Democrat's push to defund Planned Parenthood: Black lives matter

Democratic state representative Bill Patmon cosponsors bill to strip state funds from Planned Parenthood


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now to a fellow who's creating a big storm, not from the right. This guy's coming from the left.

Take a listen.


STATE REP. BILL PATMON, D-OHIO: What business is it of yours, Mr. Patmon, the 56 million unborn? It is my business, especially when 17 million of these fetuses are black women, 17 million, more than any other population, 17 million...


PATMON: ... that look and act and talk and that bleed similar to myself.

But, even more than that, they're Americans and they're human beings. You hear a lot of demonstrations across the country now about black lives matter. Well, they skipped one place. They should be in front of Planned Parenthood.


PATMON: They skipped one place.


PATMON: Black lives matter. American lives matter.



CAVUTO: Well, that young man has become a YouTube sensation.

He's Ohio Democratic state Representative Bill Patmon.

Representative, very good to have you.

PATMON: Very good to be here.

CAVUTO: Do you think Planned Parenthood should be shut down?

PATMON: Absolutely.

And we're going to do everything we can to shut them down. Even before the scandal came out about the body parts, here's a group that says they are working for women's health. Yet and still, we have the highest infant mortality rate among black babies, the highest AIDS rate in the black community, and the more -- the most abortions per capita in that community.

What kind of work are they really, truly doing? We intend to make sure they don't do what they have been doing, selling parts.

CAVUTO: Representative -- I'm sorry, sir -- some of your Democratic colleagues were quick to criticize that view and position and they had framed this as a modern-day war on women again. What do you say?

PATMON: I would say to them to -- I would refer them to the half of the abortions that actually are little girls.

If you just take a cursory average, you are in favor of women, yet you abort the girls? I don't get that. Some of the understanding needs to be questioned about how this is done and how you justify it.

Again, this is something that needs to stop. And I understand Roe v. Wade is the law of the land as we speak. But, at the same time, there should not be an industry that washes money and does things that in fact increase that same kind of behavior. These are Americans.

CAVUTO: You know, Representative, a lot of people have said that this is all edited. I have seen these tapes. I'm sure you have seen these tapes.  And the one thing that comes through loud and clear is that there is a dismissive attitude toward these fetal parts.

I mean, they are in essentially pie plates, and they're sorting through teeny little organs. You see very teeny little hands. You see very teeny little feet. You see teeny little brains and kidneys. My only point in saying that is not to bring up the abortion debate, but the callous indifference to rifling through this stuff, as I said, like it's a Chinese takeout meal, and then bartering like to the highest bidder.

Do you think this is criminal behavior going on here?

PATMON: Well, there are laws against it.

And I would hope that the federal government would enter and enforce the laws that are against that. I have not seen anything this gruesome since I was a kid watching a Frankenstein movie, where there were parts that were involved in it. This is too much. Planned Parenthood needs to be brought to task for this.

CAVUTO: I'm sure you have gotten an earful from many in your party, sir, and many liberals in general who say, well, you're ignoring all the good that Planned Parenthood does and you're ceding into that right-wing cabal that's seizing on this and setting this up like a modern-day Abscam gotcha moment. What do you say?

PATMON: I say they're wrong. I say they're dead wrong. I live these statistics. I live in Cuyahoga County, where, in 2013, there were 4,499 abortions. Of those, over 3,000 of them were in the black community. And Planned Parenthood is active in our community.

So the idea that this is some cabal or something different, we have a survival rate among our young folks, the babies in our community, in white communities five out of 1,000. In black communities, 16 out of 1,000 don't see their first birthday. I say they're not doing what they say they're doing and need to be investigated.

CAVUTO: You obviously had raucous applause to the group you were speaking.  But, I mean, when you talk and you read and you follow polls, let's say, just of the African-American community, Representative, overwhelmingly, 80 percent-plus are in favor of what they call the women's right to choose, what pro-lifers call the right to abortion, what have you, are you reaching out to them? Because they will hear this and say, well, he's doing a bit of Bible thumping and that's not us.

What do you say?

PATMON: Well, if you go to that my community and on Sunday, the churches are filled and the parking lots are filled. And if you ask the folks who are coming in and out of those doors, they are not in favor of abortion; 68 percent of America says that they are not in favor of tax-funded elective abortions. I imagine those numbers are reflective of my community, as well as any other.

CAVUTO: Planned Parenthood has come out, Representative, saying, we -- no tax dollars go to abortion. But what we do know is it goes to the means and the avenues through which you do get abortion, and that that line has been crossed, maybe a lot.

And this tape and these tapes, critics say doctored, but they are what they are, if you pick apart each comment one by one, that they might have stepped across that line and maybe some time ago. What do you think of that?

PATMON: Well, Henry Hyde authored an amendment, the Hyde Amendment, that was supposed to prevent this. But there's some confusion there.

In Ohio, we intend to take the confusion out of it. And that's House Bill 294, which I'm a joint sponsor of, that there should be no confusion about this issue. People said they don't want it. The law says that they shouldn't have it and they shouldn't be commingling or using the money to support elective abortion. Tax dollars are not for that.

CAVUTO: While I have got you, sir, you also talk about black lives matter, that -- the dust-up over that, and former Maryland Governor O'Malley, who caught grief for not saying -- for saying all lives matter.

Where are you on this? Because you seem to jar people back to what's really key here. Explain.

PATMON: What is key here is that we're all Americans. What's key is that, when we lose one, we lose an American, and that all of us have to work to make sure that don't happen.

Now, I understand folks who say, well, what happens to the poor, the unwanted, unborn? Well, we don't know. You don't just kill them.

CAVUTO: Wow. Representative, I mean, speak your mind and come a little clearer next time. But I do appreciate talking to you, sir.

PATMON: Well, again, it's the -- an American problem and that it has to be solved, and that Planned Parenthood, if in fact these allegations are true...

CAVUTO: All right. Well, they're on it. Thank you, sir.

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