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Bill O'Reilly: Is the nuke deal with Iran harmful to America?

Talking Points 11/25


By Bill O'Reilly

First of all I'm going to keep this simple because as you know, I am a simple man. Over the weekend President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry told the world that a compromise had been reached with Iran over nuclear weapons. Immediately there was controversy. But we must be skeptical here.

First of all, there are folks who don't care whether Iran gets the nuke. The Give Peace a Chance crowd will sign on to any deal.

On the opposite side, there are Americans who will oppose anything President Obama does. Therefore, they will object to the deal with Iran on that basis. So let's put those two groups aside for a moment.

There are two key things in place. First, the agreement slows down but does not stop Iran's development of nuclear weapons. That's why the Israelis are so angry. They want Iran's nuclear program to stop the enriched uranium that the Iranians already have destroyed. But under this deal, it's not going to happen.

Secondly President Obama says this is just the first part of the deal; that more stringent controls will be brought to Iran after six months. Again the anti-Obama forces do not believe that will ever happen.

On the other side, many believe that it's good, we are engaging the Mullahs that talking with them is better than shooting at them. And although some sanctions are listed -- lifted, most stay in place and can be reinstituted, or so the President says.

To bolster that point of view, you can legitimately say that the sanctions have worked. Iran is hurting. Their economy is shambles largely because of the sanctions. And remember there were Americans who said the sanctions would never work.

But cutting to the nuke chase "Talking Points" believes that the USA could have made a better deal. If we had held out for a few more months, the Iranian economy would have gotten worse and we the USA and its allies would have been in a stronger position to make Iran give up much more.

But with President Obama in trouble over Obamacare, he wanted to make the deal to demonstrate leadership and to stop the public opinion leading. But that might not work, as some Democrats, especially those in states with big Jewish populations like New York, don't like the deal.

And now there is a move in Congress to impose even stricter sanctions. Of course, the President would veto that if it ever passed. So there you have it. The deal delays but does not prevent Iranian nuclear weapons. The President says a better deal will be is forthcoming. On the other side critics say Iran is being appeased and they will cheat all day long.

And that's "The Memo."