Grapevine: IRS misses major deadline of its own

How much might it cost taxpayers?


Now some fresh pickings from the Tax Day Grapevine...

Do as We Say

As we told you earlier-- today is the deadline to file your tax return.

If you don't do it by midnight-- you face a penalty.

But just last week-- the tax collector missed a major deadline of its own-- that will cost millions of dollars.

Despite having ample advance notice -- the IRS failed to update Windows on nearly half of its 110,000 computers-- before Microsoft phased out its XP operating system.

That means computers not updated-- will no longer get security updates or tech support from Microsoft. 

Now the IRS must pay Microsoft to keep the system going-- until it gets the upgrades.

Slate.com reports-- that could cost you 11 and a half million dollars a year.

An IRS spokesperson tells the Washington Post-- none of the computers processing tax returns-- is affected by the XP expiration.

Slacking Doesn’t Pay

Americans who slacked on filing their taxes years ago-- have until midnight to claim $760 million before it becomes the property of the IRS.

That's how much went unclaimed-- by people who did not file a tax return for 2010.

Much of that likely belongs to people who did not make enough money to be required to file a return-- but were still owed money by the government.

Those eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit-- could be owed as much as $5,000.

The three-year grace period for filing returns to get a refund-- expires at midnight tonight.

No Such Thing as Free Lunch

And finally-- Uncle Sam may start sending a bill-- for your workplace perks-- taking a bite-- out of free lunch at the office.

The IRS is considering forcing employees to pay taxes on fringe benefits they get on the job.

That could really add up-- when you consider the extravagant freebies offered by many tech companies.

Facebook has several free eateries on its campus-- including a burrito bar-- a barbecue shack--and a candy store.

The barber also gives haircuts-- free of charge.

Getting a new 'do is also free at Google-- where employees also get free gourmet meals-- gym memberships--  even yoga classes.

Not to mention-- massage chairs-- for relaxation time.

And no need to stress over your commute-- Googlers ride for free-- on the Google bus.