Grapevine: Fashionably late president

Twitter handle tracks how late Obama is for things


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

What's in a Name?

Pro-choice groups are choosing to put that label away after using it for more than 40 years.

The New York Times reports activists are shunning the term because it is outdated.

With a look to the next generation, no single phrase is being pushed as a replacement.

Activists are turning to terms like women's health and economic security.

Pro-life groups are declaring victory.

Quote -- "I find it very encouraging that they find that after 40 years they have to do something different because they know it's not working."


Being President Obama is an all-consuming job and the schedule is often packed -- and packed with big things.

But one of President Obama's habits has not gone unnoticed by the media or the public for that matter -- the president's tendency to be...say, fashionably late.

There is even a Twitter handle dedicated to it -- How Late was Obama? -- which tracks the number of minutes late, or early the president is to any event.

Yesterday, the president was originally scheduled to give a statement on Ukraine at 2:50pm ET -- he began at 3:39pm.

That's 49 minutes late, and the fifth time this month he has been more than 20 minutes late for an event.

Perhaps in response to the tardiness, today, the president was prompt for his Kansas City speech.

He was only one minute late.

Worth the Wait

Finally, a Rhode Island woman is celebrating her 100th birthday with something she's wanted for more than eight decades -- her high school diploma.

Mary Moniz attended two years of high school before her family left the country because of the Great Depression.

The presentation of the honorary diploma was a surprise set up by her son.

Congratulations, Mary!