Common Sense

Cavuto: Sometimes things are what they are

It's more pressing to make things right, and now


Sometimes things are what they are.

You can argue about how they got to be what they are, but they still are, aren't they?

So whether it's Dick Cheney blaming President Obama for this Iraq mess or Democrats blaming Cheney and his old boss for this Iraq mess, does that make Iraq any less a mess?

Or Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming Republicans for this Veterans Affairs mess.

Far as I can see, it's just a mess now. So what are we going to do to fix it now?

The way I figure it, there's a lot of blame to go around for these messes. But not a whole lot of time to fix them.

That doesn't mean I don't think we shouldn't get to the bottom of who screwed up and when I just think it's more pressing to make things right, and now.

Because last time I checked, insurgents are marching on Baghdad and looks like they'll be there soon.

And vets are still waiting for care, and getting none anytime soon.

We can talk about who caused that, but for now, let's just do this.

Shut up.

Just shut up.

Each side. Both sides. Shut up.

I'm tired of hearing you say you aren't the reason vets are waiting for care.

How about just focusing on giving them care?

How about Republicans quit looking to indict VA workers who might have it coming and for now, just stop vets from needlessly dying?

And how about Democrats quit blaming bush for an Iraq war on which they signed off, and focus on making things right rather than just popping off?

You know, sometimes I swear I'm watching my two boys. But they're just kids. What's these guys' excuse?

Republicans who blame Democrats for spending our way into a hole, and forget when they were in charge they spent their way into a similar hole.

Democrats who blame Republicans for leaving out the middle class but say not a word about a healthcare law that's now hitting the middle class.

They say that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

That is unless they're in Washington, and they just act stoned.

And they wonder why we trust them so little.

We've come to expect even less.

It's why you'll never hear me lecture you to eat a salad fat chance any of you would take dietary advice from me.

It's why no one in Washington should lecture anyone on personal responsibility. Fat chance any of us would buy it from them.

All we know is they all had their part in creating these messes.

How about they all shut up and fix them up?

So allow me to be childish here.

Not only is time a-wastin'.

Look at the VA, you spineless gaseous political idiots, actual lives are a wastin' too.

All I know is our soldiers and vets followed your orders.

How about for once in your fumbling finger-pointing lives, you follow up with their care?

Then all of you, go to your room!

And stay there!