Grapevine: Comcast calls customer 'A-hole' on bill

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Back in Business

Despite being fired for the disastrous rollout of healthcare.gov, the company in charge of the website is still getting your tax dollars.

CGI Federal got the boot a year ago from the ObamaCare job with even Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius calling the website a debacle.

But in August, CGI was re-upped on the federal payroll with the IRS renewing a contract to provide IT support for the agency's ObamaCare tax program to the tune of $4.5 million.

The IRS says CGI will not be running its website.

Customer Disservice

A cable customer who called customer service hoping to lower her monthly bill was shocked to notice another big change on her next bill.

Instead of being addressed to her husband, Ricardo Brown, it said "A-hole Brown" -- with the full first word spelled out.

Lisa Brown told consumer advocate Chris Elliott she called Comcast to cancel her cable service.

They said it would cost her $60.

Despite what she says was a respectful call, someone at Comcast seemed to think that impolite name change was in order.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to fix the problem, Elliott stepped in, and Comcast managed to remedy the situation.

The correct name was returned to the account.

Comcast agreed to refund her entire cable bill for the two years that she has been a customer.

The employee who made the change will reportedly be fired.

ISIS Crisis

And finally, another ISIS bites the dust.

The University of Florida has been using the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) for 18 years -- long before the terror group gave that moniker such a negative connotation.

Now, the campus newspaper reports that name is being phased out.

That is welcome news to sophomore Emily Weiss, whose cousin, Steven Sotloff, was beheaded by ISIS.

She said she was reminded of his death every time she logged into that system.

The school says it is doing away with ISIS -- the computer program -- as part of a system update.

But until that happens, it cannot do anything to change the name.

This fall, we told you about the TV show "Archer" dropping ISIS as the name of its crime fighting team.
And despite rumors, mid-way through this season of "Downton Abbey," Isis the dog has not been killed off, yet.