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BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: It's Friday, and usually at this point we go to a place called Candidate Casino. There it goes, round and round. There are fewer spots on the casino, on the roulette wheel. You have $100 on chips. Where are you going to put them on the eventual nominee of the party? Chuck?

CHARLES LANE, THE WASHINGTON POST: I have $30 on Donald Trump. This is new for me. I have been a skeptic, but I have finally caved to the reality that he is sticking there at the top of the polls. And that's almost $1 for every point he has had the Real Clear Politics average. Rubio also $30 reflects belief that he is like will you the establishment alternative. You see I have very little down for Jeb, but that's, you know, that's my side bet. And I put $5 down on Chris Christie because this week he won the George Will primary. He got a very favorable column from our colleague here at FOX. But I think that's reflective of a broader feeling that he has run a pretty good campaign even though still very far down in the polls.

BAIER: OK, we asked people on Twitter and Facebook to weigh in. Jim has Cruz $50, Trump $30, Rubio $10, Carly Fiorina $10. Steven has Rubio at $60, Cruz $30, Trump $10. And Grace has $75 on Donald Trump, $25 on Ted Cruz. OK, Nina?

NINA EASTON, FORBES MAGAZINE: Grace likes Trump. I kind of look like this increasingly as two buckets, the, quote, "antiestablishment outsider" bucket and the insider bucket. So I'm going to, you know, the tom of my outsider bucket would be Trump at $30, and then with Cruz at $10 and Carson at $10 kind of behind him. My establishment bucket would be led by Rubio with Christie and Bush behind him.

BAIER: Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: It's getting dull because I agree with all of you. I have got Rubio at the top. I was predicting him before it was cool, and I stay there because I do think he is the one that the Democrats fear the most. Trump undeniable up there as number two.

BAIER: But that is the most money you have put on him.

KRAUTHAMMER: About, yes. You know, as the other candidates dwindle away, his chances increase, of course. Then there is Cruz, Bush, Christie as my long shots. And I'm so depressed by the field that I'm back on the bottle of wine, women, and song with $5.

BAIER: All right, quickly, winners and losers -- quick round?

KRAUTHAMMER: Loser John Kerry for the most ridiculous yet revealing statement about the legitimacy, the rationale of the "Charlie Hebdo" attacks, revealing his hidden view, perhaps Obama's, that when we're victims of terrorism we in the west had it coming.

My winner, opponent of Obamacare. United Healthcare, a very large insurance, reports losing $600 million on the Obamacare exchanges and saying it's thinking of pulling out. It's the beginning of the end of Obamacare if the large insurers lose that much money and begin to think of pulling out.

BAIER: Nina, winner and loser?

EASTON: My winner is Paul Ryan. And I think his debut as speaker continued terrifically this week where he put together a bipartisan coalition, as you mentioned earlier, including Democrats to strengthen the vetting procedures of Syrian refugees coming into the country and managed to kind of put Obama in the corner at the same time.

My loser would be Ted Cruz, aAnd that's because of his vote on limiting NSA metadata collection. I think these terrorist attacks now, I think that's going to hurt him, and Rubio did a very good job this week of pointing that out.

BAIER: Winner and loser?

LANE: I will start with my loser which would be Donald Trump for the reasons we are talking about, namely he really blundered into this database controversy.

BAIER: Emails go to Chuck Lane.

LANE: Right. Well, by seemingly not to really pay attention to the question that was asked and not to think it through and to answer in a very offhanded, slapdash way that landed himself in trouble.

And my winner is going to be the French security services for finally getting their man in that ugly shootout at the end of the week. It's been a tough time for France. I think people will be asking a lot of tough questions about their failure to anticipate those attacks, but let's pat them on the back for this one victory this week.

BAIER: And Francois Hollande as well, the president.

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