Common Sense

Cavuto: Dependable, you must be!

Neil's 'secret to success'


For some reason, kids ask me a lot of questions.

Like how did you get into TV?

Who's the coolest person you ever interviewed?

But the one I get the most, from older kids in particular, is this:

What's the secret to success?

Forget about why they ask me, a mere cable news god, but they do.

But my answer always surprises them, I guess because it doesn't sound very godly.

Because this is what I tell them:

Be reliable.

That's it.

Be someone others can count on.

Each time. Every time. All the time. It's that simple.

But you should see the looks I get.

It's like Yoda has let them down.

So I always feel the need to follow up.

"Explain, shall I!!"

"Dependable, you must be!!"

And half the time, I say that just means showing up.

Because half the time, most don't even do that.

Or if they do, they're late.

So, don't be late.

And once you're there, act like you want to be there.

I try and explain that a good brain counts, but a good attitude counts a lot more.

So sweat the little stuff, and your boss will soon be giving you big stuff.

Because you've shown no task is too small, but every detail is big.

That's called making a good first impression.

And you never get a second chance at that.

So do that. And all you graduates out there, remember that.

And I'm telling you, that's pretty much that!

Become invaluable because you have these values. You live these values.

Because your bond isn't just your word. Your bond is your work.

See that? The secret to success isn't complicated.

Sometimes, all it takes, is being consistent.