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Bill O'Reilly: Some new stuff about Benghazi, Libya that pertains directly to you

Talking Points 2/24


By Bill O'Reilly

If you believe the left in this country as well as Hillary Clinton the assassination of the Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans is an old story. Everyone knows security was bad. Mrs. Clinton has taken responsibility for that.

But what everybody does not know is why the White House misled the world about the terror attack. That question remains unanswered.

If the President and his re-election campaign did deceive the American voters, that is a subversion of our democracy. But that's a big if. Nothing has been proven so far. The Benghazi story is similar to Watergate. That's why we should all be paying attention. The stupid burglary was small ball but Richard Nixon's attempt to subvert the democratic process was huge and got him booted out of office.

Now, for all you far left Web sites out there I am not, not comparing Nixon to President Obama. I am however saying we need to get to the bottom of the Benghazi story. Are we all clear?

Over the weekend the woman who did mislead the world, former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, said this about the Benghazi attack.


RICE: I commented that this was based on what we knew on that morning was provided to me and colleagues and indeed to Congress by the intelligence community. And that's been well-validated in many different ways since. And that information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100 percent correct.


O'REILLY: an understatement to be sure. Upon hearing Ambassador Rice Senator John McCain replied.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: She read talking points that we are now beginning to believe came from the White House which were absolutely false. We now know that the director -- that the CIA station chief on the ground sent a message immediately saying not/not spontaneous demonstration.


O'REILLY: Now Mr. Obama supporters would have you believe the whole thing is cooked up by right-wing people who despise the President. That of course is propaganda. As an American, not a broadcaster, an American, I want to know what happened. So I asked the President directly.


O'REILLY: Did he tell you Secretary Panetta it was a terrorist attack.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You know, what he told me was that there was an attack on our compound.

O'REILLY: He didn't use the word "terror".

OBAMA: You know in -- in the heat of the moment, Bill, what folks are focused on is what is happening on the ground. Do we have eyes on it? How can we make sure our folks are safe?

O'REILLY: I just want to get this on the record. Did he tell you it was a terror attack?

OBAMA: Bill and what I'm -- I'm answering your question.


O'REILLY: But the President really did not answer my question with all due respect. So Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense, must testify under oath whether or not he told President Obama it was a terrorist attack on the day the murders happened.

All right. Panetta met with Mr. Obama in the White House shortly after the attack. Incredibly, Leon Panetta has not been directly asked that question under oath and the House of Representatives should do so. Panetta is the key to knowing if the Obama reelection campaign and perhaps the President himself used deception in the murder of our Libyan ambassador. Every patriotic American should want to know what happened there.

And that's "The Memo."