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Cavuto: 'Do-good doofuses' refusing to cut us a break

Taxing us with their preaching, spending


Sometimes a segment on this show hits a nerve.

Sometimes two segments do.

And sometimes, sometimes, the whole show does!

One word-- wow.

Because here's what happens when you combine a rich conservative demanding we hike the minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour.

A Democratic leader demanding we give the healthcare law time.

Sprinkled with politicians demanding higher gas taxes.

Folks hit a boiling point.

Tyler via

"That's it, I'm moving to Canada!"

Olympia, AOL.

"Good grief, it just hit me. I have to kill myself!! Game over. Country over."

Mary B., Cape May.

"...everyone in or connected to politics are inherent liars!!"

Bill via, offers me this advice.

"...stay on the collective asses of these thieving bastards. The time has come to call them to task."

Especially when it involves broken promises.

Even as Steny Hoyer insists when it comes to the, 'You can keep your doctor,' vow we apparently just misheard it?

Sean, in NYC.

"Is he kidding? Or am I the fool for actually once believing him?"

Joanne in Plymouth, N.H.

"Neil, I had to put on my farm boots when Steny was talking..."

Alex via Yahoo.

"Okay, he's a jerk, but Cavuto, you're an even bigger jerk for having him on. And then jumping all ugly with the guy. You're both what's wrong with this country! He's snide, and you're stupid."

Ed via Gmail.

"You let Hoyer off the hook!... He just blathered the same B-S! Shame on both of you!

Then the billionaire conservative who wants to hike the minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour and we'll all be better for it.

Cathy in Atlanta has had enough of it.

"Cavuto, as you pointed out, this guy got rich selling his financial firm to Moody's, where I bet you won't find a single worker making anywhere close to the minimum wage...thanks for calling him out on the hypocrisy."

Earl in Topeka.

"Why do so many billionaires have a guilt complex about their money... They always feel free to offer their nickel-and-dime idiotic advice to those who aren't nearly so fortunate."

Rick via Yahoo.

"He also tried to give the minimum wage hike credit for lowering unemployment in California. You caught him on that statement (properly crediting the national economic boom at the time), and he politely dropped the issue. Way to go, Neil."

Tex in Burnet, Texas.

"The do-gooders ...are so removed from reality that they can't conceive of unintended consequences of their actions... Bah, humbug, say I."

Dale B., president of Black Knight Industries.

"Maybe large companies like Walmart and McDonald's can absorb this. As a small business, a raise in the minimum wage has a greater ripple effect..."

Covolo via Gmail.

"I am a small business owner. We have no minimum wage employees, but if we had to raise them to 12 dollars an hour, we would also have to raise the managers' wages, and couldn't afford the increases."

Kevin in Fort Worth, Texas.

"God, Cavuto, I'm so angry with these la-la lunatics, I want to slam my head into the TV and end it all... But my wife enjoys your show, and we have only one TV."

Dave in Dunedin, Fla.

"Neil... You take no prisoners and suffer no fools. You definitely made it on your brains, sorry, and not your looks... Keep fighting."

Funny, or no, my point is this.

All these issues share one common, worrisome theme.

They know better than you.

They know better what to do with your money, than you know what to do with your money, or anybody else knows what to do with their money.

More than small business guys who are pretty good at dealing with money.

Or average Americans who are pretty good at seeing they're paying more money for their healthcare if they still have healthcare.

Or average taxpayers, who are pretty good at seeing they're running out of money, and don't much fancy paying still more in taxes.

It's taxing. It's infuriating. It's galling. And it's insulting.

What cuts us to the core, are these do-gooder doofuses refusing to cut us a break.

If they're not taxing us with their preaching, they're taxing us, period, with their spending.

And they wonder why we're spent.

In one single hour we summed it all up.

In one show. This one reality.

They're not looking out for us.

They're killing us.