The countdown to the Iowa caucuses

'The Five' co-host says Republicans need to remember they are all on the same team


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Live from Iowa, hello, everyone. I'm Eric Bolling along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5:00 in New York City and 4:00 p.m. here in caucus country. This is "The Five."

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of "The Five" from Des Moines. Just two days before the first vote of the 2016 presidential race. We have another huge show for you tonight, a ton to cover on both races. But we want to show you first what we, "The Five," have been up to here, some of the Iowa escapades of "The Five."

We're having a great time now. We're going to go down the row. Really cool stuff. And we just start with K.G.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: OK, well I had a fantastic time today, because you know what I spent my time doing, right?


GUILFOYLE: Eating. All right. So we are in the great state of Iowa, and nothing like a little bit of pork for the pork queen, self-appointed.

There I am. I was jumping, I was, "Bacon, bacon," and they serve breakfast all with it. You know I like that too. I'm with the head Executive Chef, Dominic. And then I'm -- see this sandwich?


GUILFOYLE: I actually was eating it. And ...


GUILFOYLE: ... it was like, worse than a Carl's Jr. commercial. It's ...

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: It's a size of a baby.

GUILFOYLE: . sticking all over my face. It like five pounds big, exactly.

GUTFELD: To eat five pounds.

GUILFOYLE: It felt like birth. So there we are. We became best friends. And look at that, we got bacon wraps, spare ribs. I know, Dana, you'd have been horrified. I even had bacon ...

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: No, I love it.

GUTFELD: Oh, tater tots

GUILFOYLE: . in my bloody Mary. Those tater tots were delicious. And this is like a little bit of Graceland.

GUTFELD: Is that bananas?

GUILFOYLE: Pancakes, yes, these the Elvis pancakes with the bacon, fried bananas and peanut butter syrup on top. You can see how happy I am, right?

PERINO: So do all the candidates make their way there?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, people love to go there. It was packed when we were there. And the best part was you saw families with like five boys, all in there and they were all in. And I got some good stuff. I got the original barbecue sauce, I got a cool hat, and a great shirt. So there you have.

WILLIAMS: You know, if they have any sense, they will have your picture all over that restaurant for eternity.

GUILFOYLE: Don't go bacon my heart.


GUTFELD: You know, Kimberly ...


GUTFELD: ... it's easy going in.

GUILFOYLE: Oh let's listen to the spot. There's more, sorry.


DOMINIC LANNARELLI, JETHRO'S BBQ N' BACON BACON CHEF: This is Jethro's BBQ n' Bacon Bacon. All of our famous -- world famous barbecue accented with some of our amazing bacon.

These are our Elvis pancakes. They come with a half pound of extra thick cut bacon, a whole banana, and our peanut butter syrup sauce with an extra side of bacon.

Our famous bacon-wrapped ribs, champion of bacon fest two years running.



LANNARELLI: Our big baby back ribs, we wrap this one in a whole slice. Smoke them for four hours and serve them with crispy fries.

GUILFOYLE: And feast your eyes on this. There's nothing better than a bloody Mary with a little bit of bacon in it.





PERINO: OK. That's a nice invention.

GUILFOYLE: Did you love it. It was fantastic. Here's my favorite part. So that big 5 pound sandwich, you know who's the one that holds the record for two minutes and something 30 seconds, a woman is the one that holds the record.

GUTFELD: Gretchen Carlson.

GUILFOYLE: Poor Gretchen. No, no, no.


PERINO: Women usually win the food eating contest on "Fox & Friends," right?

GUILFOYLE: That is -- absolutely. And then, of course, I had to tell him that I was, you know, the chicken wing eating contest winner, so he loved that for sure.

So thanks again to our buddies over there at Jethro's and to Dominic, to the head chef.

BOLLING: Very cool. Very cool.

GUILFOYLE: Had lot of fun guys.

BOLLING: All right, Dana, you had some fun today.

PERINO: I did, I got to go -- Greg found this amazing event that just happened that coincide with our visit.

I went to the Jasper Winery. And they were having a yoga workshop with a internationally-known star in the yoga world named Max Strom. It's actually a winery in Des Moines here. They named what -- there's a cute thing, Eric, a Lucy Lane is the name of one of the bottles of wine. And Lucy was their dog that brought them together.

That's me showing her a picture of Jasper, of course, because I had to get that in there. And then, I actually ended up doing the yoga beat with our very own, Tucker Carlson. I think that we have some video of that. Can you roll it?

So, I hope that you can see, Tucker is there and he had to come in, in shirt and tie and his socks because he had to an event.

GUTFELD: He has a belt weight insider. Look at that. He's wearing his khakis at a yoga class.

PERINO: I'm telling you, I never breathe that much in, maybe, in my life. He's got to get a good job. Is he a (inaudible)?

GUTFELD: Oh my goodness.


GUILFOYLE: At least his socks are clean.

PERINO: You know, we yeah, yeah, he had Burberry socks on, which was pretty cool. And I -- And he said, he thought he was a lot more flexible than he turned out to be. He's a great sport.

GUTFELD: I'm glad they took that angle.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah exactly. It's not awkward or anything.


PERINO: He's not going to look at the camera. I have ...


PERINO: . some, let's see, I have some gifts for everybody.

Also I think we have some still photographs of Max Strom, who wins the international yoga star. He has a new book that called "There is No App for Happiness." And I ordered that today.

Greg, I got this from -- for you. It's called, "Fat Head's Red," that's Max there.

GUTFELD: Yeah. What do you mean yoga at a winery, that's like getting your teeth cleaned at a brewery.

PERINO: Yeah. Well, you should try it.

BOLLING: Wait, wait, the yoga was at the winery?



PERINO: We've been figuring that out ...


GUTFELD: Where have you been?

BOLLING: I thought she had the morning in the winery ...


BOLLING: ... and then went to yoga somewhere else.

PERINO: No, the yoga was in the winery.


PERINO: This wine is called "All-Night White."

GUTFELD: There you go.

GUILFOYLE: There you go.

PERINO: I got this one for Juan Williams. So could you see the Jasper Winery, JW?

WILLIAMS: I noticed the initials, and I though, how cool, how cool.

PERINO: Hey Kimberly, I got you this one. You want to read it? Now, how about .


PERINO: . I don't, you want -- should I say it?

GUILFOYLE: Oh this is perfect, of course, yeah, "Behind the Shed Red." OK. OK.

PERINO: And of course, I got a Frisbee to take home to my own Jasper.

BOLLING: What's the name -- the significance (ph) of the name Jasper? What is in Jasper, Iowa?

PERINO: The Jasper, it started in Jasper County. They had another place. And Katie Bradshaw is the name of the events manager. And Jodie Brenthauer, she was the -- she's a person who does yoga here in Des Moines. And she had gone to a workshop with Max (ph) and she said, "I just have to bring him here."

GUILFOYLE: Oh great you made it happen.

BOLLING: Jodie Brethauer?

GUTFELD: Oh yes.



PERINO: That's her. That's her right there. That's Jodie.

BOLLING: Yes, yes.

PERINO: I had so much fun. I loved it. Des Moines, really, was great to me.

BOLLING: Very good. OK, Greg, guess what? You're up.

GUTFELD: My turn, yehey.


GUTFELD: Everybody knows that I like classic cars, otherwise known as muscle cars, because I like muscles. So I like muscled cars. The interesting thing with a classic car is it has to be 20 years old.

But oddly, there aren't any real classic cars after 1990 because they're so ugly. But most classic cars are the same classic cars that I loved when -- in the 1970s.

I went to American Dream Machines down on I guess it was locust (ph). And Doug (ph), who is the -- I believe he was the owner, showed me around.

That's a Sting Ray. That's a 1966 Roadster Big Block. It's worth about 80K. Probably the most expensive car they have there.

Do we have the red Cadillac Eldorado?

What's interesting about these cars is that if you like art this is -- oh, there's our little bug. I thought this would be a perfect good car for Dana or actually maybe for Bill O'Reilly. But I'd like to see him try to get a 6 foot 7 frame into that car.


GUTFELD: That's the red tails of the Cadillac Eldorado. I thought this would be perfect for you, Eric.


GUTFELD: So huge car.

BOLLING: I see, I thought there would be a Thunderbird, no?

GUTFELD: No, this is a -- I think there's a challenger right here. This would be a -- for Lou Dobbs, a classic car.

And these are affordable. These are basically V8 Van Goghs. You know, it's art on wheels.

This is the black MG Midget. This is for Dana. It's a very .

PERINO: Well why are you sitting in it?

GUTFELD: Because ...

PERINO: The car fits.

GUTFELD: I was keeping the seat warm. Terrible people. What else you got here?

This is me inside the car. As you notice I am not going bald. That's an important picture for people.

All right. This is my favorite car. This is the black Thunderbird 370 horse power, 1957. I think this is a perfect car for Juan.


GUTFELD: Because it's black, it's sexy, and it was born in '57.

WILLIAMS: Oh my God. I wonder, I don't know about that.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, go Juan.

GUTFELD: And it's yours for under $40,000.

WILLIAMS: And the top goes off.

GUTFELD: Yeah, now this is the perfect car for Gretchen Carlson. It's a low rider, yellow Buick Riviera. It belonged to Keith Harris from the Black Eyed Peas. You can get this for a -- maybe $37,000, $38,000.

What else you got? Is that it? There you go. This is an American Graffiti original. I think this is a '56 Chevy.

The problem is, we replaced the real highway with the information highway. It's not -- nobody cares about the beauty of cars anymore. They're just not beautiful. And that's a tragedy, America. And I am out of here.

BOLLING: That's cool. That's cool.

GUILFOYLE: I'm going to pick issue. I didn't get a car and Gretchen did? What's going on around here?

GUTFELD: Oh I forgot. You got the first car but they had -- they had the pictures, they moved them to ...

BOLLING: You got a T-bird.

GUILFOYLE: What was it?

GUTFELD: Yeah, you get the T-bird.

GUILFOYLE: The T-bird. OK, good.

PERINO: That's a good one.


WILLIAMS: Well, so I went for a walk outside the hotel, and went immediately to get some chocolate. So I went to Thelma's chocolate shop. And I think we have video here. Here I am scooping out chocolate chip cookie dough, just great.

In fact, I was thinking of Gregory's while I was doing it, you know, because I thought, this is in honor of white chocolate.


WILLIAMS: Ladies love G.G. ...

GUTFELD: That's true.

WILLIAMS: ... I think those sweet. You know what I mean?

GURFELD: You know it.

WILLIAMS: I was thinking of you, Gregory.

So there I was at Thelma's. But, next door to Thelma's is Raygun, which is a t-shirt shop.

So, in order to really celebrate "The Five" here in Des Moines for this moment, as you can see, there's a sign that says, "Iowa, for some reason you have to come here to become president." But I brought t-shirts that met so many fun people, had so many front t-shirts. We made America great in the first place, that one says.

PERINO: All right. Thank you.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, here are the shirts. Now, K.G., I'm sorry to say, you already got this shirt.

GUILFOYLE: My god, oh, my god. Don't go breaking my heart. It's very sweet.

WILLIAMS: There you go.

GUILFOYLE: Wow, this is very cute. I like it.

WILLIAMS: I was told I couldn't get the one that says "Not everything's flat in Iowa" for you.


WILLIAMS: OK. I thought, I'll go back to get it .


GUTFIELD: You were told not to get it but you still talks about it.


WILLIAMS: No, no, oh no. Not that -- No, my .

GUTFIELD: That's why we love you, you're Juan in a million.

WILLIAMS: Oh my god. All right. So, you know, I don't know if you guys know this, but this is a real baseball player. And I love baseball, I love Iowa, I love "Field of Dreams." So, I found this for my pal, Erick Bolling. "Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa."


WILLIAMS: Check it out brother Bolling.

BOLLING: Thank you William.

WILLIAMS: And then, for my America sweetheart, Dana Perino, given that she loves yoga, look at this one. It says, "Yoga in Des Moines, I'm down -- oops, I can't get straight, "I'm dog."

PERINO: Oh, it's cute. Now, but this is like kind of a big (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: That's like Perino lingerie. Well, as that just might be what I do with it.

WILLIAMS: All right.

PERINO: Thank you.

GUILFOYLE: Thank you.

WILLIAMS: And then, for my ace, I got -- look at this, I know politically, this must be you'll love this, Gregory because .

GUTFIELD:. oh, Bernie Sanders?

WILLIAMS: It's Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my god.

WILLIAMS: Oh, look at that.

GUTFIELD: Yeah. She got it up and I have a lot of white men on my chest.

WILLIAMS: And for myself, I got this one.

GUTFIELD: It's fantastic.

WILLIAMS: Do you love it and you like it?


GUTFIELD: I'm wearing this.

WILLIAMS: All right. And for myself, I got -- didn't I interview you four years ago? Anyway, whole lot of fun. Thanks for the folks (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: Very nice, thank you.

PERINO: We like that.


BOLLING: All right. Do you want me go to very quick. But you know what, it's good, because mine is pretty lame anyway.

They all have one spread that I stayed around the hotel, there's a beautiful Des Moines River here, there's a great running track with picture.

The run started this way, so we've been the next one, here's the Des Moines River out from the bridge, beautiful Des Moines River, honestly, nice running track.

PERINO: Can I say that I saw you running, I was in my hotel room, I look at and like there's a vision in orange. And I realize I'm like, "Oh, I think that's Eric." Nice form.

BOLLING: . I went up and down the river, it was pretty amazing. And I bumped into that. I didn't even know this, the cubs triple a ballpark, that's the Iowa cubs right there, beautiful ballpark, gorgeous ball park, you should check it out in the summertime.

Then the next one, this is called the "World Food Price." Now, I can't remember the guy's name but he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in solving the hunger crisis around the world with the corn production.

GUTFIELD: Oh yeah. He's a famous dude but we don't know his name yet.


BOLLING: . he really famous, Nobel Peace on price. He wanted to do is he wanted to make Nobel add food as one of their prices.

They wouldn't do it, so he made his own price and that's the building where they do all the functions and what that beautiful.

Building also very quickly, there's a Capitol. I run at the Capitol, up and down those stairs, it's a gorgeous building, it's nine archers, built in 19th to 1880's or to '17s or 1870s or 1880s, absolutely gorgeous capitol.

You know what, this is what you do, when you go into the town for work or visit at a town, go for a walk or a run. Spend an hour walking around. You can do, you see it from the ground level. It's amazing.

GUTFIELD: And if you really want good exercise, walk in the bad part of town.

BOLLING: One of that.


PERINO: Then you run.

BOLLING: All right.

PERINO: Des Moines treated us well.

BOLLING: Yes. We had a great time. So, if I will be here a couple of more days.

All right. Next, with just two days before the Iowa caucus, the GOP candidates are stepping up their attacks. Cruz, now focusing his fire on Rubio, Trump doubling down on Cruz. You're going to see all of that and more when "The Five" returns.


GUTFELD: An entertainer knows better than to rip a city's favorite sports team. If you're a comedian performing in Cincinnati, even your most ardent fans will hate you forever if you trash their Bengals. This is the reigning mentality during primary season among voters.

If you're a "Five-er" like us, you're in danger of upsetting friendly viewers who support one of seven or eight different teams. Be they Carson, Trump, Rubio or Cruz. If you compliment Rubio, Cruzers think it's a jab at Ted. If you're not Trump, his fans think you're pining for Jeb. And so, after one comment, people who normally like you feel betrayed, but they shouldn't.

It's a nightclub comic's risk. A fan could love every insult hurled about baggies or bald men, but when a joke hits too close to home, targeting people with freckles, suddenly that jerk isn't funny anymore.

It's happening now as angst rises like steam from this Republican dogfight. Suddenly, people you've come to trust, you now believe are unfair because they knocked someone you like.

My suggestion? Don't take it personal. Remember, even though we all have preferences, we're all on the same team, pretty much. And then we love our Fox viewers, we can't begin to please everyone. If we tried, you'd think we were cowards and phonies. And you know what? You'd be right.



GUTFELD: Can't we disagree but still be civil?

GUILFOYLE: Absolutely not.


GUTFELD: The fight is going to be example, right?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Absolutely. We can disagree here, mix it up, and during the commercial break we're laughing, and then afterwards in the bar, it's a whole other story.

But yes, it's OK to be spirited passionate about who you love, who you believe and guess what, it can always change next week. That's the great opportunity, especially during caucus and primary season because it's constantly an evolving process about emotions and energy and ideas and where you kind of feel the person is like connecting with you and who you want to represent you know, the GOP or the Democrats for that matter.

GUTFELD: Speaking of them, Juan do you think that this new -- the conflict is more intense because -- is it coming from above the candidates or is it coming from below the angry voters?

WILLIAMS: I think it's the angry voters. I think the populist energy is evident. I mean, it may on the Republican side it is so clear that the Republican base is divorced to the Republican establishment. And so what you get is now -- and I find this intriguing, as the Democrat sitting here, I found it intriguing that you have people challenging. Well I'm more conservative than you are.

I think the party has fractured, and now the question is who has the vision to put it back together, who will be the party flag bearer in November in the big election. And I think that's really hard. You're starting to see this already in terms of the ads running here and Iowa people questioning, for example, Ted Cruz, is he conservative or not, you know, is it real, you know? You're smiling, Dana, but you know I'm telling the truth. I mean it's real.

GUTFELD: So you're saying Lyndon LaRouche could bring us together?

WILLIAMS: I don't know about that.

GUTFELD: Eric ...

BOLLING: What do you know in Lyndon LaRouche?

GUTFELD: Do you think that all these end done, let's say people have these extreme differences. Will they actually not be able to unite against one candidate?


BOLLING: I mean to under one candidate. Yeah they have to. And that's the big thing that I would disagree with Juan. Yes, there is this establishment versus far right conservatives that they are battling now because they want their guy or there gal, they want them to be the nominee, the pick. But ones whoever it is, whether it's Bush, Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Kasich, anyone, hopefully everybody gets behind him.

If you really, really think about it, what we really want is enough of the Barack Obama eight years, we don't want another term of Barack Obama or two more terms or worse, someone who's literally might be indicted in the middle of the process for things that are even as bad as some of the other things that she's probably guilty of with Clinton Foundation. So hopefully we're unite behind everyone one person. Can I take real quick?

GUTFELD: Yeah sure.

BOLLING: Can we talk about -- can we talk about the evolving process. That monologue started last night at the restaurant. Do you remember this?


BOLLING: We started to have this conversation. And somehow it evolved into an artificial intelligence conversation.

GUILFOYLE: And robots ...

BOLLING: And robots.

GUILFOYLE: ... and Sarah Connor ...


GUTFELD: It was because, OK so when I was had a serious conversation, we're talking about how to unify. But as I drink more, I start thinking about how artificial intelligence is going to destroy the planet, that always happens, you know, it ends there it always ends there ...

GUILFOYLE: I think maybe we'll be united then.

GUTFELD: Yeah, we'll be fighting the robots. Dana, do you think this season feels more scrappy, because the social networks, because there's outlets and more people coming after from all over?

PERINO: Yes, I think that true maybe a little bit. I absolutely agree with Eric. I think the Republican Party will be able to come together just like it did in 2012. When you don't have a clear leader like when in 2012, when the Democrats didn't even have to have a primary, remember how much that was so uncomfortable and then Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney a liar and it just -- it was so uncomfortable. Then as soon as a leader emerged, then we could all focus on that seat.


PERINO: And it was ...

GUTFELD: Why did you point at Kimberly?


WILLIAMS: But I must say, so look, you know what you got, you got a question of how is the energy after the big fracus (ph). That's right, you know, the people get hurt, then they say, I'm going to stay home.

BOLLING: No, no, no, no. It's like your brother, you're beating the crap out of him, you're fighting each other, he's hitting you, your sister is watching, she jumps in, she takes a side. And then you know what, if someone else comes in and tries to say some at your brother, you just wale on. It's done, it's done.

PERINO: I agree.

BOLLING: Yes. So we will forget.

PERINO: We shall overcome.

GUTFELD: All right. Tell me we've got to move. I was waiting for you to put it up the tease up there. OK. The Obama administration just admitted there are e-mails on Hillary Clinton's private server that are top secret. So why does the White House think she won't be indicted? We investigate, next.


PERINO: The state department dropped a bomb yesterday that completely destroys Hillary Clinton's e-mail defense. Twenty two messages on her private server won't be released because, get this, they contained information so secret they can never be released to the public.

Clinton, however, she's still sticking to the same story that she'd had all along.


HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The facts have remained the same. There was never any information sent or received that was marked to classified to me.


PERINO: This is a very serious development amid a criminal investigation. So why is the White House so confident that Hillary won't be indicted?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That will be a decision that is made by the Department of Justice and prosecutors over there. What I know that some officials over there has said is that she is not a target of the investigation. So, it is not -- that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending.


PERINO: Steve Hayes thinks there's a cover up operation for the candidate. Listen here.


STEPHEN HAYES, "THE WEEKLY STANDARD" COLUMNIST: I think we're actually at the point where the White House looks like it may be involved in a cover up in this. I mean, what we heard from Josh Earnest today from the podium at the White House was extraordinary.


PERINO: So, K.G., I don't think -- I, actually, when I listened to that. I think that Josh Earnest is repeating things that have been reported in the press. I don't necessarily think that he was giving any new information.

However, he's not being very careful. And one of the things I think that you have to ignore if you're going to believe Hillary Clinton is you have to forget that she had a home brew server that was stored in a bathroom.



PERINO: Remember that?

GUILFOYLE: What a tidy bowl moment that was?


GUILFOYLE: That's the problem. You got somebody like Hillary Clinton, putting your own convenience ahead of the national security interests and protection of individuals that serve this country. Think about that, swallow it, and say, "Is that someone you want to be in the White House? That kind of a lack of care and circumspection in terms of what they're doing and keeping up people's faith? No. That's someone's that's not entitled, I think, to have that position.

And now, when you have Josh Earnest saying that, it really seems interesting. I mean, perhaps, you know, there isn't a cover up. But the nevertheless, was been the talk of everybody because, well, the FBI is likely to recommend an indictment, but then it's going to be up to the Justice Department under President Obama to make a decision as to whether or not to indict.

And we see this keep getting pushed back in, you know, the timeline. But this is really very relevant and real. I think people should consider it right here and now versus thinking about what could happen in the future, because I can see evidence that we know already is pretty persuasive and compelling.

PERINO: Her trustworthiness numbers, Eric, are bad in many of those swing states. In addition, so she says very specifically now, first in the language "There was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me" which I think that that shows that she's willing to drive the bus to run over her staff.

BOLLING: Right, (inaudible).

PERINO: Or whoever else might be in way.

BOLLING: And other we got was get on some of those e-mails. So, look at this way for a second. And so we hear Josh Earnest talk about whether or not the FBI is going to open up an investigation or will bump the investigation to the DOJ. And that the DOJ wants to indict her, it's going to be their call, right? That's the process.

Why is Josh Earnest in that train? Why is he getting involved in this? Wouldn't it be wiser for the White House just to say, "You know what, I'm going to let the legal process play itself out. If the FBI recommends it to the DOJ, and the DOJ thinks she should be indicted, they should indict her."

Instead, he said, you listen to what he say, he said, "No, I don't think .

PERINO: Right. There's going to be .

BOLLING: . there's going to be an investigation. What do you know, Josh? What -- and who told you?

PERINO: I've always felt that they should have, from day one, said there's a firewall here. We are not commenting on this at all. And that Hillary Clinton defend herself, but she is the one.


BOLLING: . conversation with someone, that's my point.


PERINO: That doesn't want her to be heard during this crucial time with the Iowa causes.

BOLLING: But someone had to say, "Hey Josh."

PERINO: Well, that's the next question and that's why you have to protect yourself as you're the press secretary.

Greg, the Democrats actually don't seem -- this doesn't faze them at all, right? So, if it weren't for double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

GUTFELD: Nicely put. You know, they've got FNC syndrome. They don't feel that they have to turn up the heat because it's a "Fox News" story. This is just like the IRS scandal, VA, Benghazi. If FNC covers it, they -- the rest of the media abdicates their responsibility because, you know, "Oh, they're doing it." But that's not going to last forever.

This is an interesting thing. There's a whole chain to the e-mails there. I mean she's a lot like her husband Bill. She was debriefing dignitaries on e-mail, you know, just like he was debriefing interns in the White House. There's a whole chain of stuff going back and forth with people that shouldn't have been there. It was classified. It's wrong. And also, do not forget that they're trying to delay the release of thousands and thousands of e-mails after a primary.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: That's essentially like pulling a fire alarm after the building has burned down.

PERINO: Right. That's exactly right. Hey Juan, imagine if I -- during the Valerie Plame investigation from the White House, Tony Snow or I had said that we were confident that Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby were not going to be indicted by the Justice Department. What do you think would have happened in the media?

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't think it's similar. I mean, because clearly .


WILLIAMS: . what Josh Earnest said .

PERINO: There's an investigation.

WILLIAMS: No. But clearly, the -- what the Department of Justice, what state has said is that Hillary Clinton is not the target of the investigation. So, he's repeating what has been publicly stated. But I'm enjoying this. I'm sitting back because I know if he talked to Democrats, they really don't care.

PERINO: They don't care. Do you enjoy that that they don't care?

WILLIAMS: But I must say, I heard recently .

PERINO: Those standards.

WILLIAMS: . that the "X-Files" is back on Fox. And I'm thinking, hey, the conspiracy theory is right here. I can see it live.



GUTFELD: But she think that it was the right -- but she was the one who said it was the right conspiracy.

WILLIAMS: Let me just say, the best argument we heard, Ms. Kimberly Guilfoyle, the prosecutors in the House. When she said, Mrs. Clinton was acting like an entitled person, privileged, taking risks by having a private server, I said yeah, if that's the case, but there's nothing illegal there, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: No, you're wrong because, in fact, it was. Well, we have to go to the next block. But you know, cute Juan.


PERINO: So, is he going to -- he trying to compliment you while like giving you the -- I hate the back ended compliment.


WILLIAMS: Just like a husband.

PERINO: All right, the GOP candidates are vying for the evangelical vote in Iowa. They're faced natured in a series of new campaign ads, coming up next on "The Five."


WILLIAMS: Welcome back to "The Five," live from Iowa. Evangelical Christians will play a big role in Monday's vote here and the Republican candidates are making a direct pitch to them in some new campaign ads. Here's Marco Rubio.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I believe in God, that God has blessed America. I'm Marco Rubio. I approve of this message because it's time for a president who will put their left hand on the bible and their right hand in the air and keep their promise to uphold the constitution. It's been eight years since we've had a president willing to do that. I will.


WILLIAMS: Donald Trump also brings up the bible and his faith in a new spot he put out this week.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I really appreciate the support given to me by the Evangelicals. They've been incredible. Every poll says how well I'm doing with them. And, you know, my mother gave me this bible, this very bible, many years ago. In fact, it's her writing right here. She wrote the name and my address and it's just very special to me. And again, I want to thank the Evangelicals. I will never let you down.


WILLIAMS: Dana, you know, it's something like eight and ten Republicans say religion is important to them. I think it's 60 plus percent say very important. Are these ads effective in your judgment?

PERINO: Well remember, these are ads are targeting people in Iowa specifically. And you think about four years ago, Rick Santorum going into this weekend was pulling at around 15 percent. But he saw what Chris Stirewalt, our digital political editor says was an open lane with Evangelicals and he drove that all weekend and he ended up winning the Iowa caucuses partly because of that.

WILLIAMS: But Greg, you know, on some levels, you look at it and you think, is this pandering?

GUTFELD: Absolutely. It's complete pandering. I have a hard time watching these. And it's not because I'm not religious, it's because politicians are running ads of saying how religious they are in order to win over religious people. It's textbook pandering. It's everyone knows it's a game yet they play it.

Remember, Thomas Jefferson, he was a deist. You know, he believed in God based on nature and reason, not on revelation. No one really knows Abe Lincoln's religion. There is -- even historians can't figure it out because he never talked about it. He never made it part of a public discussion. Andrew Johnson, the least religious probably president we've ever had.

The point is maybe there is a time that you can have a candidate who doesn't have to do this. That -- and I -- and to --I think that Trump did that kind of tongue in cheek thing. Because I think what he's saying to the Evangelicals is, I'll have your back even though I'm not like you, I will have your back, which is different than saying, hey everybody, I believe in God.

WILLIAMS: Right. Well and finally, a Super PAC from Mike Huckabee has put out this ad.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I heard something about Ted Cruz that gay marriage wouldn't be a top priority for him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said it at a fundraiser in New York City. He tells them one thing, tells Iowans another.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I also heard that Cruz gives less than 1 % to charity and church. He doesn't tithe, a millionaire that brags about his faith all the time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just what we need, another phony.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I guess we've narrowed down our list, can't caucus for Cruz.


WILLIAMS: Kimberly, so this is the other way. This is not advertising your own faith. This is questioning the other guy's faith. What do you think?

GUILFOYLE: Well, at a certain point, you have see like who is in your lane. And if you want to pass, you've got to try to get after it. So, you know, and Huckabee, you couldn't meet a nicer guy, right? He's one of our friends at the network. And you see him walking around here and his whole team. But look, he can take the gloves off too. So, you know, he's playing to win.

WILLIAMS: I agree. Eric, what do you think about the whole thing?

BOLLING: You know what I think about that ad, the Huck ad? I don't think she did that. I don't think she knew it was coming because it's not a ...

PERINO: It was a PAC.

BOLLING: ... that's so atypical of, it was a PAC, yes, but if he knew that was --

PERINO: I mean, he wouldn't have because they're not supposed to coordinate, so.


WILLIAMS: And can we just - it's meant to be acting was terrible. The acting was terrible.

BOLLING: That's a good point because Huckabee is not that guy.

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: Huckabee is a guy who cherishes his religion, talks about his religion and his faith, but certainly what that ad was antireligious.

WILIIAMS: Wait a minute, wait a minute. That ad turned you off.

BOLLING: Horrible. Horrible.

WILLIAM: All right, where's the worst ad I've seen yet.

All right. So when we return, we're going to answer some of your questions. That's right, your questions for us in social media, Saturday. Please, don't go away.


GUILFOYLE: So, in honor of our special Saturday show from Iowa, we're bringing you an inaugural segment called Social Media Saturday. I think we should always do Social Media Saturday, right? Coming on Saturday, Iowa best place to start at it off. We've had a great time here and some fantastic questions from our viewers.

Let's start with Rudolph who is asking, how do you like your Corn on the Cob? Do you like it boiled, broiled, baked, or in your gas tank? Fire it up. OK. Juan, we'll start with you.

WILLIAMS: Boiled and lots of butter.

GUILFOYLE: Lots of butter.

WILLIAMS: Lots of butter. And you know, I know this area, the country doesn't know, Old Bay. But Old Bay like in Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic, put a little Old Bay on top of the butter and brother, you've got some going on.

GUILFOYLE: I think we should have some tonight. All right, Bolling, how about you?

BOLLING: So, on the barbecue, absolutely on the barbecue.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, me too.

BOLLING: Also, I'm not sure in Iowa, then it's in your tank and then on the barbecue.

GUILFOYLE: Exactly, exactly.

WILLIAMS: I'm pandering, Greg. Yeah, I've got.


GUILFOYLE: Coming in to you in a political ad soon. Dana Perino?

PERINO: I learned a way to cook corn that everybody should learn this. When you go to the store, just take the ear, just trust that it's going to be fine, don't pull it back. When you get home, put it in the microwave for two minutes, and it's absolutely perfect.

BOLLING: It's -- you know why?

PERINO: You know, you taught me that and I did that at home.

BOLLING: It makes steam in the silk inside the corn.


GUTFELT: Yeah, it's awesome.

GUILFOYLE: I love it, two minutes to delicious. All right, Greg, how about you? What do you do with your corn?

GUTFEL: Well, according to the -- I mean I almost went to E.R. that I fell on it. But no, I don't eat corn. I don't eat corn because when you boil it, you can hear the kernels scream.

GUILFOYLE: My god, did you rip off when the Dana's cornage (ph)? Oh no, that's coming in the next block.

PERINO: That's coming up next.

GUILFOYLE: All right, fantastic. I think we just gave corn a bad name. Sorry. OK.

Question two from Jerry. Knowing the candidates as you do, which GOP candidate would you call upon to help in a time of personal conflict or crisis? All right. Let's think about this carefully. Get your answers ready. A look of puzzled faces across the table here. Greg, who would you call?

GUTFELD: I have a tie here. Obviously, I would either call Ben Carson because if I happen to have an accident, he could remove whatever I fell on.


GUTFELD: Or if I had any kind of surgery. The other person though is Trump because he's really wealthy. He has a helicopter in case you got to get out of somewhere. And I've heard from friends that he does -- if you ask, he will do things if you need help.

GUILFOYLE: You mean legit?


GREG: But then you owe him.

WILLIAMS: He has leverage.

GUILFOYLE: So, the thing (ph) he's not hurting for the money, so he might be a good person about money if I met and back (inaudible) right away. Dana Perino?

PERINO: Well, what comes to mind is that if I were in some sort of legal trouble, I would call Hillary Clinton to find out how do you get out of it.

WILLIAMS: Right. Wow.

PERINO: Got it right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You've got applause.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, especially if you're really guilty and you want to go to the White House instead of the big house. OK, Eric.

BOLLING: So, I think I would call John Kasich. He's done an amazing job with the State of Ohio. You look at the numbers, the job creation, the economy is doing great. The guy can solve problems. He took over when it was kind of rough times.

You look at Kasich and Christie, they're complete opposites. One of them had a state that was doing OK and having a rough time. John Kasich with the state that was down here and brought it up. So yeah, a problem solver, Kasich.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. All right, so there you go.

WILLIAMS: By the way, Kasich got an endorsement today from the "New York Times" . Did that help or .


GUTFELD: It was Charles Manson, endorsement got (ph).

WILLIAMS: There you go. So, I think I know -- I think I know them all personally. And I got to tell you, I don't think there's any question you could ask Rand Paul. I think Rand Paul is a really -- a good human being. And you know, he has a family and he understands. And Greg, if anything gets stuck, he's a doctor.

GUTFELD: Yeah, he's an ophthalmologist.

WILLIAMS: Yes, so in your eyes.


PERINO: He doesn't have (inaudible) in his eyes.

WILLIAMS: He's like, I'm not going there.

GUILFOYLE: OK. So personal conflict or crisis, I would say it would depend on the nature of my problem. I would maybe -- I would probably call Donald Trump. And then I would also probably call Chris Christie because I always trust the good prosecutor like myself for some good advice.

WILLIAMS: There we go.

GUILFOYLE: And he's not afraid of a good fight. So all right, question three, from Jane. Following the election process and reporting on it, does it make any of you want to run for office? We often get this question from a lot of our fans and viewers. If any of us would consider, in fact, seeking higher office to serve the country. Juan?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, it's interesting because I heard Donald Trump say the other day, he's running for America. He's not running to satisfy some -- you know I thought that was very interesting. I think the problem is in this environment, it is so crazy. I mean, it's not about -- you can say anything and people are say anything about you and the thing to get away with it. I would find it an opportunity for slander. That's what I think, you know, I worry about it.

GUILFOYLE: All right, that was a great answer. OK. Go ahead, Eric.

BOLLING: So no, I love what I'm doing. I would like to do this for a really long time so I wouldn't run for office until unless I was, of course, by self where I wasn't doing what I was doing, and get called a psycho. No. But if I wasn't doing this, yeah, I would love to run for office.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, because I think you've got .

BOLLING: So, I would really, really like.

WILLIAMS: For president or governor?

BOLLING: Office, I'd say.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, what office? What office?

BOLLING: Senate. I would run for senate.

GUILFOYLE: I think you'd do a great job. I'd give you the endorsement, exactly, exactly.

PERINO: We're changing your snapshot.

BOLLING: Maybe 2020.

GUILFOYLE: Dana Perino, you're very good at representing people who are in public office.

PERINO: Yeah, I'd love to. I love working in government. I have never wanted to run for office. And if the question is, looking at this process, do you think that you would want to do it? It's a tough decision to make. You put your family through a lot too. But I think there's nobility in public service.

GUILFOYLE: All right, I can ask Greg, but he's had one too many emergency room visits so he'd be disqualified immediately. What, yes?

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. Well, I have more skeletons than at medical college. But the bigger thing is in that previous segment where we -- where they showed those religious ads, I could never do that. I could not bring myself to sit down and do that.

WILLIAMS: You just won my vote.

GUTFELD: I would be -- I couldn't live with -- it's just not in my blood.

GUILFOYLE: You can maybe break the cycle though.


GUILFOYLE: Yes. And honestly for me, personally, I think there is, you know, no better greater way to try to serve your country because it is .

PERINO: You hit it.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, (inaudible)


PERINO: Well, and she was a prosecutor.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. And as a prosecutor, you never know. Lot of options in life, that's the best part. One more thing is up next.


BOLLING: We're back for one more thing. Now, Kimberly kicks it off.

GUILFOYLE: All right. So, I want to wish a very special anniversary, break out the birthday cake for the "Fox News Channel." Because 20 years ago today, we were born on January 30th, 1996. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes announced the start of this channel at a press conference in New York City.

We officially went on the air October 7th, 1996. And now, Fox is fair and balanced broadcast reached almost 95 million American households. And a special thank you on behalf of "The Five" and our colleagues at the "Fox News Channel" to all the viewers out there for making us the number one name in news.

BOLLING: Excellent, excellent. All right. Greg, you're up my man.

GUTFIELD: What? Where was the big party?


All right. Tomorrow, Dana and I are going to be at the villages for a special event. It's going to be a lot of fun. I call it a book-off. We're going to try to see to sell more books. But we're just going to be speaking. We've got a -- there's going to be a lot of signing. We go to the, I think, it's called the, "" to get the few remaining tickets. It's almost sold out.

BOLLING: Well, you guys going to be populated down there tomorrow. Dana?

PERINO: OK. I've been waiting for this. I've been ready for a while. I have got -- Do we have the sound bites for selling things? OK. It's Dana's corny joke of the day. All right, that, I understood it myself. All right, are you ready?

What do you get when a corn cob is run over by a truck?

BOLLING: Corn mush, no.

PERINO: Creamed corn.

BOLLING: Creamed corn, there we go.


GUTFIELD: Don't laugh.

PERINO: What did the corn say when he got complimented?

BOLLING: Corny joke, no.

PERINO: Awe, shucks (ph). OK, here's the last one.

GUILFOYLE: Hit them on.

PERINO: What do corn cobs call their father?



GUILFOYLE: Thank you. I thought this was every .

GUTFIELD: You just can't applaud that!

BOLLING: So, last night .

GUILFOYLE: You want to do with every week?

BOLLING: .went out to dinner with a couple of cocktails in the bar and guess who joined us? Bill Hemmer joined us for a little while.


BOLLING: And look what he did today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Steven Hayyes, senior writer, Weekly Center Fox news contributor. Kirsten Powers, columnist for USA Today and Fox News contributors as well and we welcome you.


BOLLING: It's like "The Five" only with the four.



GUILFOYLE: We only need four with this team. We're good, were good.

BOLLING: There's only five.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: At least we gave them a singe.


WILLIAMS: All right, no, I just .

GUILFOYLE: . in the building.

WILLIAMS: I just wanted to like give you a last look at Des Moines before we go. Here I am standing in front of the capital, holding hands. 1886, it was built and I'm walking up the 298 steps to the second floor of the capital, standing in front of a mailbox, this old fashioned mailboxes for the legislators. Then there's a USS Iowa model, 18th feet long. And I'm standing also on the map of Iowa there in the Southeast corner.

BOLLING: We've got to go. We've got to go. We're going to see .

GUTFIELD: Take that wide shot. A little bit crowded (ph) there but amazing all week.

WILLIAMS: Just wonderful.


GUILFOYLE: We'll be here in Iowa.

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