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Cavuto: We crunched the data on ObamaCare enrollments

Now you know.

That 7.1 million enrollee figure the White House has been whooping up? Kind of off. Actually... kind of way off.

And Thursday night on Fox Business we told you how much off.

Try about a million enrollees.

Not a million fewer enrollees. A million net new, paying enrollees.

Yes, we crunched the data, separated out as best we could those who already had insurance, so weren't exactly "new" to getting insurance. Then, with the help of an expert, separated from the remaining group those actually paying for the coverage.

And lo and behold we arrived at that slightly more than 1 million paying ObamaCare customers.

Now, the White House fumed that we were leaving out the millions signing up for Medicaid and kids staying on their parents' policies longer, thanks to ObamaCare. Fair enough, we told them, which is also why we excluded the millions more Americans who lost their health care coverage altogether.

We agreed to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. But safe to say in the end, this drove a lot of FBN viewers watching all this bananas.

Keith in Key Biscayne, Florida --

"We torpedoed our entire health care system...for this?"

Barbara in Hackettstown, New Jersey --

"Are you kidding me? A million net new enrollees? In a country of 320 million people? Come again?"

No, you got it right, Barbara. Put another way -- 46 million uninsured before all this, best case scenario, 45 million uninsured after all this. And according to the CBO, super best case scenario 10 years from now? 30 million still uninsured after all of this.

PL via Comcast --

"Are you saying the president lied?"

No, I'm saying he left out some inconvenient truths. I never said he wasn't a good lawyer.

Ann in Statesboro, Georgia --

"My husband and I are already paying a much higher premium, for a different doctor, and worse coverage... and yet after hearing your fine report, I'm feeling lucky... things could be worse."

You got that part right, Ann. At least you have some coverage, albeit, bad coverage and pricier to boot!

Arlene in Tampa, Florida --

"Neil, you keep leaving out the fact people did sign up for Medicaid by the millions, which significantly gooses the president's number... another lapse? Or typical Fox fixing?"

No, Arlene, as I said, there's no way to quantify those Medicaid numbers -- whether they were spiked by folks switching to ObamaCare or folks thrown out of their old policies because of ObamaCare. So, to be fair and balanced, we simply omitted them -- just like we omitted numbers that would make our case even more alarming: the millions of Americans dumped off their policies or millions of others paying a lot more for the coverage they're lucky to still have.

No, I think we were quite fair. Quite reasoned. Quite right.

Bottom line, for anyone who witnessed our line-by-line breakdown on Fox Business, we proved two things that are wrong -- the administration's enrollee number and the number of people who still don't get FBN.

Each represent travesties. One, because it's fiction. The other, because that many people don't know it's fiction.