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Cavuto: You've got to be transparent about transparency

Are liberals being hypocritical?


Here's the thing about transparency.

You've got to be transparent about it.

By that, I mean you can't be now-and-then transparent. You have to be 24/7 transparent.

So that's why I have trouble with liberals who are all-for releasing this CIA torture report because we all have a right to know.

But not too keen on the airing of all these Jonathan Gruber videos, because that's stuff we don't need to know.

For one thing, they say they don't even know Gruber. Just that he's embarrassing this president.

Which is weird, because they say they didn't know all this torture was going on.

Just that the details coming to light are embarrass the last president.

So never mind they're claiming amnesia over the details of a healthcare law that's costing Americans money.

They know full well in advance sharing details of CIA torture methods risks costing Americans' lives.

So fooled Americans not ok.

Dead Americans, well, that's ok.

No, not ok.

Leaving aside compromising information that could kill Americans is a little bit different than information that could financially cost Americans let's assume for the sake of argument you really are into being transparent.

Then I guess that means you really are into being transparent about everything.

Because you're either open on all things, or a hypocrite on everything.

That's what's so weird about what we witnessed in Washington today.

Democrats eager to dismiss a guy whose musings call into question one of the most expensive government programs in American history.

But more than happy to expose each and every torture method we used on enemy combatants determined to make America history.

All in. Or all out.

Because you can't say you're for an open government, if you're still for hush-hushing the things that you did in government.

The stuff you came up with and now want to hide.

Versus the stuff the other guys supposedly came up with and you now want to expose.

One, you want them to remember.

The other you want them to forget forget.

Here's the thing though.

They don't forget. We don't forget.

Because that's the thing about double-standards.

Those who practice them show they have no standards.

And all under the guise of protecting Americans' right to know.

When we know damn well it's really about you deciding which things you'll let us know.

Big difference.

And big difference between the other side that can distinguish between death and dollars, and your side that makes no sense.

Because your logic looks very tortured.

And very transparent.