Grapevine: Clearance sale for property in Detroit suburb

Michigan selling lots for $1 each


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Over Exposed

Our president and vice president have seemingly jumped on the selfie craze sweeping the nation and the world with everyone from celebrities, to the pope, to the Dalai Lama posing for smartphone pictures.

But not every world leader is on board with the constant snapping of pictures.

Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently went on a rant when apparently his picture was taken as he waited for a TV interview.

Quote -- "What do you get out of all these pictures?"

He asked in a video posted on YouTube.

Quote -- "I don't understand this new world. When do they have time to live??"

Realizing that he is in the minority, the prime minister concludes -- quote -- "I'm the only one here without all these electronic devices. I'm a free man, and you all are slaves."

Reach for the Stars

A Russian government official facing sanctions from the U.S. says NASA may need to use a trampoline to get its astronauts into space.

The head of Russia's defense ministry was sanctioned for his involvement in the incursion into Ukraine.

He responded with an apparent threat to end Russia's agreement with NASA -- quote -- "I propose the United States delivers its astronauts to the ISS with the help of a trampoline."

In reality, disbanding the partnership is unlikely.

Russia depends on the U.S. for a large portion of the funding for its space program.

Clearance Sale

And finally, a new low, for property value in a Detroit suburb.

The town of Warren, Michigan is selling 136 lots of land for a dollar each.

The mayor says the only catch is they will only be offered to people who already own adjacent properties and the buyers have to pay closing costs.

The mayor calls it a win-win deal, since the city will no longer have to cut the grass or shovel snow on those lots.