Grapevine: Sen. Blumenthal's very close encounter

Connecticut Democrat nearly hit by train during press conference promoting rail safety


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Safety First

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal had a close call with a train Friday-- while holding a press conference-- about train safety.


Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.: Safety as you know is paramount…


That's Milford Mayor Ben Blake speaking-- at the Metro North station.
Blumenthal-- along with his visual aid-- is standing on the yellow warning strip bordering the track.
A press aide for Metro North tells the New York Daily News-- no one asked for permission to hold an event next to the tracks-- and did not ask for their help-- executing the news conference safely.

Kids These Days

In an age where it seems just about every teenager has an iPhone-- and experts warn about the dangers of kids spending too much time watching TV and playing video games—

A group of girls spending the afternoon building a fort -- and having a picnic outdoors --should be applauded-- right?

Not according to the police in Northumbria, Great Britain.

The teens were ordered to stop what police considered anti-social behavior.

One of the girls' mothers told the Chronicle she was delighted that her daughter and friends were spending their days outdoors.

Police say they had received a complaint about teens hanging out in the woods--

They determined no crime had been committed-- and sent the girls home.

Prom Proposal

Miss America is coming to the defense-- of a high school student sent to detention-- for asking her to prom.

Nina Davuluri was speaking at an assembly at Central York High School-- when Patrick Farves popped the question.

The school says he had been warned in advance-- not to do it.
He has to spend three days in in-school suspension for disobeying.
Davuluri says she contacted the school to ask them to reconsider.

As for the prom-- the beauty queen says she cannot attend-- because of her busy travel schedule. 

Cut it Out

And finally-- a man arrested-- for cutting his neighbor's grass.

The problem -- the neighbor did not ask him to mow the lawn-- and he was reportedly too drunk-- to stay on the mower.

A Murfreesboro, Tennessee police report says -- Patrick Moore claimed someone recruited him to cut the grass-- but he couldn't remember who.

He also apparently could not sit on the mower without falling off.

Moore was charged with public intoxication.
If he gets community service -- perhaps he can go back and finish the lawn.