Off the Record

Greta: Joan Rivers - A brash, undeniable pioneer

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for a minute. I use "Off the Record" to give you my opinion -- and I'm blunt. I don't beat around the bush. But talk about being blunt and not beating around the bush - nothing I could say or do could ever compare to Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers was the champ of telling you exactly what she thought. Some say she was too blunt, but whether you found her brash or insanely funny or both, Joan Rivers was undeniable pioneer for women, braving the male-dominated the world of standup comedy in the '50s, becoming the first woman to host her own late night talk show in '86. So in honor of this, I'm going to let her do this "Off the Record."


JOAN RIVERS: I'm from a little town call Larchmont where if you're not married, if you're a girl and you're over 21, you're better off dead. It's that simple, you know? Anybody that came to my house was it. Oh, Joan, there's the most attractive young man down here with a mask and a gun. Anything...


RIVERS: I'm not even attractive in Russia.


RIVERS: Russian women, you know ...


RIVERS: Erf, erf, erf, erf.


RIVERS: I said a couple of thing about the queen. And I think she sits like this. And no one has the guts to say, your highness.


RIVERS: Oh, I am so sick of it. If you want to see foreigners running, running, running, go to Arizona.

RIVERS: If New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out.

RIVERS: Some people tend to take themselves too seriously. This is a silly, fluffy business, and we should never forget that.