Off the Record

Greta to missing plane coverage critics: 'Get over it!'

'Off the Record', 3/19/14: The possible murder of 239 people is not a drive-by report


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off The Record" for just a minute. And this "Off The Record" does not apply to you viewers. Now, that's important. Because this message is only to those hand wringers going on TV or writing columns to criticize or announce some sort of personal upset about the extensive coverage of Flight 370. They need to get over it.

Have they forgotten that 239 people are missing or maybe even murdered? 239? That's just not inconsequential. The possible murder of 239 is not a drive-by report.

You know, yeah, of course I know. It may be popular to say on TV or in some newspaper column, that there is too much coverage or I'm not interested. But then why are they even talking about it or writing about it? No one is forcing TV critics to watch or talk about the coverage.

And yes, of course, there are plenty of news stories to report on. But I happen to believe 239 people missing is really important. One other note to those TV critics: Why do they think -- what do they think will happen if we all will drop the topic? That the Malaysian government is suddenly going to step up its investigation and also release more information to the grieving families? You saw the video of those grieving families. No, of course not.

The Malaysian government and the airlines are like the critics. They want the media to go away. They don't like the spotlight. It forces them to give answers. And a P.S. to the TV critics: They know damn well if any of their family members were on this missing plane, they would be screaming for even more coverage. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.