Grapevine: Pays to double check the spam folder

Student almost didn't see $100,000 grant


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Holding Court

The brief reign of a young king and queen from high atop their cardboard castle may be over due to government intervention.

Jeremy Trentelman built this box fort for his two young children.

But the curbside chateau was not as pleasing to the city as it was to neighborhood kids.

The Ogden, Utah city code prohibits people from leaving junk or salvage material on the lawn.

The family has 15 days to remove it or face a $125 penalty that if unpaid, could lead to criminal charges and a lien against their real house.

Neighbors have built similar forts in solidarity with the Trentelmans who say their paper fortress will be demolished before the 15 days are up.

Ready or Not

A baby waits for no one...not even President Obama.

Gridlock on Interstate 65 in Louisville last week from the president's motorcade ensnared one couple trying to get to the hospital to give birth.

Their guest of honor was not going to wait on the commander-in-chief.

Luckily, a nurse was a few cars behind and Tonia Vetter jumped into action.

Arlie Satterley was born right there on the side of the road a healthy eight pounds nine ounces.

Double Check

Finally, it pays to occasionally check the spam e-mail folder.

For one University of Vermont student it held a $100,000 grant to support his research.

Charlie Nicholson was awarded one of the 2,000 National Science Foundation grants given to graduate students and almost never knew it.

The Burlington Free Press reports, the award e-mail was classified as junk, and was only found after Nicholson received a congratulatory text message from a friend.