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Bill O'Reilly: Are you happy with your country?

Talking Points 11/27


By Bill O'Reilly

No question we live in a divided nation. After five years of President Obama who wants to change America and impose social justice many Americans have had enough. The economy is all wrong. The only reason we are not in a recession is because the Fed is printing money to prop things up and that is eroding the value of the dollars we are holding.

Also the national healthcare situation is chaotic to say the least. A recent Fox News poll asks are you satisfied with how things are going in America. Just 26 percent said yes and a whopping 73 percent no. Similar result came from a CBS poll which usually leans Democratic. In that one 27 percent of Americans say we are on the right track; 68 percent wrong track.

And so you can see that there is deep disenchantment in the USA. Part of that is the harsh rhetoric that is being used in the arena of ideas. The far left now on the defensive is lashing out.


FLUKE: If a corporation picking and choosing which types of laws they want to comply with and our belief in this society has always been that we protect the religious liberty of individuals in their private lives. It is absolutely an attack on women's healthcare.


O'REILLY: Miss Fluke objecting to some religious business owners filing suit which would be held -- heard I should say -- by the Supreme Court because they are being forced to fund the morning after pill and other forms of birth control. Apparently she sees sincere religious convictions as an attack on American women.

On the right there is also no shortage of anger.


DONALD TRUMP, REAL ESTATE MOGUL: The fact is we're run by either very foolish or very stupid people. What's going on in this country is unbelievable. Our country is a total mess. A total and complete mess and what we need is leadership.


O'REILLY: The divide between Democrats and Republicans is so great that only a huge event will be able to breach it. We had that on 9/11 when Americans united against the terror attack.

And now we have another shock -- the impending collapse of Obamacare. If that happens and that's a big if because the President will use all his power to prevent the law from imploding, but if he fails, independent voters will swing to the right. And the Republican Party will reemerge with a powerful mandate. That will not stop the political hatred but it will give another philosophy a chance to turn America around economically and solve some vexing problems like healthcare and immigration.

And so while Thanksgiving should be a day of reflection, big change may be in the air. Some of us will be thankful if that change happens. And some of us will not be. And that's "The Memo."