Common Sense

Cavuto: We're flat out of cash

Time will come when merry-go-round stops


I want to show you something.

This is the latest White House budget.

This is the appendix for all the spending in that budget.

And this is Barbara Boxer.


Barbara Boxer: There is absolutely no way we're going to cut spending.


I'm hearing that.

And skimming through this.

And I'm thinking to myself.

There's lots to cut here.

In fact, you don't have to cut at all.

These days in Washington, just shaving a little off the growth counts as a cut.

How easy is that?

Yet even that, they can't do.

Even agreeing on relatively minor cost of living adjustments they can't do.

Even when they're grandfathered in, even when they're years off.

They can't do. They won't do.

Let me tell you something, friends, and I know I sound like a broken record, but we're broke.

Let me say that again we're broke.

We're flat out of cash.

But because we're the United States, we just print cash.

More cash. Lots of cash.

Because we can.

Because that's what superpowers do.

We print our way out of fixes.

But we never seem to realize we just end up in a bigger fix.

So we print more money.

Hike yet another debt limit.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul hoping in the end everything will be just fine.

We even fool ourselves into making good news out of awful news.

We brag about deficits coming in at $600 billion, grateful they're no longer a trillion dollars. And strategically investing the savings that aren't there.

With money we don't have forgetting the fact we are still spending $600 billion more than we're taking in.

Yet we keep digging in.

A senator who says there's no room to cut.

A former speaker insisting there's no reason to cut.

A president who relies on still more tax hikes to close a gap that's still yawning.

And all of the media just yawns.

Math is so boring. Charts are so mind-numbing.

Move on. Spend on. Fool on.

The time will come, my friends, when the merry-go-round stops.

And Democrats who wouldn't touch their pet programs, and Republicans who wouldn't touch theirs end up in the same pot and us with them.

But woe to the person who points out the pot is boiling.

And simply suggests we turn down the fire, by readjusting the heat.

Woe to the heretic who says, maybe Medicare spending shouldn't grow 7 percent a year maybe we can limit it to 6 percent.

No, that person wants to starve grandma.

Even kill grandma.

And it's killing us. Especially when our leaders say there's nothing they can do.

The budget is what the budget is.

In black and white and lots of red.

Read it for yourself.

Hundreds upon hundreds of pages to say the same thing.

We've given up.

And you wonder why I'm building that rocket.

I'm just getting ready.