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Cavuto: Why these breaches matter

Breaches hitting beyond retailers or hotels


For all those who criticize me for all my coverage of the security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus and Marriott.

For all those who say I overplay it.

And that not one customer lost money, despite the more than 70 million credit and debit cards compromised.

For all those who say it's a sign of our times and not the end of times.

And that I shouldn't be devoting so much time to these stories.

May I share this story.

It happened back in April of last year. And it's only coming to light now.

An attack on a PG&E Energy substation in San Jose, California.

It started at about 1 a.m., on April 16th, when someone, we still don't know who, entered an underground vault and, according to ABC, started cutting underground cables and shutting off service to one community.

But wait, it gets better and scarier.

Snipers, we don't know how many, snipers, then reportedly opened fire for 19 minutes ultimately knocking out 17 transformers.

No big deal? Well, it turns out those transformers steered power to Silicon Valley.

All of them left before police reached the scene.

But not before damaging more substation equipment and nearby fiber optic cables.

To this day, no sniper has been apprehended. It's as if they vanished into thin air.

And the man who once headed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is worried.

Jon Wellinghoff telling the Wall Street Journal that despite the fact no one was hurt, the attack was, and I quote, "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred."

What's more, Wellinghoff fears the incident was actually a rehearsal for something even bigger.

Much as the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, maybe setting the stage for something far more devastating 8 years later.

That's why these breaches matter.

Because they're not only happening with greater frequency. They're hitting way beyond some big box retailers or hotels.

They're hitting our grid. They're hitting our country's very energy lifeline.

Take that out. And baby, watch out.

That's why I'm all over this because I don't think we're done with this.