Grapevine: North Korea not amused by new comedy movie

'The Interview' portrays assassination plot against Kim Jong Un


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Humor of the Situation

North Korea isn't laughing at being the punch-line of an upcoming comedy movie.

"The Interview" starring James Franco and Seth Rogen involves two talk show hosts who are invited to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and then pulled into an assassination plot.

An unofficial spokesman for the regime says it shows the desperation of America -- quote -- "A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the U.S. has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. President Obama should be careful in case the U.S. military wants to kill him as well."

Seth Rogen had a more light-hearted response. Quote -- "Apparently Kim Jong Un plans on watching 'The Interview.' I hope he likes it!!"


Summoned for jury duty? Well, think twice before tweeting that out.

The American Bar Association says lawyers are now allowed to check the social media posts of jurors, though lawyers are warned not to follow or friend any of them.

Publicly available information can signal bias of potential jurors or misconduct during actual trials.

Judges warn jurors to not discuss trials but online postings have created legal issues in the past -- including causing mistrials.

Taking a Stand

Finally, one Kansas boy and his family are not losing their library without a fight.

Nine-year-old Spencer Collins, along with his father and grandfather built the Free Little Library in their front yard for Mother's Day.

The cabinet-like device has a simple concept -- take a book, leave a book.

But local officials say it violates a prohibition on structures in the front yard of single-family homes.

The family removed the library to dodge a fine, but the boy plans to address the city council at its next meeting.