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Cavuto: Obama exhibits some 'bullyish' behavior

Administration's ObamaCare tactics


Speaking of bullies.

Maybe a lesson to be learned here for the president?

I'm not saying he is a bully.

Let's just say now and then he exhibits bullyish behavior.

Take this healthcare thing.

He rejected Republicans' rejections and ended up getting none of their votes ultimately producing a lopsided political piece of legislation that flies in the face of similar ground-breaking government initiatives that have typically enjoyed much more bipartisan backing.

Like Social Security under FDR.

Or Medicare under LBJ.

Or Welfare-to-Work under Bill Clinton; actually in that last case Clinton rushed to join the parade after the fact. But no matter--he joined the parade, led the parade--bipartisanship mattered.

But not with this healthcare thing.

Rammed through. Pushed through. Bullied through.

So no surprise when the president discovered he had serious problems following through.

And he added insult to injury adamantly refusing to negotiate any of the provisions Republicans wanted for fear of looking like he was being reasoned or reasonable.

Now, ironically, it's looking like he might do the one thing he all but swore on a stack of bibles he would not delay another key provision, most likely the individual mandate.

Hard to say. This much is not.

This thing's a turkey and all because the administration acted like a bunch of pushy turkeys.

Their way. Or the highway.

And now the whole thing seems to have lost its way.

Computers breaking down.

Websites that can't be seen.

Point. Click. Very sick.

Bullies never see through their bluster, that in the end, they're pretty much only bluster.

And now the White House wonders why no one seems remotely intimidated now.

That's the thing about bullies.

In the end, folks figure out you're all bull.