Off the Record

Greta: My thoughts on our interview with Hillary Clinton

'Off the Record,' 6/17/14: My hopes and expectations from the interview with the surprisingly stressful former secretary of state and possible 2016 presidential candidate


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for a minute. Our interview with Secretary State Hillary Clinton is now, well, it's history. And I have to admit it was a bit stressful, not a lot, but a bit, which is a bit of a surprise - a surprise because I have interviewed Secretary Clinton many times.

Little Rock Arkansas, many times on Capitol Hill when she was the U.S. senator, New York City next to the 9-11 crater for the World Trade Center and even all over the world, Afghanistan, Pakistan twice, India, Haiti, Mexico, Germany, and so much more. So, you think this interview would be old hat for me. In some ways it was, but I confess there's so much extra attention put on this interview. I got so much advice much unsolicited. Everyone has some expectation on what it should be, right?

As for me, what do I think? Bottom line, I have two goals. First I hope I had some, of course not all, the questions you had and second, I hope I was fair. But as with every big interview, after it's over I always regret that I did not have more time, more follow-ups, additional topics that I always want to kick myself for, the question I forgot to ask her, the task.

But perhaps I will get that chance with Secretary Clinton in Iowa? Well, she won't let on about that one. We don't know if she's going to run or not. But anyway, it's over and on to the next "On the Record" and that is my "Off the Record" comment for tonight.