Grapevine: Long overdue diploma for 99-year-old woman

Receives official degree 75 years after graduating


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Equal Treatment

One government agency has decided to end performance reviews, retroactively pay low performers the same as top ones, and stick you with the bill.

The pay for performance program at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is charged with enforcing anti-discrimination laws in the financial sector, was found to be discriminatory and has been ended.

The agency in agreement with the federal workers union has promised to back pay the majority of middle and lower level employees as if they aced their performance reviews in order to -- quote -- "better foster the culture of diversity and inclusion we aspire to."

The Wall Street Journal says the decision will cost taxpayers around $5.5 million.

One critic calls the move a pathetic bow to political correctness.

Busted on Camera

D.C. school bus drivers get caught on camera speeding and running red lights at the same rate as police cars.

The police, of course, are often using sirens and responding to emergencies so those tickets are dismissed.

The school buses may be carrying children and drivers apparently don't bother to pay the fines.

The Washington Post writes the city is owed nearly $35,000 in unpaid fines from traffic camera tickets of school buses since 2009.

Only a dozen of the more than 300 tickets were paid and no driver faced disciplinary action not even when a bus was flagged six times in one month.

City officials say they are aware of the violations and are working to pay off the tickets and hold drivers accountable.

Feel Good Story

Finally, good things come to those who wait.

A 99-year-old Maine woman has received her diploma 75 years after graduating from college.

When Jessie White graduated in 1939, she could not afford the $5 transcript fee, so she did not get an official degree in bookkeeping.

That did not stop her from overcoming a polio infection and starting a career.

Well, a friend found out about this issue and got the diploma and set up the ceremony, just recently.

White said finally getting her diploma made her feel great.