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Cavuto: Things at Sony are bad when they call Al Sharpton

Execs doing damage control after hack


You know things are bad at Sony, when these Hollywood phonies are calling Al Sharpton for an intervention.

Yep, the Where's Waldo of off-the-wall instigators is Sony's go-to-guy for keeping people calm!

Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal called him in for some healing after Al compared her to Donald sterling.


I guess if the rants fit, you can't acquit.

Unless Pascal and equally embarrassed producer Scott Rudin can get ahead of this thing and avoid getting bounced out of their jobs.

I tell 'ya give Al credit. Because he really is like Waldo.

He really is everywhere.

Showing up at riots within hours after they start.

Some saying even instigating others before" they even start.

With the mayor of New York.

Or the President of the United States.

The Rev' is on a roll.

But at Sony, it's a different role.

Think Dr. Phil meets mad man of god, with a message of tough love.

But if Amy Pascal plays her cards right, maybe not too tough.

Because maybe it's just me, but as soon as i heard she reached out to Al and Jesse Jackson, to, quote, "discuss a healing process."

The Revs' rips stopped.

Especially when Pascal told Sharpton she was coming to New York to speak with him.

I've seen this play before.

And I hate to be jaded, but besides kissing the ring, Ms. Pascal better be prepared to pony up some cash for causes that might or might not address racial diversity, but I'm betting will advance Al's notoriety.

As if he needs it.

Because for all you politicians and CEO's who shamelessly bow before his bellow let it be known.

You might think you're saving your job.

But I hate to break it to you, you just sold your soul.