Off the Record

Greta: Mr. President, when friends don't like you, you're in big trouble

'Off the Record', 1/16/14: Several of our allies are not happy with us, and it's all on President Obama's watch


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go off the record for a minute, just us.

Of course, it's no surprise that our enemies don't like us. They never do, but how about our friends? It's really bad when your friends don't like you, and right now, well, that's the scene.

Look at the last six months, starting with Britain. They embarrassed the president, snubbed the U.S. on the issue of Syria. And, worse, it was as if President Obama was struggling to figure out what to do in Syria.


DAVID CAMERON, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: I accept that Britain can't be part and won't be part of any military action on that front.


Yes, President Obama was clumsy on how he did handle Syria, but we sure didn't need our friends embarrassing us, ok? Now there is Brazil. The Brazilian president, she is so angry about our eavesdropping on her nation that he she cancelled the October state dinner at the White House with the Obamas. Now, that's unheard of. It's humiliating.

How about German Chancellor Angela Merkel? She dressed us down over spying allegations including her cell phone. Now we even have Germany lecturing us on privacy.

And then there is our strongest ally, Israel, their defense minister attacking Secretary of State John Kerry, calling him "obsessive and messianic." An Israeli newspaper really smacked us, quoting the defense minister as saying, "The only thing that can save us is if Kerry wins Nobel Prize and leaves us alone." That's our friend, Israel? Horrible, isn't it?

The bottom line: Now our friends don't like us and so we are in big trouble. Mr. President, this is on your watch. What's up?

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