thank you, Greta.