Donald Trump still punching down?

Republican presidential frontrunner hammers former 'Apprentice' contestants critical of his campaign


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Eric Bolling along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Geraldo Rivera, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld, and it is 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

One of New York's most popular newspapers has thrown its support behind Donald Trump, days before the states key primary. The New York Post editorial board calls the republican frontrunner, quote, "A potential superstar of vast promise who has the potential -- the skills, the know-how, the values -- to live up to his campaign slogan: to make America great again." Some of Trump's former apprentices disagree. However, six past contestant from the show held the news conference this morning to denounced the republican frontrunner. Here are two of them.


RANDALL PICKETT, "THE APPRENTICE" SEASON 4 WINNER: Donald's proposed policies and his principles or the apparent lack thereof make clear not only that he is unqualified to be president of the United States, but also he is a danger to our country and the world.

KWAME JACKSON, "THE APPRENTICE" SEASON 1 RUNNER-UP: I almost say that it's been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation. If Mr. Trump and his current manifestation as the political -- as a politician came about 10 years ago, I would not have gone on Season 1 of "The Apprentice."


BOLLING: Well, yesterday Trump called them six failing wannabes out of hundreds of contestants who just want to get back in the limelight. Today, he ignored them and took some more shots at his opponents.


DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Special interests have total control over Cruz; have total control over Hillary, aye yay, yay, Hillary. She's terrible. Lyin' Ted Cruz, everybody hear -- boy, he is going way down in the polls. Cruz is going really down, because people have been watching him, and somehow there's really nothing compelling there. You know, he is the last hope. He is the last hope to stop Trump, that's all he's got going. That's not going to be good enough folks, because we have a movement going on. We have them, sorry.



BOLLING: KG, before we get to one.


BOLLING: . of the other apprentices, let's talk a little bit about that post endorsement. We talked, last night we heard about it.



BOLLING: They did call it -- they said he was a rookie, making rookie mistakes, but they see promise on him.

GUILFOYLE: Well, and they said they called for to have more specifics as it relates to policy and that's been something the people have been saying. And of course, yeah, I mean, now is a good time to do that, because this is like really coming down to the wire here. And you can tell kind of the enthusiasm, the momentum that Trump seems to be feeling for himself like, OK, things are going on the upswing. You kind of sense a little bit of confidence, more confidence on his part now that perhaps he got through that rough two-week period. Look, I think the endorsement of the post was a big deal. That's definitely something you want to get. As Dana said, file it in the plus column. It's better to have that as an asset than to not get back kind of endorsement. And last night, we saw that, you know, Ted Cruz had a little bit of rough night at the gala, because unfortunately, obviously it was audio problems. But besides that, it seems that people are come destructed and not fully engaged to what he was having, you know, to say which --

BOLLING: Geraldo, what's all these non-sense to be --

GUILFOYLE: It's always good to listen.

BOLLING: With these apprentices --

GERALDO RIVERA, CO-HOST: Well, you know, it's interesting and I -- listen, I think that there is a racial component to these critics. And I think the Post editorial was brilliant. I really do. I am not, you know, gushy about the New York Post editorial policies or its writing, generally. But I thought that this was spot on. And there was an example of when Trump attacked these "Apprentice" contestants, losers, wannabes, and all. That was an example of his overkill. Why does he have to go and crush these people? They have the opportunity to give their opinion about the candidates. I think they're wrong about him. I think that his character will shine through. But on the race issue, I think Trump and the Republican Party writ large, have done themselves no favor at all, you know, with the African-American community. And I think that the pivot that the post speaks about in the editorial. You know, it's interesting that I - - I come back to you and I; two sides of the political spectrum, and yet we both have affection for Trump. How is that possible? You see him as a true conservative as a person, you take him at his word and some of these things that he is saying. I see him as the person I've known for many years. And I -- I think that he will make the pivot that the Post speaks of. He'll moderate the policies on immigration. He'll moderate the policies on Muslim expulsion or, you know, rejection there. And I just think he will be a better candidate.

BOLLING: Can I clarify my position on?


BOLLING: I like the outsider status of them, more than anything, I like the outsider status. Dana, Donald Trump also wrote an op-ed today in the "Wall Street Journal," The Post endorsement, the op-ed, this pushback by the celebrity apprentice -- or the apprentices, what's the -- how do you bear this last 24 hours?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, I get the "New York Post" at home. And as a subscriber, I see it every day. And I think that -- to me, the editorial was no surprise, because the things that they have been very favorable to him from the jump, and back in June. I think the disruption is never easy, OK? So you -- outsiders are great for a lot of reasons, and this is an outsider year. And even if, even Bernie Sanders have been in the Senate for so long, I think that when he goes after the establishment of the democrat, he is saying that, I would come in and I would have a totally different view of things, and so people kind of like that. I think that his continue --Trump's continuation of punching down against anybody. Like these are just -- these apprentices, they get - you know, why not just say, those guys are great. I wish them the best, and move. Also then in the "Wall Street Journal," he now has a seven-day story about losing all the delegates in Colorado. I think PR-wise, it helps his -- with his people. They love the fight about the delegate, the system and the rules. I just think, though that if he sure on the other foot, if he were the one that was in the hunt just behind Ted Cruz, he would get this -- he would have a different position, and all the media attention would be supporting him because he's following rules. That it's kind of a no-win situation if you're not Donald Trump.

BOLLING: Greg, I highlighted that, in that line, in the middle of the endorsement they said, "The skill, the know-how, the values."

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: The values. A little jab there at Teddy Cruz. You know that this is an interesting endorsement. It's an endorsement contingent on temperament. It was really what you would call a personality intervention. Even when Geraldo was talking about Trump, you could see that there was wishful thinking. Oh, will this leopard finally change his spots? Will the frog become a prince? Who must --

RIVERA: That's true. I think that's true.

GUTFELD: Who must kiss Trump to turn him into that prince? Unlike Obama -- I knew you gonna raise your hand, Kimberly. That is a catch.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I'm trying to help the party out.




GUTFELD: Trump is watching. He's on the phone. But you know, it is like -- GUILFOYLE: Just getting Melania.

GUTFELD: Where Obama was talking about changing a country, the country is hoping that Trump will change. I mean, it's about -- it is becoming about him as a person and not -- it's not about making America great again, it's about making Trump not a jerk. That's what we're talking about. By the way, it was. It was actually the -- I thought that the endorsement was highly reasonable, because there are people who like Trump, but have a problem with his temperament. And so they're kind of like hoping, like to know -- they're like my wife. Once a week I get this speech about, could you please stop doing this? You know, can you just be nice to my friends when they come over?

GUILFOYLE: Oh my god.


BOLLING: There are a lot of people go -- I like Greg just the way he is.

GUTFELD: That's -- and that's --

RIVERA: I never met one of those.

BOLLING: Well --



BOLLING: I heard there are some. I --

GUTFELD: No, but that's true, though, because --

GUILFOYLE: Where is that person?


GUTFELD: Because he has to weigh that. It's like there are people that like the fact that he is blunt.


GUTFELD: . and that he doesn't give a damn -- I almost said something else. And then you have to say, well, maybe less of that, more of this, but if he comes to more of that does, then maybe he's not as much fun. It's a weird thing.


BOLLING: Let me get this one Geraldo, if you don't mind. Donald Trump, the last person Ted Cruz would want to talk on the phone with. But he did accept the call last night -- kind of.



JIMMY FALLON, NBC "THE TONIGHT SHOW" HOST: That in my home state of New York City, and people is still mad. They're mad at you for saying that they had, quote, "New York values." What did you mean by that?



CRUZ: I'm not going to pander to New Yorkers. I love New York City.


CRUZ: It is the greatest city in the world with the best looking audiences in the entire world.


CRUZ: So when I said New York values, I was merely trying to say that I value New York. Except that I was saying it backwards. The way Yoda would say it.


FALLON: I love Yoda. I watch her every morning with Kathie Lee.


FALLON: It's fantastic.



BOLLING: Did he -- he did well.

GUTFELD: Yeah, you know what? I said this before -- and I give credit to Trump, but to a lot of this (inaudible). This is really the first crop of republicans in a long time that can go on these shows and hold their own and you don't go, oh, my god, I hope they don't screw up. Generally, they did pretty well. That was a great joke.

BOLLING: Dana --


BOLLING: Go ahead.

RIVERA: I just want to say that there -- when I criticized the Republican Party writ large, and this is that you are going to Dana. The process of selecting the republican candidate with the heavy emphasis on the southern states initially, you have to be in some ways, you got to be a radical in issues like immigration, in issues like Muslims and so forth. It -- to me, Trump is a ruthless businessman or as a pragmatic businessman saw the path to the nomination. He went far right. He got Steve King and those guys in Iowa, you know the sharp elbows. And now you have to pivot back, you can't be that person, particularly when you haven't been in that place.

BOLLING: You have to pivot now? I mean it can't be --

RIVERA: Once he gets the nomination.

BOLLING: Right. Well, that could be June 7 -- it could be as latest as June 7. Ted Cruz is doing well or Donald Trump -- your call.

PERINO: Oh, on the --

BOLLING: Either one.

PERINO: On Fallon?

BOLLING: Take whatever you want.

PERINO: First of all, Fallon on Trump is a lot better. It's improved.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. It's --

BOLLING: Better than mine?





PERINO: Don't know what else to say. Yeah, I thought that -- Ted Cruz has really good comedic timing.

BOLLING: Yeah, he is good.

GUILFOYLE: I thought he was really great. I mean, that was -- I like to see more of that, because it seems like it's a little bit more like natural, relax. He was funny, first of all, making fun of himself always an attractive quality to have.

BOLLING: All right, quick round on this one. John Kasich is being bombarded with questions about why he is still in the race. Last night, the voters confronted him, again.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't you feel at some point that you have a responsibility to voters to be -- to recognize the fact that they're not voting for you? I do think that there is some responsibility to democracy.

GOV. JOHN KASICH, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Let me -- yeah. Let me tell what the responsibility is. The responsibility is to run for an office and give people solutions and lift them. The responsibility is not to talk about dividing people, gnashing teeth, turning them against one another. You know what? We're in New York, and there was this guy. He once said one time; it ain't over till it's over. And his name happened to be Yogi Berra. But thank you.



BOLLING: I open up the table. Just make one quick point. In order for John Kasich to ever be nominated, the rules would have to be changed at the convention. And that's the point I've been trying to make for a month now. Bring it out -- Dana, John Kasich is still in?

PERINO: I would just say that, there were certainly a lot of people, including Matthew Continetti who thinks that John Kasich is doing a disservice to the Republican Party, that he should get out and give Cruz more of a window in order -- or open up that lane. But I'm going to tell you, I think, looking at the polls and getting a poll -- a sense of things. Don't be surprised if John Kasich does better in New York than anticipated.

RIVERA: I agree with that. I think that Kasich is going to kill Cruz. I think Cruz will be lucky to get 15 percent. And I think Kasich is running for vice president. I really do. I think that he knows that with Ohio, this bounty, right? And --

GUILFOYLE: He's got the cash cow.

RIVERA: Right in that --


RIVERA: That purple state there, and his skills in government. He makes a perfect match with Trump. A formidable party ticket to run against Hillary and Cory Booker.

BOLLING: Final thoughts?

GUTFELD: Yeah, the interesting this is Kasich has the numbers in the general election to trounce Hillary.


GUTFELD: But he is getting beaten by Trump now. I think those two things are related. The reason why he is getting beaten by Trump now is that he is reasonable, and the reasonableness is the reason why he's beating Hillary later. So again, again.

RIVERA: I agree.

GUTFELD: . we're having this conflict.

RIVERA: I agree. That's exactly what they -- people -- I mean, that's what it is. It is Kasich is running the candidate -- the campaign that Trump will run once he gets the nomination. I believe.


GUILFOYLE: Interesting. Well, I was intrigued by that nice little like match-up. So HRC and Cory Booker and then you're saying Trump and Kasich.

RIVERA: Wouldn't that be a wonderful.

GUILFOYLE: And who wins?

RIVERA: . campaign? I think it is a well matched final. I really think that there is a good selection there for the American people. Clear ideological choices, the capitalist versus the, you know, the more progressive politicians. A lot of experience --

GUTFELD: All right Geraldo, why are you going to be ambassador to Puerto Rico?


GUTFELD: I know we don't have one.

RIVERA: I want Puerto Rico.

GUTFELD: I know.

RIVERA: . to become a state. And I want Puerto Rico.

GUTFELD: I know.

RIVERA: . to be able to declare bankruptcy.

BOLLING: Yeah. Do you want them?

RIVERA: I definitely do.

BOLLING: Oh, that's a controversial.

GUILFOYLE: That's another --

BOLLING: Then you're not gonna get republican nomination --

GUILFOYLE: That's another story of that.


RIVERA: There are plenty of republicans in Puerto Rico.

GUILFOYLE: Listen, I think John Kasich wants to be president of the United States. And I think --

RIVERA: Everybody wants to be president.

GUILFOYLE: OK, but I think he's like, guess what? Take a look at the numbers. I'm the guy. I'm the one that can beat her. You can say what you want, I can beat her.

BOLLING: We do realize, though --

GUILFOYLE: And I take awhile.

BOLLING: We do realize, in order for that to happen, the rules committee has.


BOLLING: . changed. All I hear from higher-ups and leadership is we're not going to change the rules. Well, you gonna have to change the rules or John Kasich can't be a president. That's it.

RIVERA: Look, if he doesn't want to be vice president, why he is in it? If he can't win and the rules --

BOLLING: That's it. Oh, that's it.

GUILFOYLE: Because you have won, you won the ticket to the convention.

BOLLING: Why is Bernie in it? Bernie is in it, he can't -- he's not gonna be the nominee. He is becoming the left-wing rock star and he stays in the (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: If it weren't for the super delegates, Bernie could have a chance.

BOLLING: Right, but -- but to them.

GUILFOYLE: C'est la vie.

BOLLING: C'est la vie. Coming up, it was an explosive night in Brooklyn as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off on the debate stage. We're going to break that down in a minute. Oh, later, it's Facebook Friday, post your questions.


BOLLING: . for us.


BOLLING: On, we answer some of those -- ahead.


PERINO: If you were watching the democratic debate last night you may have had to turn your volume down. It was loud and contentious, the most fierce feud we've seen between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, so far.



HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: They had to question my judgment. Well, the people of New York voted for me twice to be their senator of New York and --


CLINTON: And President Obama trusted my judgment of that to be secretary of state for the United States.


CLINTON: I stood up against the behaviors of the bank when I was a senator. I called them out on their mortgage behavior.

SANDERS: Secretary Clinton called them out -- oh my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. And was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements behind that?


SANDERS: So they must have been very, very upset by what you did. I am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour.


CLINTON: You know, wait a minute.

SANDERS: Hold on.

CLINTON: Wait a minute.

SANDERS: Just hold on.

CLINTON: Just wait, wait.

SANDERS: That's just not accurate.

CLINTON: Wait. Come on. I have stood.

SANDERS: Well --

CLINTON: . on the debate stage.

SANDERS: Well, that I --

CLINTON: . with Senator Sanders eight prior times.

SANDERS: Oh my -- excuse me.

CLINTON: I have said to you.

SANDERS: Well, secretary, senator --

CLINTON: . that same thing.

SANDERS: I think the secretary is confused a lot of people. I don't know how you're there after the fight for $15 when you say you wanted a $12 an hour national minimum wage.



PERINO: So if you didn't see the debate that was your cliff notes version that we're just provided for you. But so I have --

RIVERA: Pretty accurate.

PERINO: Kimberly, I have a few democratic friends.


PERINO: Can you get it?

GUILFOYLE: Identify them.

PERINO: And so I asked three -- I asked three of them, what they thought of the debate last night. And one of them said, Hillary, mopped the floor with Bernie Sanders. The other one said Bernie has crushed her in the debate. And the third one I asked --

GUILFOYLE: (inaudible).

PERINO: On a scale of 1-10, how irritated and how annoyed are the Clinton people with the Sanders team, and he said it's a seven. What do you think of that?

GUILFOYLE: A seven? I would say a ten until he is destroyed.


GUILFOYLE: Is that what it is?


GUILFOYLE: A six become --


GUILFOYLE: A ten after two?



PERINO: That is a call back. That is a previous joke --


GUILFOYLE: Remember that? You know, I think though --


GUILFOYLE: You like him.


GUILFOYLE: If you like Bernie, that you gonna say that he crushed it. If you like Hillary, you're gonna say that because they've got the rose colored glasses. Geraldo is right.


PERINO: You know what, everybody -- you know what all three of my democratic friends agreed on, though? I have more than three. But these three, what they agreed on is that the audience was annoying, because you couldn't hear over them. They were egging them on.

GUILFOYLE: You said that.

GUTFELD: Yeah, no. It was painful. But it was like listening to a car alarm and a fire alarm going off at the same time. It was painful. But the thing is you know what's worse than how it sounded was the stuff that they were saying. I mean, Sanders -- we didn't talk about this last night, but he thinks the true apocalyptic danger, the most frightening thing in the world right now is climate change in this era of cyber terror, and this -- yeah, and an economic transformation all over the world. This borders on derangement, that while this is happening, things are happening in Brussels, things are happening in Paris, he is talking about climate change. That's dangerous.

PERINO: No, it's that -- I want to ask Eric, they talk a lot in the debate about their financial plans, and breaking the big banks. And she talks about shadow banks in a lot. So she must have done some focus group research that says, stay shadow banking that really helps. What I don't get is, the people in the audience that are yelling and screaming, what do they think they are going to get out of the breaking up of the big banks? I don't think they've ever connected to the dots.

BOLLING: I don't really know that they even understand what that means.

GUILFOYLE: They just --

PERINO: I agree.

BOLLING: They got the banks, banks get too big, they get over extended on loans, and they could fail in and fail the taxpayers would have to pick up the pieces. Or as if they're smaller, they can.


BOLLING: . keep a better oversight on them. Can I comment on Hillary Clinton, she would -- I would think you're three democratic friends.


BOLLING: . and more of them.


BOLLING: Would that, that her biggest throwback, her biggest hurled that she's got to get over is this trustworthy thing, right?


BOLLING: Last night, she really blew it on the transcripts. She needs to --


BOLLING: She needs to show the transcripts to, at least throws -- bring back some of her credibility. But something else happened today, I was watching another network, a liberal leaning network. And there is a Hillary Clinton surrogate on there, and she said, no, Mrs. Clinton, they -- is not in favor of a federal $15 minimum wage. Now that's what they argued about right there. They just split a hair, today, trying to clean up her mess from last night.


BOLLING: . when she said she's been saying it for eight different debates that she's in favor of $ 15. She's in favor of the $12. That's where she is. She's in 12 bucks --

RIVERA: There's nothing wrong with that.

BOLLING: She said -- yeah, but she --


BOLLING: No, but Geraldo, but she lies on it.

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: They've said, I'm for $15 -- she's not.

RIVERA: I think when the transcript is another of those trivial issues. And going back to the --

PERINO: And Senator Gillibrand, disagree.

RIVERA: I think that the transcripts are trivial issue when compared to you ask the question, why is the audience so riled up? Why is the audience so energized? They are so energized? Why do they want to break up the banks? Because they see their perception of their opportunity to succeed up the ladder, of the social ladder, that all of our parents have done, that every generation had done. They see that that ladder now is broken. They see the big banks, where they're getting $20, $30 million a year compensation for the CEO, and they can't get a job for 40 grand. That's what they see. They see an income inequality gap that are growing --


GUTFELD: They're obviously --


GUTFELD: They're obviously blind, because they're not seeing the real world. The fact is this has never been a better time to be alive. We have a less poverty than we've ever had. They had better technology, better health care. They have better everything than their parents or their grandparents. It is just a romantic --

BOLLING: The banks, Geraldo. The banks --

GUTFELD: It's a Romantic Movement.


GUTFELD: The Romantic Movement.

RIVERA: It is, but there's nothing with the Romantic Movement.

GUILFOYLE: And so is.

RIVERA: And the pictures --

GUTFELD: It's not your fault.

RIVERA: Of the Greenland ice melt.


RIVERA: . starting sooner in the calendar year than it ever has. Those are things they think about.

GUTFELD: And that's true.

RIVERA: . when they're 25- years-old.

GUTFELD: True. It's true. And it's true. And then all of a sudden they get a job, and they get married, and they have kids, and they --

RIVERA: And then they become republicans.

GUTFELD: Republicans --


RIVERA: Because they --

GUILFOYLE: But it's true.

BOLLING: He was targeting banks --

GUILFOYLE: Because life experience.

BOLLING: Talking about the CEO. The banks, with the CEO, the back don't make any more than the employees of the banks than the CEO of a car company --


BOLLING: Or Apple.


BOLLING: Or things that they don't like.


GUTFELD: They don't go after --


GUTFELD: George Clooney.

BOLLING: George --

GUTFELD: They don't go after it --

RIVERA: But is --isn't it a fact that .


RIVERA: . the Verizon guy gets $18 million a year plus? --

BOLLING: No, how much a weigh in Tim Cook makes?


RIVERA: It's one of those the Verizon worker gets? I mean, I'm just saying. I mean you say, you see where --

BOLLING: Of course it is.


GUTFELD: You're making a good point.


GUTFELD: NO. Geraldo is making a good point. If a Verizon worker makes less than the CEO. Good point.


BOLLING: Right. But Geraldo --


GUTFELD: You know what I'm talking about.

BOLLING: So can you stop --

RIVERA: Every year it's like, can we bigger, and bigger, and bigger --

BOLLING: Can you just stop for a second?

GUILFOYLE: Facebook Friday, please!


BOLLING: Can you just talk about why these transcripts are so important? If she's out there talking a big game about breaking up the banks or the Dodd- Frank, or protections for the consumer versus bankruptcy laws, if she is selling that, and she is on the debate stage --

RIVERA: I don't give a damn on what she said for these -- these people.

BOLLING: No, but she said the opposite --

RIVERA: Unless you show me.

BOLLING: How do you not care, just too why she's pandering for --

RIVERA: Show me, Eric -- why do you care about that? Why do you get? It's not the pandering. What politicians pander? It's not the pandering. It's this --

BOLLING: Why? I think that you care.

RIVERA: Let me say that --

BOLLING: I think it will get --

RIVERA: I will say, listen --

BOLLING: The person I want to vote for.

RIVERA: It is. It is.

BOLLING: . it's not mine to make.

RIVERA: . the potential of a quid pro quo. It is you're looking for Hillary Clinton promised.


RIVERA: . Goldman Sachs that if they --


RIVERA: If they give her $200,000 --


RIVERA: She will do something for them.


RIVERA: That's the issue.

BOLLING: Yeah. I will -- so why we can't know about it?

RIVERA: Because there --

BOLLING: Why do you --


BOLLING: How do you not want to know about it? Why is that --

RIVERA: Have isn't there a scintilla of evidence in her entire --


BOLLING: We don't know until we see it -- yes.

RIVERA: That he is taking some public actions.


RIVERA: . to reward.


RIVERA: . their private donor.


RIVERA: Tell me one.


RIVERA: Give me one.


BOLLING: Elizabeth Warren and find out how she pushed Hillary Clinton on bankruptcy laws when she was senator.


BOLLING: Elizabeth Warren, bankruptcy --


BOLLING: Hillary Clinton.

RIVERA: You have to understand what you're doing here. You are taking this woman and you're saying that she's like --

BOLLING: No, I'm not, Geraldo.

RIVERA: She's --

BOLLING: Elizabeth Warren, a liberal --


RIVERA: She will do something with the public trust.

PERINO: I'm totally enjoying this, but I have to go.

GUTFELD: This is the longest back and forth I've ever seen on the show.

BOLLING: Release the transcript --


BOLLING: Geraldo and I --

PERINO: Senator Gillibrand said she should release the transcripts -- New York Senator.


RIVERA: I say release that they have transcripts. I agree.

BOLLING: Now you agree?


RIVERA: No, I said --



BOLLING: You were in 10 minutes.

RIVERA: Release those income taxes, release the transcripts. Show us your - -

PERINO: Release the taxes.

RIVERA: Your undergarments. Do what --

GUILFOYLE: Release the hounds! OK, go.

PERINO: Release the B-block.

GUTFELD: But don't release (inaudible). Do not release Bill Clinton --


PERINO: Release the B-block. Still to come, Facebook Friday, but first, a financial burden for many parents in America, greater than college tuition is daycare. That's next on "The Five."


KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, new parents have a lot more to worry about than just college to save for. In nearly half the country, it now costs more for moms and dads to sent their kids to day care or preschool than to put them through college. That's true.

In Massachusetts, for instance, care for a preschooler is around $13,000 a year. An undergrad's average tuition in the state is $11,000.

So what is the solution to make childcare more affordable?

Geraldo? Do you have one?


GUILFOYLE: Just make a lot of money?

RIVERA: No, I think that you -- I argued with Eric about minimum wage. If you are a single mom and you have a child, and you want to work, and you have to pay for your child to be taken care of when you're working, why would you work? You can't make that kind of money with $7.25 an hour as your minimum -- as your wage.

That's -- what's that, $280 to $300 a week? So you can't -- you literally cannot do it. You literally cannot work and have your child cared for.

I think the -- I don't know what the answer is. Maybe, in this regard, may be you need some socialization.

GUILFOYLE: But there are some people that have to make that decision, where they say, you know what, the families, husbands and wives, where the husband will say, it's actually costing me money for you to go to work -- stay home, because between the childcare, everything else, the family operates at a deficit.

ERIC BOILING, FOX NEWS HOST: Other than I would tell Geraldo that the minimum wage -- the minimum wage isn't going to help that mother with one or two kids. It's actually going to force her. There will be fewer jobs.

Here's what you're getting at. There needs to be more for social nets for people who decide to have kids, who can afford kids.

RIVERA: Right.


BOILING: And I would argue that --

RIVERA: And that can change the behavior.

BOILING: I would argue that if you can't place your children, then you shouldn't be having children. And if you do have children, then you have to --


There's religion. You can go to other people for donations. And there are plenty of social service nets available.

RIVERA: That's so harsh and you don't believe it.


DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: I think it's a very serious issue, especially when it comes to women re-entering the workforce because women in America working has provided a huge amount of benefit to our country.

Then the question is, when they have children, do they come back? And the return rate is lower than we need it to be.

I think there are some, actually some free market solutions to this. One is clearly there's a law of supply and demand problem. So we need more day care workers and so there's a business opportunity there possibly.

In addition, there is something that the government can do in terms of incentives. When you have a child, I'm assuming that you have a 527 account, they're called. With the government it's like a 401(K), you set it aside, a little bit of money that you demand --

BOILING: Pay for collage.

PERINO: Pay for college later on.

Who is to say couldn't, you couldn't actually start to have those -- have something like that earlier on in your life?

As you said, you would privatize social security like let them have it. You manage your own money better. There could be something like that to encourage an ability to save, to help take care of your child so that the parent, either the man or the woman, usually the woman, can return to work when she wants to.

GUILFOYLE: All right, Greg, because I know you thought about a lot of this.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: I have. It's funny that day care costs more than college because college is now like day care. But --

BOILING: That's good.

GUTFELD: It's true. It's filled with twerps. Anyway, I was thinking about this. I didn't have day care. I grew up in the '70s.


GUTFELD: And I remember a lot of my friends didn't have day care. Day care wasn't even really a thing yet.

RIVERA: I think you have a kindergarten.

GUTFELD: Yes. But, you know -- but the thing is if you want to know about the past, you can look at the present. And you can look at immigrant families right now.

What are the advantages they have? There's more likely to be two parents, a two-parent household and it's also a father who works and a mom who doesn't. Whether we like it or not, there are changes in our society that have brought benefits that have also created consequences.

They live with extended families. So everybody helps out with the chores and the childcare and the education.

There's something that is being lost in our country. And it's called community. It is something that immigrant families often have when they bring here and they have their kids and it is stronger. This is not a new idea. People are discovering this. But we are losing community.

RIVERA: I want Mr. Trump to remember what you just said, because that is true American values.

GUILFOYLE: I know. And what about companies?


RIVERA: It takes a village.


GUILFOYLE: Right. But what about companies, they have gyms and stuff? They've invested in that for their employers, for their health.

Why not have day care at some of these companies?

PERINO: Some do.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, I mean, --

BOILING: I don't want those kids at work. It's true.


GUILFOYLE: We kept them in a quite corner away from you.

PERINO: Everyone needs to be cared for when they are a kid. Not everybody needs to go to college. That is the other price --

RIVERA: New York City now has universal pre-K.

GUILFOYLE: All right. A lot more to go, right?

Facebook Friday -- next.


[17:40:20] GUTFELD: "Facebook Friday," let's do this, America.

All right, Dana, you're going first. This is from John P.

What was the worst punishment you ever received as a kid?

PERINO: My mom used to spank me with a wooden spoon. And it hurt so bad. And she has since apologized.

GUTFELD: Wow there you go.

PERINO: Yes, this is like apologizing to America.

GUTFELD: Yes. Wow.

PERINO: She didn't mean to. I mean, like, but all moms did that.

GUTFELD: Yes, she fell on you with a spoon.

PERINO: Right. But I would be scared of that wooden spoon.


BOILING: Unforgettable moment. I went to Jesuit high school. And the gym teacher -- I may have told the story. The gym teacher was out of the room. And kids were jumping around.

There's one of those private trampolines. One, to jump on it and land on a mat. He jumped on. This kid jumped on. I pulled the mat out. He fell.

The gym teacher walked up just then. I had to go down to the gym teacher's office. And they have what's called the paddle.

It is a bat, that's sawed off in half. That's flat on one side.

Grab your ankles. I got paddled across the backside. I saw stars.

And I was never bad in gym class again.

GUTFELD: It's so weird how one man's punishment is another man's pleasure.



GUILFOYLE: (INAUDIBLE) wants that paddle.

RIVERA: Me and my friend stole four tires off an automobile. My dad didn't tell me that anyone knew about it. He brought me down to the police station. The four tires were in the police station. My dad looked at me. He look at the police sergeant. Didn't say anything. My dad walked out. And it broke my heart. And I could cry at the story.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, I'm so sorry.


PERINO: That's good dad. That's a good dad, right?


RIVERA: Great dad.

GUILFOYLE: But why would I want to get in any trouble?

GUTFELD: You've never been really punished? You've never been a bad girl?

BOILING: Are you kidding?

GUTFELD: No. She went --


GUILFOYLE: A bad girl in a good way.

GUTFELD: OK. That's why I didn't go to you, because --

GUILFOYLE: Like a fun, bad girl. Not like a get punished bad girl.

GUTFELD: I got spank with a fly swatter.


GUILFOYLE: No. I went to all girls private Catholic school. Ask them.

I have a (INAUDIBLE) named after me. I was a very good girl. I did not get punished, because I didn't want to disappoint my parents.

GUTFELD: All right, that's good.

Here's a next -- this is a fun question. I'll start with you, Eric.

Tracy S. asks, "What television show do you watch as a guilty pleasure? What would surprise us?"

GUILFOYLE: Nothing. "Homeland."

BOILING: Surprise?


BOILING: That vile show is amazing. It's a very --

GUILFOYLE: Oh, ditto.

BOILING: It's a rough show, though. I mean, it's --

GUTFELD: The guy's head off with saw.

BOILING: Yes, it is pretty bad. No, I didn't watch any of the "Housewives."


My guilty pleasure is "Walking Dead." I just adore that show.

GUILFOYLE: I thought you like "Homeland." You want --


GUTFELD: Answer the question.

GUILFOYLE: Why? Well, I watched "The Bachelor." That was a long time ago. I like the same shows. I'm very loyal. I like "Scandal," still. "Grey's Anatomy."

GUTFELD: I'm over "Scandal." Over.

GUILFOYLE: You and I used to watch "Lost," you know. But now I watch "Billions." I'm a little bit behind.



GUILFOYLE: I have to watch the entire season of "House of Cards."

Like how many seasons am I a off on "House of Cards?"

RIVERA: In the last shift.


GUILFOYLE: I got to watch that.


PERINO: "Nashville." I love it.


Do you know what I love? "The Five" and the "Housewives."

Is it 60 days in? Where the people going to jail and they don't tell the other prisoners, or the warden that they're in jail? Have you seen that?

I think it's called "60 Days."


RIVERA: It's great.

BOILING: I like "Naked and afraid," also. It's my favorite.

GUTFELD: We're talking about TV.

GUILFOYLE: We're not talking about your Twitter feed.

GUTFELD: Yes. Nicely done. Nicely done.


This is a weird, weird question. I'll start with you, Geraldo.

From Judy S. "If you could come back as another person, who would it be?

RIVERA: All right, Jean Lafitte, the pirate.

GUTFELD: Well, there you. That's pretty good.

He once have thought about it.

GUILFOYLE: No, because he does this. He has a boat and an island and then he drawn past from his show with a shirt-on button, and I was in New York. Oh my God?

RIVERA: Can we? Who would you --

GUILFOYLE: Who would I want to be?


GUILFOYLE: Well, no one that died in a bad way. That's for sure.

GUTFELD: Not Marie Antoinette.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. I mean, I don't know. Not Marie Antoinette.

I don't know. Maybe Princess Diana. But --


GUTFELD: It's getting pretty really dark questions.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, Cleopatra would be good.


I like the make-up.

BOILING: I think I would like to come back as George Clooney.

$20 million a movie? Hang out? Make a good movie.

GUTFELD: Yes. That's good.

What's the name of Clooney's wife?


GUTFELD: I would like to come back as Amal.


GUILFOYLE: Wow, that's so weird! So wait, you want to be with Eric Boiling?

RIVERA: All this crazy stuff going on in my head.

GUILFOYLE: And here I thought it was Dana.

PERINO: Queen Elizabeth 1st.

RIVERA: Wow, a good one. Good one.

GUTFELD: Defeat the Spanish Armada.

PERINO: All the power. And she lives in Hampton Court, which is like the most beautiful place on earth.

GUTFELD: I think I'd come back as Edgar Allan Poe? Write really creepy stories.

PERINO: You are Edgar.

BOILING: The Raven.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right, that's good. Don't bring that up.

GUILFOYLE: Joan of Arc would be a good one.

BOILING: Yes. Why are you picking ones that don't end well? It never make it to the best 37.

GUTFELD: All right, we've got to move on.

GUILFOYLE: It looks good.

GUTFELD: A big -- a big theater chain almost ruin the movie experience forever in order to accommodate Millennials. What it was planning to allow people to do during films before movie goers revolted? That's up next.



RIVERA: It should be the 11th commandment, right? Thou shalt not use your cell phone during a movie. It's so simple.

Shockingly, one of the largest chain was actually considering allowing it during the movie. AMC.

They think it will be a good way to attract more Millennials.

That was a horrifying idea. The last thing this generation needs is another excuse to stare at their iPhones.

[19:20:00] This morning, the company's CEO agreed, thank God. He tweeted, "No texting at AMC. It won't happen. You spoke. We listen quickly. That idea has been sent to the cutting room floor."

Can you imagine? Isn't it so annoying?

GUTFELD: All right. The light goes on -- if you're listening, stop charging $5 for Dasani water, you jerk.

By the way, I was for the texting idea. Because it's like an idiot bug lamp. That means all the people that like to text in movies are in that theater and they can leave us all alone.

RIVERA: It's not the way it happens, though.

GUILFOYLE: Do you really go?

GUTFELD: I went and saw a movie. I went and saw "Everybody Wants Some." And I paid almost $5 for a bottle of water.

RIVERA: "Everybody Wants Some."

GUTFELD: Yes. I'll send you a link later. It's "The Dazed and Confused" sequel.

It's fantastic.

GUILFOYLE: But normally you don't go to the movies.

GUTFELD: I do not go to the movies.

RIVERA: But how do you react when someone turns their phone on, because it happens. And the light is the most distracting.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. I really don't go to the movies unless it's a premier or --

GUTFELD: Oh, well.

GUILFOYLE: You want the truth?

I did go see "Star Wars." And I was -- my knees were up to my mouth. And I had these 3D glasses on and I was in such pain afterwards. And I couldn't even possibly eat my --

GUTFELD: That wasn't "Star Wars."

GUILFOYLE: It was like so stressful. Right.


RIVERA: You know, Dana, it is -- isn't it --


PERINO: I haven't been in years.

RIVERA: But what about when they run into you in the sidewalk?

PERINO: The light bothers me. But what's worse for me is the iPhone clicks. I can't stand it. I'll be like Miss Piggy. Sometimes user on.

What is that all about?


GUILFOYLE: See? And then, Dana, will do the pen tapping.

PERINO: The iPhone clicks. I mean, everybody, do your moms and dads and grandmas a favor turn them off for them, because they might not even realize it.

RIVERA: I wonder what that sound is. And it is like --


GUILFOYLE: That was an alert.


BOILING: With the regulation -- I mean, if someone wants to text, who cares?


RIVERA: It is my space you're invading.


BOILING: I paid $100 to see the damn movie and you're distracting me.

GUTFELD: What movie was that?

BOILING: What's the movie?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, where were his eyes.

RIVERA: How can I watch when you're shining your light in my eyes, you know.

BOILING: Who text like this.

PERINO: This is a solution -- the solution is that you don't have to go to the movies. Watch them at home.

GUILFOYLE: No, you just do it between your legs and you put it on low like this.

RIVERA: Oh my God.

GUILFOYLE: I'm trying to be helpful.

RIVERA: I can say a lot there. But "One More Thing," (INAUDIBLE) is next.


BOILING: Time for "One More Thing", Greg.

GUTFELD: Tomorrow night, "The Show," 10:00. I got Stephen Baldwin. He's always entertaining. Pete Hegseth, he's a fun guy. And Abby Huntsman and Gavin McInnes. It will be great.

PERINO: He's a mushroom?

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh.

RIVERA: Very, very good.

GUTFELD: You are eating mushrooms?

PERINO: He's a fun guy. Get it?


PERINO: Fun guy.


PERINO: OK, I had to asked, Greg, for a little bit of help. I just thought this was cute.

This is a one-day old baby goat. He doesn't really get the whole jumping thing yet. Just like jumping around. And I had to asked, Greg, for Greg's creepy animal news.

But it's like when you're at the beach and you forgot your flip-flops. You're jumping all around.

RIVERA: Oh, well done.

BOILING: That's the joy of life.


PERINO: A kangaroo.

BOILING: Life is good. I'm alive.

PERINO: I imagine at one day old you can do that.

RIVERA: Excellent. Delicious.


BOILING: So tonight, Geraldo and I are going to be on O'Reilly. But tomorrow morning, "Cashin In," Juan Williams, and get this, Ed Henry is going to join us on "Cashin In."


And Juan wanted me to make sure -- yes, it's going to be fun. (INAUDIBLE).

Juan wanted me to make sure that you check out his book tour next week. Check it, Monday, April 18th, at Nixon Presidential Library, Yorba Linda, Tuesday in San Francisco and Wednesday in Seattle, Washington.

GUILFOYLE: All right.

BOILING: Juan's book tour.

GUILFOYLE: And buy the --

BOILING: Buy the book, right.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: Food court for Kimberly Guilfoyle.

GUILFOYLE: "Food Court."

All right. So we need a sponsor for "Food Court," don't you think?

PERINO: Good idea.

GUILFOYLE: Maybe McDonalds.

GUTFELD: Maybe McDonalds.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, so, guys, listen to this. I think it's actually a good idea. They're opening up a restaurant in Missouri, OK? But it's going to be different unlike any other McDonald's that you've even been to.

It's 6,500 square feet. It's located in St. Joseph. It is going to offer all you can eat fries.

Yes! No more crazy rules of fast food. Like no fries until after 11:00, or breakfast only until 10:00.


So now you can have all the fries you want.

BOILING: I was just thinking how skinny America is.

GUTFELD: Really?

BOILING: It's time to eat more fries.

GUILFOYLE: OK, OK. But they're also going to have customizable desserts, sandwiches, perhaps some tofu ones for you, weirdo, burgers and table services.

Some will come and --

PERINO: Hot apple pie?

GUILFOYLE: More -- yes, you can --


Guys, also, digital kiosks so you can go up and order your food at this. And party room for rent. And it's going to be good for moms with kids if you're going to have like activities and playing things for kids. Modern couches and arm chairs.


PERINO: You know what, Robert Gibbs thanks you.


GUILFOYLE: No. Is he working for them now?


Robert, you can send me some McDonald's coupons.

BOILING: All you can eat -- like Applebee's started it with all you can eat ads.

GUILFOYLE: Here you go, guys.

All you can eat fries for my "Five" friends.


BOILING: They want me to hurry up and get to Geraldo.


RIVERA: Of course, our prayers -- we're sending out soulful vibes to our brothers and sisters in Beantown, Boston. Three years ago today the horrifying Boston marathon bombing.

So you had Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin -- Marty Walsh out there with the victims laying a wreath there on Boston Street where it happened, with the finish, where one of the pressure cooker bombs went off.

One of the brothers, the Tsarnaev killed with the shoot-out with the cops. The other one now condemned to die after being sentence in federal prison. So just good vibes going out to Boston. The big race is Monday. The Boston marathon is Monday this year. It is also when you file your income tax. Not today, the 15th. Monday is the deadline.

So just to Boston.

GUTFELD: Very good.

GUILFOYLE: OK. Greg and Dana ate fries. It's not like this is bad luck.


BOILING: That's it for us. Have a great weekend, everybody. "Special Report" is up next.

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