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Cavuto: This health care bracket is a racket

It's the "Costlier Care Act"


Nothing like some healthcare madness during March Madness.

We bracket. You say the heck with it.

On a day the White House puts out 16 sweet reasons to sign up for ObamaCare we come up with our bracket listing 16 not-so-sweet reasons not to.

Dennis tweets.

"Way to go, Neil, you trended #2.. Bet the White House bracket did not trend as well."

Apparently it did not, Dennis. Not even close. By the way, what does trended mean?

Jeff tweets.

"...this is one bracket I bet Obama will not fill out!

But Valentina e-mails we could have done even better if...

"If you chose two pretty girls, dressed in Hooters uniforms to write down all the problems with ObamaCare."

Yes, I suspect they would have done better than Dan and Dion.

Tom in Tennessee.

"Could we change the name to "March Sadness?"

Randy via Comcast.

"You are so childish, it's sickening. Your bracketology was so grade-schoolish, you should be ashamed. But seldom are children ashamed...they're too naive."

Yea, I know you are, Randy, but what am I?

Clayton tweets there must be a very big difference between the technical budget of my show and the technical budget of the extravaganza right before mine.

"Shep has a space ship and you're writing ObamaCare problems on a big poster board with sharpies?"

Yep, pretty much. Pretty sad, isn't it?

And I admit, pretty crude, but I still think it brings this crude point home.

This healthcare bracket is a racket-- an unadulterated government racket.

And a costly one at that for those who sign up, but more importantly, for the millions more who never do.

Because the reality isn't the five million the White House insists have joined ObamCare, but the tens of millions of more Americans who are paying dearly because of ObamaCare.

The ones who are seeing their healthcare premiums jump, on average 39 percent to 56 percent because of the Affordable Care Act.

Which means it's not affordable.

Which means it's the Costlier Care Act.

And those who don't have the benefit of getting subsidies, are now seeing the reality.

It's a reality we warned you about when we were in Washington, covering them cooking this thing up.

That if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Again, hear me out. I'm not against covering pre-existing conditions, or removing lifetime coverage caps, or keeping your kids on your policy longer those are good things. And as someone who has dealt and continues to deal with serious stuff that's all great stuff.

What I've said repeatedly though it is not free stuff.

And you'd have to be stupid to think insurance companies wouldn't charge more to cover all this stuff.

That's not a right-left thing that's a math thing. That's a reality thing.

That's what I was trying to do with this healthcare bracket.

It was a way of showing why so many in this country can't hack it and want nothing to do with it.

Not only because it costs much more than they were told.

But because it's not remotely what they were promised.

Like I said, it's ironic they use a bracket.

To spell out how much they've made this thing a racket.

Thanks for helping me fill it in.

Now let's all of us keep on top of it.