Grapevine: New tardiness excuse for Georgia school children

Batteries disappearing from school buses


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Power Down

President Obama's goal of one million electric cars on American highways by 2015 is coming up just 826,000 cars short.

Investors Business Daily reports, with just a couple of weeks until the new year, there are fewer than 180,000 electric powered cars on the road.

The electric car market simply has not taken off, despite $8 billion taxpayer dollars being invested in the industry.

As we have previously reported, the White House backed off its million car projection two years ago.

A major reason for lackluster sales -- electric cars are far more expensive than gas-powered ones.

That's a Wrap

Walgreens has pulled wrapping paper that was part of its Hanukkah display after a shopper complained there were swastikas in the paper pattern.

Cheryl Shapiro says she was shocked when she spotted the Nazi symbol in the Hallmark gift wrap.

A Hallmark spokeswoman says no one noticed that the intersecting lines on the paper created swastikas and the paper was not intended to be part of the Hanukkah display.

So, it is no longer being sold.

Excuses Excuses

And finally, some school children in Georgia have a new excuse for being late to class and this one trumps "the dog ate my homework."

"The thief stole my bus battery."

Investigators in DeKalb County say 90 batteries have disappeared from school buses since October -- leaving kids waiting at a bus stop.

Police have no suspects, but, say the thieves may be re-selling the batteries on the black market.