Grapevine: Hillary Clinton has a memory slip about opponent

Clinton forgets about female candidate while criticizing Republicans


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Conditioned Response

Hillary Clinton didn't even have to think about it -- before criticizing Republicans -- for not having any women in the presidential campaign.

Just one obvious problem with that line of reasoning, however.


HILLARY CLINTON: This is not complicated, folks. Those guys on the other side - and by the way they are all guys, the last time I checked. No, no, there's one woman. Sorry, there's one woman, I forgot.


It is worth noting Clinton is the only female candidate on the Democratic side.

Twitter reacted --quote--

"One.The same number of women running on the Democrat side."

"Dems' presidential field also all guys -- by the way and one woman. P.S.  all white."

And --

"Isn't it remarkable? All that sexism blather and the Dems have the same number of female POTUS candidates."

Flag Flap

City officials in Reno, Nevada are falling all over themselves today --over the removal of the American flag flying over City Hall -- in favor of an LGBT flag.

It was raised in celebration of Gay Pride Weekend.

The flags were supposed to fly together Sunday.

Reno mayor Hillary Schieve posted on social media -- quote--

"I did not order that the American flag be taken down. I have asked that the flag be put back immediately!"

The American flag was back up -- by late evening.

Selfie Indulgence

And finally-- a dangerous and expensive selfie.

A San Diego man tried to take a self-portrait  -- with a rattlesnake --  but the snake had other ideas.


Todd Fassler: My tongue was sticking out of my mouth, my eyes droped to the side.


Doctors depleted the supply of anti-venom from two different hospitals treating Todd Fassler.

KGTV reports all he has to show for the encounter -- is a $150,000 hospital bill.