Common Sense

Cavuto: No longer a melting pot, but a nation of crack pots

Have we lost our foundation?


And that really is my point on my weekend show, my Fox Business show, this show.

Not that god isn't dead. But that so few of us care if he is or she is.

That's what happens when you kick god to the curb. You kick our very core to the street.

And announce to the world, what we are we are no longer. We are nothing.

Because when you start losing your core, it's not too long before you start dropping your guard.

You even start rationalizing what evil really is.

Not the bad guys trying to sneak through your border, but the agents patrolling that border.

Where good guys are bad protecting the law.

And bad guys are good, breaking that law.

Where sheriffs are the ones getting dragged into court.

And not the illegals they're rounding up now protected by courts.

Suddenly, it's evil to monitor who you let into your country.

And cliche, even insulting, to ask whether they add to the collective good of the country.

Suddenly, that's bad.

And we're no longer a melting pot. We're more like a nation of crack-pots.

Fueled by politicians who'd much prefer looking at the greater numbers than our country's greater good.

Forget whether these politicos have a heart. Pretty soon you start wondering whether they have a brain.

They're very big on morals. Not so big on math.

Pushing laws that say every undocumented kid has a right to an education, even if it costs the legal kids who already are here, anything approaching a proper education.

That's multi-culturalism at its core, something that shakes this country's very founding principles to the core.

This isn't about respecting our Judeo-Christian roots, this is about respecting anything, any roots or standing for anything, any roots.

Suddenly what bound us, now repulses us.

And for the needs of a few, we sacrificed the glue that stuck divergent cultures and nationalities for generations to a cause. And to a country.

Back in those days, our ancestors' days. Our parents' and grandparents' days America was a beacon.

Now little more than a blue-light special.

Promising loads of government benefits for which we don't have the money, in a country that increasingly doesn't seem to have a prayer.

Maybe because we don't pray. Maybe because we don't care.

That's what losing your foundation gets you.

It's not about losing god.

It's about losing your soul.

And bad guys more than happy to fill the vacuum.