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MEGYN KELLY, HOST, "THE KELLY FILE":  Breaking tonight, a massive snowstorm is moving up the East Coast bringing heavy snow, high winds and blizzard conditions to some 80 million Americans.  We have the latest radar track and live pictures up and down the eastern U.S. from the first big winter storm of the season.  Forecasters say, the Washington, D.C. area will get hit the hardest over the next 24 hours.  

With snow fall totals ranging from two to three feet but they are also predicting significant accumulation across Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and much of the northeast corridor.  Experts say in some places, snow could fall as heavily as one to three inches an hour and last for more than 24 hours in some places.  We are on it live throughout the hour.  We will have another update on the breaking news shortly.  Keep it right here.  

Also breaking tonight perhaps the most damaging allegation yet against Hillary Clinton in her e-mail scandal.  

Welcome to “The Kelly File,” everyone.  I'm Megyn Kelly.  For days presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has downplayed the news that her private e-mail included information so secret that not even the FBI agents investigating her or cleared to see it.  We're investigating her case.  Suggesting all she actually did was to forward a newspaper article about drones.  


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I did not send or receive classified material and this latest example, the best can I determine, may turn on whether or not someone forwarded a New York Times article in the public domain.  

It's likely what they are referring to is the forwarding of a New York Times article.  How a New York Times public article that goes around the world could be in any way viewed as classified --  


KELLY:  But tonight we are learning the reality appears to be far more serious than that.  Among Mrs. Clinton's communications on her private unsecured server were details about spies whose lives were potentially at risk in service to our country.  In moments we will be joined by Morten Storm, a CIA agent who infiltrated al Qaeda for our government along with Chris Stirewalt and Howie Kurtz.  

But we begin with chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reporting from Washington.  Catherine?

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT:  Megyn, at least one of the Clinton e-mails contained intelligence about human spying according to the intelligence community's findings that the inspector general shared with Congress.  Two sources tell FOX News an Intel agency reviewed the e-mail and found the contained what's known as HCS-0 information which is the code used for human intelligence reporting in ongoing operations.  It is not publicly known whether the Clinton e-mail revealed details identifying the source.  

The source's nationality, or affiliation.  According to the office of the Director of National Intelligence, the nation's top spy, this category of intelligence found in Clinton's e-mail is used to protect deep cover assets.  Quote, "Exceptionally fragile and unique Intelligence Community Clandestine Human Operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency.  Dan MaGuire, a special operations veteran who spent 46 years handling highly classified information and being deeply engaged on special access programs.  So, this kind of compromise is a serious matter.  


DAN MAGUIRE, FORMER AFRICOM SPECIAL OPERATIONS STRATEGIC PLANNER:  There are people's lives at stake.  Certainly in an Intel SAP, if you're talking about sources or methods, you know, there may be one person in the world that would have access to the type of information contained in that set.  That particular source which if its disclosed, and it is a foreign government source, that individual winds up dead.  


HERRIDGE:  Earlier this week as FOX first reported an unclassified letter from the inspector general notified senior lawmakers that intelligence agencies found several dozen Clinton e-mails containing classified information and some are classified beyond top secret.  Late today State Department lawyers asked the federal judge for a one-month extension to finish releasing the last group of Clinton's emails.  Some of the most problematic e-mails were expected in this final round at the end of the month -- Megyn.  

KELLY:  Catherine Herridge, thank you.  

Well, my next guest knows exactly what happens when someone's cover is blown.  Morten Storm is a former CIA double agent who infiltrated al Qaeda.  He is the coauthor of the book, "Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA."

Morten, great to see you.  Thank you for being here.  I just want to make it clear to the audience that it is not publicly known whether the information in these e-mails also revealed who the human source was.  What their nationality was, what their affiliation was, so identity may not have been revealed.  They are just saying human source information was in these e-mails.  As somebody whose identity and work was protected by our government for years, what's your reaction to this story?

MORTEN STORM, FORMER CIA DOUBLE AGENT INSIDE AL QAEDA:  You know, Hillary Clinton, for me, have played Russian Roulette with the life of these brave men and women who protect America and its allies.  I used to work like that and I used to put my life at risk.  And if I not work for the CIA at that time, had I known that you know, the American government were playing around or playing Russian Roulette with my life or security, I wouldn't have worked with them.  It is so destructive what you have done for the future of, you know, the American intelligence and the sources of human Intel, and outside, you know, on the frontlines.  And, you know, people who get exposed or even by mistake you know they die, I have friend who got shot in 2013 in Syria, he got killed.  If there was no suspicion about me, and my work with the intelligence services, I would have been killed myself.  

KELLY:  Just based on suspicion?

STORM:  On suspicion, they will send you to the frontline and they will test you in a very horrific way and there is, you know, there is a big chances for you to get killed.  

KELLY:  Morten, Bob Gates, the former defense secretary and actually the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Mike Flynt have both suggested that the Russians and the Chinese absolutely would have seen her, that they wouldn't hacked into that server that they are saying it, trust us, they would have.  

STORM:  That's correct.  

KELLY:  But does that necessarily endanger a spy like you?

STORM:  Well, it could because you look at Syria, look in Syria, our allies are -- well, the Russian allies and our allies in Syria are not the same.  So, so fortunately we -- that could cause conflict and also sometimes information can be leaked to like I was working, infiltrating in Yemen, and also in Kenya with the Somalis.  So if information being leaked to the wrong people and people have come across their e-mails and past on the information, that is a death sentence.  You know, I was never declared to the Yemeni government because of that.  

KELLY:  Uh-hm.

STORM:  So, I think that the fact that Hillary Clinton have lied about this, she showed no remorse, you know.  It is mind-blowing.  

KELLY:  Well, we don't know all the facts yet.  She is denying that this information is in there.  We're receiving conflicting information, but we will continue to follow it.  Morten, thank you again.  

STORM:  Thank you, very much.  

KELLY:  While Mrs. Clinton may be taking new heat over her e-mails, remarks from her husband are also drawing some fire tonight.  While out on the campaign trail, the former president praised his wife for how tough she was sitting through hours of questions from the Benghazi Select Committee.  Critics quickly responded by pointing out that was not as hard as trying to actually live through the attack on our consulate.  That took four American lives.  Here is Bill Clinton.  


BILL CLINTON, D-FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT:  -- like it blame Hillary.  It is amazing what they put her through.  But in those 11 hours she stood with the seventh committee, she proved that she was tough enough to be president.  I don't know about you, but I don't think there's another figure in America could have done that.  


KELLY:  Kate Quigley is the sister of Glen Doherty who was killed in Benghazi and president of the Glenn Dougherty Memorial Foundation.  Kate, thank you so much for being here.  

Let's just start with that.  Your reaction to former President Bill Clinton's remarks that it is amazing what they put Hillary through the Benghazi Select Committee given eight, 11 hours of testimony that day.  

KATE QUIGLEY, SISTER OF BENGHAZI VICTIM GLEN DOHERTY:  Yes.  You know, the insensitivity of that comment is shocking but clearly misguided sympathy runs in the family.  When I met Hillary Clinton the day that my brother's coffin came to Andrews Air Force Base, she told my family that we should feel sorry for the Libyan people.  You know?  And that was just moments before, you know, waiting to receive his body.  So clearly they have it all wrong.  

KELLY:  Take us back to that moment, Kate, when you were at the Air Force Base.  The caskets were returning.  And you said that -- you told us beforehand, that several of the officials there came and spoke with you.  President Obama, Vice President Biden and Hillary Clinton.  Talk about the difference in message.  

QUIGLEY:  Yes, you know, we were all just raw that day.  The grief was filled the room and it was all we could do to just stand up tall and prepare ourselves for the ceremony that we knew that was coming.  And most of the conversations were very light.  Hillary, you know, was the exception to that.  She clearly came in with a script and an agenda and talked about, you know, in her moments with my family, that we should feel sad for the Libyan people because they're uneducated and that breeds fear which breeds violence which ultimately led to the protest that took my brother's life.  And you know, knowing now what she knew then, it just blows my mind that she would choose to take that stance on that of all days.  

KELLY:  So she did say to you that the Benghazi attack was caused by protests.  

QUIGLEY:  Absolutely.  And she was the only person that day who talked about it and it was completely unsolicited.  We weren't asking questions.  We didn't have the wherewithal that time.  This was, you know, 48 hours after we learned of what it happens.  So, you know, she came in unsolicited and that's what she spoke to us about.  You know, another thing that happened that day after the ceremony, the Libyan ambassador leaned into me and talked about finding the terrorists who implemented this attack.  And I was speechless because those were the words that I had been longing and needing to hear and coming from a Libyan man, of all people, when, you know, that should have come from Mrs. Clinton.  And I still to this day have not heard that.  

KELLY:  Did she say anything to you specifically about a video?

QUIGLEY:  She didn't mention the word video to me.  You know, it was really about a spontaneous protest.  

KELLY:  Uh-hm.  And so when you heard -- because you have spoken out sparingly in the past about this.  You were one of the family members who said very little.  But when you heard Mrs. Clinton give an interview to New Hampshire paper and the question to her from the editorial board was with respect to the testimonials because the other family members have said, she came out and she told us it was about a video.  You are on record as having said she blamed this on a protest.  He said to her somebody's lying.  Who is it?  And she responded, not me.  That's all I can tell you.  What's your reaction to that?

QUIGLEY:  Yes.  And I was upset.  You know, the last thing that I wanted to be doing is going on national television and saying bad things about anyone.  But you know, to be basically called out and called a liar, you know, and to talk about the fog of war, I wish that I could forget those days and those weeks.  But, you know, anyone who goes through a tragedy knows every single moment is seared into my brain.  And you know, for her to take that stance, it just shows again what kind of character she has.  
And she's had so many opportunities to just tell the truth and, you know, had that happened from the beginning, Benghazi would have been, you know, a distant memory.  

KELLY:  I know you're now penning a letter to Mrs. Clinton.  You've given THE KELLY FILE an advance copy.  I have it in front of you.  It reads in part your time with my family was spent perpetuating what you knew was a lie, telling us the attack was a result of a spontaneous protest.  My brother Glen Doherty fought and died for you.  How do you repay him?  You call his family liars and victims in the fog of war.  This is yet another stunning example of your lack of integrity and character.  

Kate, I have to ask you, is this a political thing for you?  I know you have an amazing foundation.  You have kept it very apolitical and people from both sides of the aisle give to the Glen Doherty, as they should.  Is there a political axe to grind here?

QUIGLEY:  I have no political motivation.  I only speak to my, you know, what I went through, what my family went through.  On the flip side, you know, Vice President Joe Biden was so kind to myself and my family.  And you know, had he thrown his ring in the hat, I would have happily voted for him.  He couldn't have been nicer to me.  And he was such a light-hearted wonderful man on what was one of the worst, you know, days of our lives.  

KELLY:  I mean, our hearts go out to your family.  If the viewers see "13 Hours," they will get to know Glen in a way that is really special and amazing.  And I do want to say that this foundation, the is now created by you, in his memory is what he would have wanted, they help now special ops guys and their families with scholarships.  And these guys, you know, they don't have money.  They don't have a lot of dough.  They put their lives on the line and then in so many instances they are forgotten.  So, it's the Glen Doherty,  And Kate, God bless you.  Thank you for coming on.  

QUIGLEY:  Thank you so much.  

KELLY:  So between the Benghazi story, the e-mail issues and the Bernie Sanders surge, what could happen to Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks?

Chris Stirewalt and Howie Kurtz are next on that.

And breaking tonight, a potentially historic storm now has nearly half of the states and our nation under a blizzard or winter storm warning.  The new forecast and live coverage from the hardest hit areas when we come back.  Janice Dean is on the case.


KELLY:  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just declaring a state of emergency as a potentially historic winter storms slams nearly half the states in the nation including the one of which he is governor.  At least five people have been killed.  More than 7500 flights have already been cancelled and thousands more are expected to be delayed or cancelled by tomorrow.  We are tracking this storm throughout the hour.  


QUIGLEY:  We were all just raw that day.  The grief was filled the room and it was all we could do to just stand up tall and prepare ourselves for the ceremony that we knew that was coming and most of the conversations were very light.  And Hillary, you know, with the exception to that.  She clearly came in with a script.  

STORM:  You know, Hillary Clinton for me had played Russian Roulette with the life of these brave men and women who protect America and its allies.  


KELLY:  So, you just heard from Morten Storm and the sister of one of the Benghazi victims with just some of the questions continuing to dug the Clinton campaign for president.  

Joining us now with reaction, Chris Stirewalt, our Fox News digital politics editor, and Howard Kurtz who is host of FOX News "MediaBuzz."  

Guys, good to see you both.  So, again, Hillary is denying these reports about what was in her e-mail, and it being top secret and she has reiterated time and again, she did not send or receive any information marked classified or at other times she says classified.  Well, that's what she says.  


KELLY:  And we haven't, you know, we haven't scent documents so we don't know for sure, Chris.  But the question is, whether these stories are actually going to have an impact on her race for the nomination or are these just quote, "Republican stories?"

STIREWALT:  I have never seen a human being with as bad a political instincts as Hillary Clinton.  I mean, honest to goodness.  Her ability to screw up running for office defies anything I have ever seen.  

KELLY:  How?  What has she done to screw it up?  I mean, you have got this select committee that's investigating her.  The inspector general who is taking a look at the server.  I mean, she is probably sitting at home saying, I had a private server.  That's really what I did.  You're talking about indicting me because of that?

STIREWALT:  Hey, she is going to get indicted, she's going to not get indicted, I don't know anything about that.  I know nothing about the law.  As long as they don't arrest me, I'm fine.  But when it comes to political smarts, she makes Jeb Bush look like Lee Atwater.  

KELLY:  Well, her poll numbers look a lot better than his.  

STIREWALT:  Well, compared to the self about socialist from Vermont, she is running against nobody.  This is a woman who created an expectation after the Benghazi hearing and you heard Bill Clinton in his ready voice reference they had her for, what, 11 hours.  Which is two hours less than 13, I would point out.  

KELLY:  That is not a savvy comment.  

STIREWALT:  Yes.  It was not smart.  And so they had her.  And they are done and the Clintons and the Democrats say, well, see they had the hearing and then nothing happened.  So it's all good.  And forward to the nomination.  What they did was wrong because what you're supposed to do is manage your supporters expectations and say, look, there is going to be more bombs as we go forward.  Instead they said, we're all done.  Clean bill of health, it's fine.  And now kablooey, kablooey, kablooey.  

KELLY:  You know, Howie, Kate Quigley is a remarkable person and she's been through a lot.  She has really held her dignity through this whole thing.  And she clearly is not some partisan.  And you heard the loving things she had to say about Joe Biden.  That was not a good testimonial for Mrs.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS HOST, "MEDIABUZZ":  Megyn, that interview was hard for me to watch just now.  And the drip, drip, drip of this allegation is eroding the rock of Hillary's inevitability.  But look, you are a democratic voter and you hear Benghazi brought up again.  And you hear she didn't just have classified information allegedly on her home server, it was super-duper triple secret.  You're not going to say, hey, I'm going to go vote for Bernie Sanders.  And so, if you like --  

KELLY:  Or Trump or Cruz.  

KURTZ:  Yes.  If you like Hillary, then you dismiss this and you tend to dismiss it as old partisan news.  If you don't like Hillary you see this confirmation that she should be behind bars and meanwhile she is having trouble getting a message for anything else.  She wants to talk about gun control or raising taxes on the rich, because she is having to respond to this stuff.  

KELLY:  Uh-hm.  Stirewalt, does it have any effect on Joe Biden's calculations?

KURTZ:  Well, I think Joe Biden is predicated pretty exclusively on Hillary Clinton.  

KELLY:  You think he is calling the FBI?

KURTZ:  Right.  Like, hey, how are you guys?

KELLY:  You busy?

KURTZ:  You got anything going on?  Like you got any investigations.  I think all of Joe Biden's calculations are predicated on Hillary Clinton being indicted.  Not just indicted but indicted at the right time that he can swoop in and --  

KELLY:  That's really not how you want to, you know, base your race to the White House.  That is really like, just praying for an indictment.  You can come up with a better plan.  I got to run.  We're short tonight because we got a big storm.  You guys may know about it.  Perhaps you heard about it.  
Oh, wait you're in D.C.  

STIREWALT:  I've heard nothing.  

KELLY:  Thank you for staying late.  

KURTZ:  Snow apocalypse.  

KELLY:  Well, fears backslash, 24 hours after one of America's most influential publications came on this program to announce its effort to stop Donald Trump.  Editor of National Review Rich Lowry is here.  And pollster Frank Luntz breaks down the messages fueling Trump's popularity.  

Plus, live pictures of the massive blizzard intensifying at this hour as it climbs up the East Coast.  Janice Dean with the very latest information on this storm right after this break.  


KELLY:  Well, we are tracking a massive and potentially dangerous snow storm that has already hit the South and mid-Atlantic and it is making its way up the east coast at this hour.  More than 120,000 power outages have already been reported in North Carolina alone.  Take a look at the shot of the White House here.  A storm rushed to the supermarket has left shelves in many stores empty.  

Our own meteorologist Janice Dean is live in the FOX Weather Center late with us tonight with the very latest.  Janice?

JANICE DEAN, FOX NEWS SENIOR METEOROLOGIST:  Yes.  We've already got a foot-and-a-half of snow across portions of North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and this storm hasn't even gotten its act together.  It is not even off the coast.  So seeing light snow in the D.C. area up towards Philadelphia still cloudy in New York City but we are getting in on the snow overnight tonight and into tomorrow and some of the snow fall totals could be epic.  Epic snow fall.  The other part of this storm, really dangerous part, is the winds.  We're going to see wind gusts in excess of 60, 70 miles per hour.  

Hurricane force wind all along the coast.  That strong onshore flow combined with high tide is going to cause coastal flooding.  This is the big story as well.  And a lot of beach erosion along these beautiful beaches.  So, this is a big event.  Eighteen states under winter storm advisories.  Thirty million people under blizzard warnings, meaning that we're going to see conditions deteriorate overnight tonight for parts of Baltimore, D.C., Philly, Atlantic City up towards New York and Long Island.  Thirty million people affected and Megyn, the snow fall totals are incredible.  

Here is one of our forecast models, the GFS which we rely on over 30 inches of snow for DC, that would put it at the all-time greatest snowfall record for D.C.  And when you put it in perspective, the snowiest season was 2009, 2010, 56 inches, the storm forecaster, 20 to 30, that's a season's worth of snow in just a couple of hours.  

KELLY:  That's unbelievable.  I'm turning around to look behind me, there's nothing so far.  

DEAN:  It's coming.  

KELLY:  We got nothing in New York yet.  

DEAN:  It's coming.  

KELLY:  What time is it going to start here?

DEAN:  Overnight tonight.  

KELLY:  All right.  I'll set my alarm for that.  JD is staying in a hotel because she works hard, she's going to be here all night, all day.  

DEAN:  Listen.  You're welcome to join me.  

KELLY:  Here we go again.  


Here we go again.

DEAN:  I could not do that.

KELLY:  I will be meeting my husband.  Great to see you love, thank you.  

Coming up, a doctor at a Miami hospital is in hot water and could possibly lose her job.  So, she is a doctor.  I don't know why we have her here, like in this fashion.  After attacking a driver who did not want to give her a ride.  

Plus, last night in this program, we reveal the huge effort on the part of National Review and 22 of the most prominent conservative voices in this country who are coming out quote, "against Trump."  

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review is here on the backlash.  And we will also have Frank Luntz who is here to tell us why this effort might not put a dent in Mr. Trump's popularity.   


MEGYN KELLY, THE KELLY FILE SHOW HOST:  Breaking tonight, 85 million Americans in the path of a deadly winter storm. The National Weather Service calling this, quote "crippling and potentially historic."

WTTG reporter, Jennifer Davis is live in Fairfax, Virginia for us tonight.

JENNIFER DAVIS, WTTG REPORTER:  Hi, there, Megyn. Well, you know, they may be used to weather like this in places like Chicago and Buffalo, but here in the D.C. area this is not typical.

I'm standing in one of the Virginia suburbs, Fairfax, Virginia. This actualy is a major thorough fair, it's route 50. And as you can we tonight, not a car on it, that's the way they want it, though. They have realy put out the warning for folks to stay inside. And they are happy that people are listening because this is not something our region typically can handle.

Four thousand trucks are out in northern Virginia tonight plowing. Even so, it is a lot to keep up with. We only have a few inches that at this point and what's falling so far is a pretty dry snow but it's going to get really difficult after midnight tonight.

They are expecting the snow to combine with winds as much as 60 miles an hour. Thunder snow they are telling us is possible, which is a thunderstorm mixed with snow and before it's all over we could see two to three feet. That would be record-setting.

It's enough that it's not only closed and really quieted the roads, also our metro system, the buses shut down and the metro trains are going to shut down at 11 for the weekend. So, really crippling the area and the worst is yet to come.

KELLY:  What's thunder snow? It's not good. It's never what you want to hear. Jennifer, thank you.

Well, a new backlash from Donald Trump and his supporters, 24 hours after some Americans most influential conservative thinkers appeared on this program, some of them launching an organized effort to stop Mr. Trump from winning the GOP nomination.

Then earlier tonight, brand new Fox News polls reveal the state of the race. Mr. Trump still leading the republican pack by double digits followed by Senator Ted Cruz. This is national, 34 percent for Trump, 20 percent for Cruz. And then, Rubio and Carson at 11, and 8 respectively.

In a moment, we will be joined by National Review editor, Rich Lowry. The man who organized that effort against Trump. But first, pollster Frank Luntz analyzes Mr. Trump's recent debate performances and here is what he found. In this clip when you see the lines are rising that means the message is working.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I am totally committed to the Republican Party. I feel very honored to be the front-runner.


And I think I'll do very well if I'm chosen. If I'm so fortunate to be chosen, I think I'll do very well. Polls have come out recently saying I would beat Hillary. I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton. I can promise you.



KELLY:  Frank Luntz, the CEO of Luntz Global and author of "What Americans Really Want." Really? Frank, why do they like that so much?

FRANK LUNTZ, LUNTZ GLOBAL CEO:  Because that's the number one priority for republican primary voters. They're tired of the last eight years of Barack Obama. They desperately want a change. And the only concern that they have with Donald Trump is whether he could actually defeat Hillary Clinton.

And over the past few weeks, Trump has made the arguments quite effectively that he actually would be just as good as other candidates, and in fact, among certain voters to just working class voters. African-Americans, you might even be better than the typical republican.


KELLY:  The he is cross this...

LUNTZ:  And the key to this, Megyn, is that...

KELLY:  Go ahead.

LUNTZ:  ... he reflects anger. He reflects the anger that has taken place in the Republican Party and that's when he vows the highest when he is talking and reflecting that anger.

KELLY:  All right. We have another clip. Let's take a look.


TRUMP:  She did say -- she did say there was anger. And I could say, oh, I'm not angry. I'm very angry. Because our country is being run horribly. And I will gladly accept the mantle of anger. Our military is a disaster.


Our health care is a horror show. Obamacare we're going to repeal it and replace it. We have no borders. Our vets are being treated horribly. Illegal immigration is beyond belief. Our country is being run by incompetent people. And yes, I am angry.


And I won't be angry when we fix it. But until we fix it, I'm very, very angry.


KELLY:  That was smart of Trump that to not disavow what the republican voters in large part are appealing.

LUNTZ:  And it's one of the reasons why he's focused on immigration because that's where the greatest anger exists. The idea that you cannot control the border, that you have people coming in and that you cannot track. When Trump talks about immigration he also scores incredibly well.

KELLY:  Frank, always interesting. Thank you, sir.

LUNTZ:  Thank you.

KELLY:  So, Rich Lowry is here, as I mentioned, he is editor of National Review. And boy, what a firestorm you caused with the against Trump cover.

He's not happy. He says you're a dying publication and Bill Buckley, the founder of National Review, would be ashamed of you. What's the response then?

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR:  Well, it's been incredible. And we love it. We exist to create debate and controversy. And there's been a lot of conservatives who reached out to us all day who really thought this needed to set and I'm glad we set it. And there have been a few critics as well.

KELLY:  And the critics are, I mean, for example, Rush Limbaugh came out and said, "This is misplaced because you overestimated the degree of conservatism in a Republican Party."

LOWRY:  He could be right. If he is right, this profoundly depressing. And our mission is to hold up this banner and put this flag in the ground for principle conservatism whether it's popular or not.

And in fact, sometimes the less people want to hear something, the more important it is for us to say. And this is Bill Buckley created National Review in the first place.

KELLY:  There was an interesting moment today, well, of course, Trump said that publication is failing and it's dying and all that. It was amusing to see that in April 2015, Trump sent out the following tweet, "Really important to save National Review from going out of business. We need a true conservative voice." So, he liked you back then.

LOWRY:  Well, I appreciate his concern for his help, but I assure him we're doing just fine. And for irrelevant why does he spend so much time obsessed with what we're saying and criticizing us and our writers. Just look at his Twitter feed.

But Trump invoking Bill Buckley is so ironic. Because Bill Buckley actually wrote about him in 2000, and said he is a narcissist and a demagogue and not may -- not much has changed in 15 years I read it.

KELLY:  He came out and suggested that Donald Trump when he looks at a glass he is mesmerized by its reflection. If he were shaped a little differently, he would compete for Miss America. And he went on to really say some unfortunate things about Trump.


LOWRY:  If Trump would have had Twitter feed in 2000, Bill Buckley would have been a lizard.

KELLY:  So, let me ask you this because people have come out and said, look, conservatism is alive and well. You know, just today, we had the march for life in Washington, D.C. and people brave this, incredible temperatures.

LOWRY:  Right.

KELLY:  They go outside, they do it every year to march for their principles. And they're still there and still mean it. And yet, some of these very same people they believe in Donald Trump, even though he may not be a conservative, Rich. And if he is, it's the people in your piece argue, he is a recent convert.

LOWRY:  Yes. Well, I just think that belief in Trump is misplaced. And, look, I take everything that Frank said, I agree with the power of Trump as a communicator. There are important lessons he has for the Republican Party, but he's a deeply flawed vessel himself.

And I believe if he gets the nomination he's perfectly capable of turning around and saying, you know what, I'm really not that conservative. Look, even National Review criticized me and I'm just a moderate who wants to get things done and cut deals. And that's exactly the kind of republicans the right has been trying to reject for a long time...


KELLY:  Well, what's interesting about that is just today, he sort of came out and suggested maybe the establishment is not so bad. You know, he sort of this been insurgent. And here is what he said in Nevada earlier.


TRUMP:  You know what disappointed which, let's get to be a little establishment. We have to get things done first, OK? Believe me. Don't worry, we're going to make such great deals.


KELLY:  Yesterday. So, we've got to -- we've got to get along with folks. We've got to be more establishment which is a very different sounding message than before.

LOWRY:  Right. And so, you're hearing the beginning of it and there is an interesting dance going on where Trump is beginning to sound like that and the establishment is beginning to warm up to him. And it's just -- it's crazy to me the establishment was going to fight Trump then decided to know they couldn't really get it together. And now they're surrendering without a shot being fired. And then some of their...


KELLY:  Who are the establishment -- I mean, Krauthammer is not, you know...

LOWRY:  Well, its consultants, its lobbyists, its elected officials, its senators. One person on another network actually said, the voters have spoken. Meaning, we just shouldn't criticize Trump and we just let it go.

KELLY:  Wow.

LOWRY:  Which is crazy. It's 10 days before an election. There is reasons why we have caucuses and primaries and maybe that this race is completely static and its' effectively over, I kind of doubt it. I bet it's still fluid and their plot twist to come.

KELLY:  They said that there are lot of late deciders especially if Iowa. So, you know, it's definitely not over there. I mean, nobody has cast a single vote yet. So, we shall see.

LOWRY:  Just wait until the National readers turn out in Iowa.

KELLY:  OK. Rich, good to see you.

LOWRY:  Great seeing you.

KELLY:  He likes to cause trouble. Well, mark your calendars now. The next and final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses is next Thursday. January 28th at 9 p.m. right here on Fox News.

You're going to be all set because you've got “The Kelly File” on DVR. And bam, a pops to Republican debate and there I will be alongside Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. It is the Republican candidates last chance to make their argument to voters before the February 1st Iowa caucuses.

Don't miss the Fox News, Google GOP debate, Thursday night at 9 p.m.

We are getting new information on the winter storm affecting nearly half the states in the nation. A system that is going to dump several feet of snow across the East Coast.

Plus, yes, here she is again. Going to talk to the producers about this. She is a doctor in Miami, and she was caught on camera getting very angry at an Uber driver. Our -- oh, James, (Inaudible) you don't want to see her. I'll show you why. Next.


KELLY:  Developing tonight, a doctor at Miami Hospital, a Miami hospital is now in danger of losing her job after a video surfaced of her physically and verbally assaulting an Uber driver who was refusing to give her a ride. Can you blame him? Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  You want to share me and then go home? Oh, seriously?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Yes, seriously. Yes, I'll get some help.

What the (muted) Get the (muted) of the car!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Yes, I'm attacking you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  You have to prove this all over again.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What are you doing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I'll get something.



KELLY:  I'm going to take a guess that alcohol was involved. Joining me now our Fox News contributors and attorneys, Eboni Williams, a former federal prosecutor, Lis Wiehl. At the end of show I mean, like a -- she has a new book out by the way, called "The News Makers." That's exciting. All right. So, yes, alcohol?

LIS WIEHL, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST:  Yes. It was early in the morning. So, we can presume that. We don't know that for sure. Early in the morning. She got -- tried to get in the car. Someone else has called this Uber car driver. She tried to get in teh car.

KELLY:  So, it wasn't even there for her?

WIEHL:  No, no. And the guy was like, oh, OK, that's fine. And the Uber, the car driver was like, no, I am not taking this woman. And that's when she starts to tumbling and throwing up and interesting throwing out all the stuff.

Look, I mean, she's not been prosecuted, she's luckily for that. She should have been prosecuted I think. But she actually paid this guy some money. So, she is trying to show she's sorry. Should she lose her job? I think so.

KELLY:  Really?

WIEHL:  Yes.

KELLY:  She's a resident? She's a resident at this hospital.

WIEHL:  Yes. Do you know what, do you really want somebody with that bedside manner? You know, she is going to be taking care of you? She is going to be your doctor, she's a necrologist.

KELLY:  Oh, come on. Everybody, I mean, excusing the behavior, but, you know, everybody screws up every one. It takes a lot to go through medical -- look how nice she looks there.

WIEHL:  She's a 29-year-old.

KELLY:  Oh, got, you use that picture.

EBONI WILLIAMS, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST:  The white coat pic, yes, that's nice.

KELLY:  Yes. But, so, it's one mistake. It's not excusable. She ought to pay that guy some money.

WILLIAMS:  Absolutely.

KELLY:  She assaulted him.


KELLY:  She is lucky she's not being charged.


KELLY:  Am I right? But, I don't know, fired?

WILLIAMS:  I think not fired, Megyn. I agree with you there. Look, it's a defense lawyer's nightmare. If she were charged criminally, this would be...


KELLY:  She did it.

WILLIAMS:  Absolutely. Yes. She was lucky. It's on camera.

KELLY:  It's on tape.

WILLIAMS:  She is nearly assaulting, battering this guy damaging his car, damaging his property. She would be in serious hot water. We're presuming intoxication that's pretty much the only defense she would have had, right?

KELLY:  It's not even wanted.


WIEHL:  No, not really. Voluntarily she chose to.

WILLIAMS:  She's a doctor.

WIEHL:  But the only argument she could make, right, didn't have the intent to really have the requisite -- the requirement. But look, it wouldn't stick because she volunteered to do it.

WILLIAMS:  We're going to presume it was a rough night, doctor. Don't do that anymore.

WIEHL:  That's right.

WILLIAMS:  Really bad?

KELLY:  Well, listen, she is very lucky. But the thing that really ticked me off about her story other than watching the beat down was she called the cops.


KELLY:  Her family called police after someone who apparently saw the video on the internet ordered -- this is how they pranked her. Are you ready? They had a pizza sent to her house that she didn't actually order.

WIEHL:  Oh, my goodness.

KELLY:  that she called the cops. This woman who call -- just stay away from the cops. Be glad you a got away with it...


WILLIAMS:  Exactly.

KELLY:  ... and move on. I mean, this is not the first time this has happened to an Uber driver. There is a case going on right now...

WIEHL:  With a Taco Bell.

KELLY:  What happened here?

WIEHL:  A former Taco Bill executive, he was in the car, right, he starts beating up the driver. He's drunk. He starts beating up the driver.

KELLY:  This is a Taco bell -- former Taco Bell executive?

WIEHL:  He loses his job. OK. He is out in California. Meanwhile, his criminal assault charges going on. Meanwhile, he sues Uber, the Uber driver saying, it's a two-party consent in California to take that video. You did not have my consent to take that video. I want $5 million from you.


KELLY:  That's unbelievable.

WIEHL:  Unbelievable.

KELLY:  And he's probably going to get it.

WIEHL:  Well, he might.

WILLIAMS:  Well, because and people call that a loophole but we know that's the way the law reads. They look so nasty and aggressive, though.

KELLY:  And no jury is going to give him that.

WIEHL:  He's on the right side.

KELLY:  He's on the right side of the law with that argument.

WIEHL:  Yes, $1.

KELLY:  Yes, $1.

WIEHL:  If you're right on the law, no punitive damage.

KELLY:  You know what, it's like, maybe a taxi is the best way. I don't know. The Uber situation, I'm not sure.

WILLIAMS:  Or be nice.

WIEHL:  Or be sober.


WIEHL:  Is it so hard?

WILLIAMS:  Just be nice.

KELLY:  And the poor guy, he, the Uber guy. I shouldn't say that about Uber because he was being so nice. It was really her problem. She was going to beat him. He wasn't touching her, he wasn't fighting back. He was like, ma'am, get out.

WIEHL:  Right.

KELLY:  Anyway, the real loser is the guy who ordered the Uber car in the first place.

WIEHL:  And took the video, though.

KELLY:  Yes, that's important.

WIEHL:  He's never got this Uber.

KELLY:  Good to see you both.

WIEHL:  Thank you.

KELLY:  At least 10 states now declaring a state of emergency. Still nothing here. You can see it behind me. But down in the mid-Atlantic, different story. The deadly storm is dumping one to three inches of snow every hour. An update just after the break.


KELLY:  Fox news weather alert for you now. Blizzard warning in effect from D.C. to New York tonight, as this massive storm turns up the East Coast.

And we are now learning that 1 in 7 Americans could get a half foot of snow by Sunday. Peter Doocy is live in Washington with more. Hey, Peter.

PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Hey, Megyn, all's quiet here in Chinatown. This is the intersection of Seventh and Eighth Street northwest, and the fact there are not a lot of people out there because there are always a lot of people at this spot, especially on a Friday night, means that for once, people in Washington, D.C. listened.

Early this afternoon, late this morning, officials started warning people to shelter in place for the whole weekend starting at 3 p.m., and it seems like probably because of those warnings and probably partly because it's nasty out, folks found their way home or to a friend's house or into some of -- some of the handful of restaurants that are still open.

But look at this, this is the gallery place, metro stop right here, normally hundreds of people an hour on a Friday night coming up and down the escalators. People performing on the sidewalk all time of year, none of that today.

The Verizon Center is a block down here on Seventh Street. There's supposed to be a capital's game that have been scheduled for months to have a puck drop at 7 p.m. That would normally just be letting out right now. We're not seeing any of that.

But you can see that the snow is really starting to pick up. It's getting colder and the wind is getting a lot worse. All day and for the last few days, the forecast models really started to warn that the storm is going to be bad, power outages were a concern.

There are utility crews in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia already. We've seen the crews standing by. But really, the only people on the streets today other than news crews are police cars, plow drivers and Uber SUV drivers. Megyn.

KELLY:  And news people. I'm very glad, Peter, you just say you didn't put on the goggles. I saw some others reporters wear today. Oh, look, a photo bomb behind you. Because some of those reporters was photo -- reporters had to wear goggles, and not Peter Doocy. He's like bring it, bring it. I'm fine.

DOOCY:  I did start to wear a hat because my mom texted me that my ears were red.

KELLY:  Got to go. Stay warm. We'll be right back.


KELLY:  So, Lis Wiehl's book "The Newsmaker" is about murder and mayhem in the news industry. I hope she doesn't know something I don't know. Another great novel about news in politics is my husband, Doug Brunt, "The Means." Read it by the fire and the hot cocoa this weekend. Stay safe.


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