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Laura Ingraham: Boehner and Benghazi

Talking Points 5/7


By Bill O'Reilly

For more than a year, conservatives and Tea Party groups have been pressing John Boehner to establish a select committee to investigate Benghazi. Today, he described why he finally relented.


BOEHNER: Most of you know that I thought and continued to believe until last week that our four committees that had been investigating Benghazi have done a very good job. But a line was crossed last week. And it was crossed in two places. One of them became clear that the -- that the White House played a more significant role in the developments of how they were going to describe this, certainly more than anything that had been disclosed thus far.

And then secondly, when it became clear that documents were turned over to a private organization that frankly had been blocked in terms of giving them to us. It was time for us to bring this together into one place and to focus our efforts.


INGRAHAM: Despite Boehner's reassurance on the integrity of the investigation, the left is already branding this as a witch hunt carried out by a scandal-obsessed and delusional Republican Party. The administration and its enablers are also trying to tar the inquiry as illegitimate. But Speaker Boehner questioned the administration's credibility on a range of big issues today.


BOEHNER: When is the administration going to tell the American people the truth? They have not told them the truth about Benghazi. They have not told them the truth about the IRS, they have not told the truth about "Fast and Furious". Now, only one would have to guess, if they are not willing to tell the American people the truth, it must not be very pretty.


INGRAHAM: That tough talk is red meat for the conservative base that frankly had been frustrated by the Speaker's foot dragging on Benghazi.

It's also a stark contrast to how he described the President's credibility during deficit talks last years.


BOEHNER: The President and I as I have made very clear have a very good relationship. We're open with each other. We're honest with each other. But we are trying to bridge some big differences.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, do you trust President Obama?

BOEHNER: Absolutely.


BOEHNER: Absolutely. There's no issue there.


INGRAHAM: That sound bite still dumbfounds me every time I hear it. Absolutely. Last March the Speaker could trust, absolutely the same President who sold the phony narrative about Benghazi weeks after it was debunked. How can that be?

The White House political operation has been masterful at selling half- truth and downright lies about not just Benghazi and not just the IRS targeting scandal and not just Obamacare. They have lied about their record on immigration enforcement, too.

The President has also repeatedly used and abused his executive authority rather than going through that inconvenient body known as Congress. So, I suggest that Speaker Boehner take today's clear-eyed assessment of the White House and apply it beyond Benghazi to issues like budget, trade and immigration as well.

And that's a "Memo."